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For some being a teacher can mean just going to class and standing up in front of students. Well for another it was being beat up repeatedly. This happen to a new york teacher who got in the middle of a brawl at school and got hit repeatedly by another student. He was trying to stop a fight from two student. He couldn't stand by watching this fit. however for him he got the worst. He was just trying to do a good thing and ended up very brutal for him. this leads to how teachers get treated in schools and the low pay rates they get. For teachers sometimes there jobs can be a lot harder then one might expect. For him he no longer can go back because of the what he experienced. A lot of the times teachers shouldn't get involved in fights. But this school is really becoming unsafe. These teachers care so much about this students and don't want anything to happen. Also how on students get discipline in high school. This is a strong issue and something that shouldn't be forgotten. Hopefully we can see a safer schools for out kids.

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