Outdoor Baseball Redux


So it's a weekend of championship level baseball, with temperatures in the upper, upper 90's and the heat index over 100 -- a perfect time to watch baseball OUTSIDE!!!.

Yes, the Richfield little league playoffs were this weekend and we're talking 5 games in 3 days sitting on metal bleachers with no shade. It was brutal, it was hot, but it was fun. Wanna see Joe Mauer's replacement in 2018 smack a double....


I'm sure many people will say, see that's why we need a roof for the Twins new ballpark, for weekends exactly like this. However, how often do we have "weekends exactly like this." Once every 10 years? Is that worth $125 million dollars? I love this next picture, look closely, the tag isn't applied, but his foot isn't on the base, what did it end up being a run or an out?.....


Furthermore, there are ways to design a outdoor baseball park, with overhangs, and shady areas. Maybe we could even have a sprinkler in the an open area if people wanted to keep cool. Anyway I survived the heat, my face and arms are a little red, but it sure beats sitting indoors. I'll get plenty of that in a couple of months.

Oooh, this one the runner's safe, but look at that concentration. Joe Mauer, watch your back...


btw, they won the Championship with Charlie getting a Kirby Pucket-like 3 RBI's in the title game.


Sheesh man! What did it end up being? Was he safe or out? The suspense is killing me!

Great pictures Dean. That looks like 3 enjoyable days. Tell Charlie congrats from me!

Looks like Joe should start looking over his shoulder.

Are you taking Charlie to Sideburns night on August 10th? That should make for a good photo op. :-)

That said, I agree that the outdoor ballpark won't be as bad as the whiners think. I showed up at about 2pm on Saturday to get in line for the Billy Martin bobblehead. There were already bunches of folks there by that point and as far as I know, nobody died from heat exhaustion...

Shane, he was called safe, was he? it was that close.

Right now commenting from Apple Store in NYC. Look for future posts from the Big Apple and Yankee Stadium

Great info, thanks a lot!!! I wish I will have such a writing skills.


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