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Mark Trail Update

The latest episode of Mark Trail has an old grizzly bear angry because an arrow is stuck in it's ass (I kid you not) and it is terrorizing unsuspecting campers. Mark and Ranger Rick are hot on the scent of the arrow-carrying Grizzly trying to catch it before it does more harm. Unfortunately, semi-regular foil and intrepid reporter Kelly Welly is also on the beat making life miserable for Mark while at the same time letting Ranger Rick that she likes her men hunky and outdoorsy.

It doesn't take a Womyns' study major to know that Dodd and Elrod have never populated Mark Trail with strong women. Most of the women in the comic are either doe-eyed innocents needing protection or conniving Lady Macbeth types. However Kelly Welly has always been a different sort of character.

I have always thought that Kelly was (in the immortal words of David Brock) "a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty." She's always had her eye on Mark, making sure that he knew she wasn't averse to a little roll in the underbrush if Mark was ever game. While at the same time making a nuisance of herself and generally getting under Mark's skin.

However, this week, we find out a little more about Kelly's motivation. It appears that the editor at the Magazine where Kelly and Mark work always puts Kelly on the "ladies" beat - covering baking competitions and fashion shows. Kelly wants to prove that she can do the kind of manly reporting that Mark does, and do it just as well. It appears that Elrod has decided to champion the the women's movement - only 35 years late!


I think a good blog topic would be a little history on the whole fascination with Mark Trail...I'm really growing curious about that!

Good idea, I'll weave it into a Mark Trail history Post

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