Final Assignment: The Pitch


Pugh Chart


Sadly, I didn't end up loving any of the 5 ideas I ended up with. But, I decided that overall the candy with Vitamin D for seasonal depression would be the best idea for me to work with, and not just because it had the most +s.
I knew that if there wasn't too much Vitamin D, it would be safe.

Naming It

I originally wanted to make candies like the butterscotch candies and call them sundrops, but that name was already taken. Then I googled sun to find words associated with it. "Sunburst" stood out because it reminded me of Starburst.
I ended up calling the candy Sunbursts. I decided they could be chocolate and have a burst of caramel inside.


Pitch Video

I filmed it in chunks because I was planning on doing some image overlays, and then it wouldn't really matter. However, I forgot that I now have a Mac with iMovie as the editing software, which limited me in that way. So sorry that it's not all one fluid video!

Here is my pitch video.


Hi Nicole,
Nice job on your chart. I sympathize with not loving any of your final ideas, but that is the way the process works sometimes! A few thoughts on your elevator pitch. Enthusiasm would dramatically help it. I would be prepared for follow up questions from the panel about FDA regs. How will you package them (aside from the 8 ideas)? How will you ensure taste? Isn't VitD bitter?

Hi Nicole,
Loved your idea today in the Shark Tank. I think you pitched your idea very well. Moving forward, I would look at other filling/flavor options other than chocolate. For some reason, when I think of sunshine I think of oranges and think that it would provide an interesting flavor combination that would stray away from the standard candy flavors. As for packaging, maybe include enough for a (day, week, month, etc.)'s worth of vitamin D.

Your presentation was very detailed in information and I can you researched your vitamin d and whatnot with legal doses you can administer. This might even be nice as fruit candy (although I this might be a bias since I'm not a fan of chocolate)

It wound have been nice to see a visual representation with your porch to see how the candy would be designed as well as packaging. I don't know if enthusiasm is needed add much if you have the knowledge to back out up for your pitch, but more confidence in your physical motions would help your pitch

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