Phelps with Bong

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Athletes are becoming more apparent in the media. The media and fans are always trying to find ways to see what their heroes are doing out of their sports. We talked about how athletes are getting less and less personal space in their lives, especially athletes who are thought of as all stars in their sport. Media try to capture everything that these all stars are doing at any time of day. One incident that I would like to talk about is the one where Michael Phelps was caught in a picture holding a bong. The article can be found in this link: .
Phelps is thought of as the best swimmer to ever walk on this earth. He is an idol to a lot of young athletes, especially swimmers. How far is too far though? Should athletes always be under the microscope, or should they get some freedom sometimes? Phelps was caught in a picture with a bong, which lead to accusations of him smoking marijuana. This was stupid on his part first of all, but with how much pressure he always has on him, is this really that unexpected behavior? I would have to say that he deserves personal space as well as most other athletes. Phelps was on a break from swimming and doesn't get very much time to him and time to let loose and be a normal person. He always has pressure and is always in training so he doesn't get to have a "real" life when it comes to parties and living like most recent college graduates.
Was it wrong for him to be doing something like that? Of course it was, and he apologized for it immediately and knew he was in the wrong. Most athletes would deny incidents like this, but he came clean and knew it would hurt his reputation. He made a mistake and for someone who never lives a life style like this is bound to make a mistake once he get into situations like this.
Athletes in general are always under pressure, so the media should understand that they should be able to have some time to themselves, especially when they are on a break or vacation from their sport. Phelps just won 8 gold medals and was living the life of a stupid young man. He is held to such a high level as well as most athletes. It comes with the territory these days and it would be nice if these high class athletes can live a life of privacy someday in the future free of media.

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