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Outdoor Baseball Redux


So it's a weekend of championship level baseball, with temperatures in the upper, upper 90's and the heat index over 100 -- a perfect time to watch baseball OUTSIDE!!!.

Yes, the Richfield little league playoffs were this weekend and we're talking 5 games in 3 days sitting on metal bleachers with no shade. It was brutal, it was hot, but it was fun. Wanna see Joe Mauer's replacement in 2018 smack a double....


I'm sure many people will say, see that's why we need a roof for the Twins new ballpark, for weekends exactly like this. However, how often do we have "weekends exactly like this." Once every 10 years? Is that worth $125 million dollars? I love this next picture, look closely, the tag isn't applied, but his foot isn't on the base, what did it end up being a run or an out?.....


Furthermore, there are ways to design a outdoor baseball park, with overhangs, and shady areas. Maybe we could even have a sprinkler in the an open area if people wanted to keep cool. Anyway I survived the heat, my face and arms are a little red, but it sure beats sitting indoors. I'll get plenty of that in a couple of months.

Oooh, this one the runner's safe, but look at that concentration. Joe Mauer, watch your back...


btw, they won the Championship with Charlie getting a Kirby Pucket-like 3 RBI's in the title game.

A Hundred Highways - Johnny Cash


Hundred Highways.jpg

In the first four American Recording albums, Johnny Cash tackled the issues of sin and redemption, questioned his faith, and ultimately came to terms with his steady march toward death, knowing that full forgiveness awaited him. (For my full take on these albums, Download file).

The latest in the American Recordings series - A Hundred Highways - comes nearly three years after his death and was recorded during the time his wife June died and while his health was steadily failing. As with the four previous albums and the unfortunately named boxset of outtakes - Johnny Cash Unearthed - we have Rick Rubin recording Johnny as he tackles old standards, new compositions, and surprising covers with spare production and minimal backup.

Friday's Random Top Ten


In the tradition of American Idle and Rox Pop, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This Friday's Top Ten:

1. I'm always in Love - Wilco
2. High Road - Feelies
3. With God on our Side - Bob Dylan
4. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Devo
5. Dreams Dissolve in Tears - Jules Shear
6. What if I gave it Away - R.E.M.
7. My Baby - The Messengers
8. Mansion on the Hill - Hank Williams
9. No Surrender - Bruce Springsteen
10. Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen

Cool mix, I kinda like it. What's your Top Ten? Use the Comments.



Nothing could be sweeter than sweeping the Whine Sox at their own crib. I'm going to try to stay away from in-depth analysis because you can get it a lot better here and here. I do have to say that I can't remember having this much fun watching the Twins. Bring on the Tigers!!!

Mark Trail Update


The latest episode of Mark Trail has an old grizzly bear angry because an arrow is stuck in it's ass (I kid you not) and it is terrorizing unsuspecting campers. Mark and Ranger Rick are hot on the scent of the arrow-carrying Grizzly trying to catch it before it does more harm. Unfortunately, semi-regular foil and intrepid reporter Kelly Welly is also on the beat making life miserable for Mark while at the same time letting Ranger Rick that she likes her men hunky and outdoorsy.

It doesn't take a Womyns' study major to know that Dodd and Elrod have never populated Mark Trail with strong women. Most of the women in the comic are either doe-eyed innocents needing protection or conniving Lady Macbeth types. However Kelly Welly has always been a different sort of character.

I have always thought that Kelly was (in the immortal words of David Brock) "a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty." She's always had her eye on Mark, making sure that he knew she wasn't averse to a little roll in the underbrush if Mark was ever game. While at the same time making a nuisance of herself and generally getting under Mark's skin.

However, this week, we find out a little more about Kelly's motivation. It appears that the editor at the Magazine where Kelly and Mark work always puts Kelly on the "ladies" beat - covering baking competitions and fashion shows. Kelly wants to prove that she can do the kind of manly reporting that Mark does, and do it just as well. It appears that Elrod has decided to champion the the women's movement - only 35 years late!

Outdoor Baseball


We were fortunate enough to get free tickets to the Twins game last Thursday afternoon. It was a Noon game, the temperature was in the low 80's with a few scattered clouds and a light breeze. In other words a perfect July day to be stuck INSIDE watching baseball.

Fortunately the Twins will get a new ballpark, scheduled to be opening in 2010. Even though the ballpark legislation and the plan from the Twins and Hennepin County calls for no roof, there is still some yammering about maybe we can still get a roof or at least construct the ballpark so that a roof can be retrofitted later on. The good folks at Twins Ballpark 2010 have a timely discussion on why the new ballpark doesn't need a roof. However, the most compelling reason is that it won't fit on the site. Check out this link showing how other MLB parks would fit on the Twinsville site. Safeco in Seattle, which is considered the best ballpark with a retractable roof, absolutely overwhelms the Twins site.

Btw, if you want to tell the Twins what you think the new ballpark should look like, there are a number of places to make your comments. This is the Twins comments page. This is another place to make comments.

Friday Random Top Ten

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In the tradition of American Idle and Rox Pop , every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This Friday's Top Ten:

1. Looking for the next best thing - Warren Zevon
2. Did I tell you - Yo La Tengo
3. Overtime - Bellwether
4. Trav'lin' Light - Billie Holiday
5. I will - Radiohead
6. Paper Mache Man - Hank and Ruth
7. Chinese Lorraine - Jack Logan
8. So Fine - Chancellors
9. Stupid Boy - Geardaddies
10. Cannonball Rag - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Quite a mix, with a bunch of local stuff to boot. The Radiohead kinda sticks out, otherwise I would have had a theme going.

Numa Numa Song - A History

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You know that crazy Numa Numa song? The one where the kid lips syncs in his web cam that was all the rage a year or so ago. Well here is more history than you would ever want to know about that song, the band, and that kid.

Welcome To My Blog!!


So how does one start blogging? Do you pretend this is entry #319 and write as if you've always been there or do you step tentatively in the water like it's a woodland lake and you don't know if the water is cold or warm, the bottom sandy or muddy?

Obviously I'm taking the later approach. But I do look forward to discussing the goings on at Lost Forest as Mark Trail embarks on another adventure with Rusty, Andy, Doc, and Cherry. But don't worry it won't be all Mark Trail... Music, Twins Baseball, Politics, and Popular Culture will all be discussed, (including album, book, and movie reviews) plus links to interesting sites. Living in early 21st Century Minneapolis with two middle school-aged children and a lovely wife should also provide fodder for exposition (without writing a "Lileks" every time one of the kids does something cute).

Anyway stop by again as we enter Lost Forest After Dark.

UPDATE: I found it interesting that this came out the first day I started blogging. I promise to refrain from navel gazing.

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