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So how does one start blogging? Do you pretend this is entry #319 and write as if you've always been there or do you step tentatively in the water like it's a woodland lake and you don't know if the water is cold or warm, the bottom sandy or muddy?

Obviously I'm taking the later approach. But I do look forward to discussing the goings on at Lost Forest as Mark Trail embarks on another adventure with Rusty, Andy, Doc, and Cherry. But don't worry it won't be all Mark Trail... Music, Twins Baseball, Politics, and Popular Culture will all be discussed, (including album, book, and movie reviews) plus links to interesting sites. Living in early 21st Century Minneapolis with two middle school-aged children and a lovely wife should also provide fodder for exposition (without writing a "Lileks" every time one of the kids does something cute).

Anyway stop by again as we enter Lost Forest After Dark.

UPDATE: I found it interesting that this came out the first day I started blogging. I promise to refrain from navel gazing.


This Mark Trail stuff is kinda throwing me...what's the big fascination with it?

And where's the Twins/stadium stuff, darnit! :-)

Not a lot happening with ballpark right now. Also Twins Ballpark 2010 is a good source. Once things start heating up, there'll be more ballpark discussion.


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