Structured Ideation


Part 1 - SCAMPER

I did the first morphological analysis matrix that we did in class for a light therapy lamp.


The functional requirements were "gives off strong light", "adjustable/flexible", "portable", I came up with a light up shower head that lights up and plays music.

sad shower head.jpg


I played cross products and ended up combining a stuffed animal with a light box. I knew the essence of a stuffed animal is something cute and furry. I made the light box penguin shaped, and it could possibly be fuzzy too. A possible addition to this idea is to make the penguin poop out vitamin D supplements.

penguin light.jpg

Is there something similar, but in a different context?
At the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, there's a giant hanging sun light.

sun at mia.jpg

I thought, what if this could be smaller, and hung from ceilings (indoors/outdoors~I'm thinking of the Washington Ave bridge)? It could even be made into a sort of sun-shaped lamp that gives off heat.

fake sun.jpg


I decided if I made a small but bright light it could be portable and attach so a variety of things. If on your wrist, it goes everywhere with you. It could also be put on bed frames, pet collars, and water bottles because the strap is adjustable.

light with adjust.jpg

Put to other use

The main use of my ideas other than to help seasonal affective disorder would be decoration...and since it's winter, why not Christmas decorating? I thought the SAD box could be star shaped, and go on top of the Christmas tree, with tiny UV (or just regular lights, because it could be harmful) string lights.

sad star.jpg


How can I simplify it?
Instead of having a light a large light or a portable one that attaches to things, there could just be one that goes on your smart phone, since a lot of people have them and use them constantly.
I went on to consider that you could have an app that turns it on and off, and the app tracks how much it is on. The more it's on, the higher your score is. Then you can try and beat your friends (people love doing that).

phone light.jpg


What if I consider my problem backwards?
Maybe I shouldn't be trying to bring summer and light to the person, but instead highlight the good things about winter. I came up with a picture that has a light frame and the images are like a slideshow which show beautiful and fun things about winter.

winter slideshow.jpg

Part 2 - TRIZ

For Triz, I came up with a problem that could work for a lot of ideas. How can I make a sun box smaller and change its form while still making it bright?

The problems that came up were:

12 - Shape
18 - Illumination Intensity

Looking at the table, it was either numbers 32 & 30, or 13, 15 and 32.
13 - The other way around
15 - Dynamics [change characteristics, divide an object into parts, make an object movable or adaptable if it's rigid]
30 - Flexible shells and thin films
32 - Color changes

Dynamics made me think of a glowing moldable object. Figuring it wasn't feasible, I modified the idea to be a flexible object with a light inside. The outside is transparent, and it can be molded into different shapes around the light.

glow blob.jpg

For color changes, I thought of making the light inside change colors. It could have a bright setting for therapy, but it could also be rainbow or fade from color to color. Some people find different colors calming, and then it could have an alternate use too.

color changing light box.jpg

Part 3 - Revisit Silly Ideas

Control The Seasons
While you can't literally control the seasons, you can control their indoor effect. Your windows go dark at 5 pm... Why not replace window frames with lights that turn on so through the shades it looks like it is still bright out? Another idea is to make the window be a screen as well so it displays images like beaches and green grass. [could reinvent the meaning of "sun room"]

window frame lights.jpg

Puppy Machines
The general idea is a machine which gives you a puppy whenever you want one. Instead, I'm imagining a place like a dog shelter, but turned into a business. People can still adopt dogs, but that's not the main function. Mainly you can go and pet/play with a variety of cute animals for a low cost. It sounds weird, but I know a lot of students who miss having pets around. Even when we had two dogs at home, my sister would always want to go to the pet store just to look at and pet the animals.

puppy playground.jpg

Part 4 - Gallery of Top 10 Ideas

music in cup.jpg

penguin light.jpg

fake sun.jpg

glow blob.jpg

phone light.jpg

puppy playground.jpg

sad shower head.jpg

sun cat.jpg

sad star.jpg

anti depression ice cream.jpg


I believe you did a really good job covering all the required material for this assignment. It is hard for me to find something to critique :)
I have really minor simple suggestions:
The text on the first table is hard to read so I suggest refining your handwriting.. The text bellow the table (description) really helps!
I thought linking the installation with your project is really good! It would be nice to see it around campus!

Good job!

I loved how you came up with all the different ideas, they were interesting, and had unique characteristics from each other.
I especially loved the part where you adapt the giant hanging sun light at Minnesota Institute of Art into your idea to warm up space.
I also thought you did great job on incorporating those table method into your SCAMPER, this was something I did not do for my blog post.
The only suggestion I had for you would be perhaps mentioning your product first to let readers know ahead of time what type of product are you coming up with.

Great Job and have a nice Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Hello Nicole:
Your blog is clean and nice, your layout is already a great demonstration as a “structure”. It’s good that you laid out the ideas for each question you want to pursue for different aspects of the SCAMPER. I especially love you attached your inspiration picture for “Adapt”. That is a great idea. My topic is shopping bag, and I “adapted” it with kangaroo’s bag, so I think it would be funnier if I included a kangaroo’s picture in it.
You did all the required parts, and I have several suggestions for you.
1. I know you chose to use TRIZ at the second part, but maybe if you could still create a simple table and lay out all your criteria, I think it would be more helpful!
2. Maybe also make your handwriting clearer or in the same format, so it will be easier for readers to read.
Great Job!

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