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We were fortunate enough to get free tickets to the Twins game last Thursday afternoon. It was a Noon game, the temperature was in the low 80's with a few scattered clouds and a light breeze. In other words a perfect July day to be stuck INSIDE watching baseball.

Fortunately the Twins will get a new ballpark, scheduled to be opening in 2010. Even though the ballpark legislation and the plan from the Twins and Hennepin County calls for no roof, there is still some yammering about maybe we can still get a roof or at least construct the ballpark so that a roof can be retrofitted later on. The good folks at Twins Ballpark 2010 have a timely discussion on why the new ballpark doesn't need a roof. However, the most compelling reason is that it won't fit on the site. Check out this link showing how other MLB parks would fit on the Twinsville site. Safeco in Seattle, which is considered the best ballpark with a retractable roof, absolutely overwhelms the Twins site.

Btw, if you want to tell the Twins what you think the new ballpark should look like, there are a number of places to make your comments. This is the Twins comments page. This is another place to make comments.


Howdy, freealonzo!

I'll be reading your stuff.


I agree on no roof for the new stadium. The wusses can stay home and watch the games on TV and a handful of rainouts just means we'll actually get to see a double-header once in a while, like that's a BAD thing?

BTW, I see the CCARL petition is up to a whopping 152 now. Only 499,848 more to go! :-)

Congrats on the new digs.

Why not mention all the near-100 degree, humid days that we've had lately? Lacking air conditioning, my friends and I have become especially frequent patrons of the Metrodome.

I'm against a roof on the new stadium too, but man, I've really come to appreciate the benefits of the ol' Dome. It'll be a shame to see it abandoned and destroyed.

Good points Spycake, and thanks for stopping by. I once went to a St. Louis Cardinals game in old Busch that was just brutal.

Hopefully the Twins take hot weather into consideration too and make sure there is adequate shade, opportunities for water, etc. One more reason to make your design comments known to the Twins.


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