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Do Something Fun
Though I do love comedies and enjoy board games, I began this assignment with an intense battle. My friends Tony and Kelvin had nerf guns and I had a sword. We fought like we were six years old. I figured since children were more creative, I'd do something that brought out my inner child. We were running around sixth floor, laughing, yelling and acting like assassins. It was awesome.
They're quite photogenic:

tony kelvin.jpg

Ideas about Winter
Next, I created a mind map of winter like the ones we made in class. I doodled on it and broke out the crayons.

mind map.jpg

My chosen sub themes: Snowball Fights, Seasonal Depression, Christmas Decorating

The next part of this assignment proved to be the hardest. I began asking questions like, "How can I change ice fishing?" and "What's the WORST thing I could put in this snow globe?" Tony and Kelvin thought of some interesting things too. I wrote everything down...from a glow in the dark shovel to fireproof stockings to hot chocolate that refills itself. Then I selected my 12 favorite ideas. Here's some early sketches:


I decided that 10 and 11 weren't original enough.

10 Silly Products

I did final sketches of my top 10:

1.) Nic Cage Snow Globe

2.) Battery powered mittens

3.) Baby Jesus Christmas Lights

4.) Ice Fishing Pole with a Camera to find the fish
fish finder.jpg

5.) Snowman Character Kits
hp sno.jpg

6.) Boots with little shovels on the front
shovel boots.jpg

7.) Snow Powered Jet Pack

8.) Snow Brick Maker (For Snow Forts)
brick maker.jpg

9.) Markers with liquid to color the snow (and it glows in the dark)

And finally...

10.) Homeless Santa Costume
homless santa.jpg


I thought you picked the perfect activity to help you get into the creative mindset. You are definitely right that young children are the masters of imagination so I really liked how you wanted to embrace that and it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun with that.

I liked how you only chose to highlight some of your themes on your mind map with color. One issue I had with mine is that I felt like there was too much color going on to figure out what was going on. Your addition of small pictures also helped to enhance your map.

Like you I was also having issues with figuring out 10 unique products and also consulted others to help me brainstorm some ideas. The products you created that I loved the most were the fish finder, snow markers, and the snowman costume kit. I like how these products are not just creative ideas but they allow the user to be creative as well.

Some of your ideas have already been created. I actually own this plastic device you can pack snow in and then you flip it upside down and it comes out like a brick just like when you're building a sandcastle. The rechargeable heat mittens already exist too. If you wanted to continue to roll with the idea of heated mittens perhaps ones with an adjustable heat control or solar powered (I guess we don't really get much sun during the winter though) would've been some ideas that could have helped put a different spin on the product.

The activity to help you get into a more creative mode is perfect. Playing with friends, like children is always fun and invigorating. In one of his lectures, Barry had the chart following children into adulthood, and if I remember correctly the people had the most creativity when they were children. It was smart of you to use that activity.

I agree with bost0131, using color with your themes is a good way to emphasize them. One suggestion that I have with all your pictures, is to scan them. Or at least fix the balance. They are really dark, and scanning will help that. Scanning is also helpful because it allows the image itself to be more readable than when it is a picture.

The fact that you asked others to help you brainstorm is a really good idea and I wish I would have implemented it.

My favorite idea that you had was the snow marker. It reminds me a little of something I had as a child. It was powder that you mix with water and put in a spray bottle. The bottle always got clogged so I think your idea as a marker is a really good idea.

I love the activity that you picked, it makes me miss fake sword fighting when my friends when I was little.
I enjoyed that your ideas were silly but also was a product that encouraged creativity. I'm still laughing at the Nicholas Cage snow globe and baby Jesus Christmas lights. I liked that you shared your other ideas, even if you didn't like them -- the valentines day dart board could probably be a Fred & Friends product!

I really like the set up of your blog post by using bold to call out important info/title. It broke up your post into steps that lead from one to the next. To improve this, I would say scan your drawings/mind map so that everything is clear and can be read much easier.

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