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In the tradition of American Idle and Rox Pop, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This Friday's Top Ten:

1. Goodbye's all we got - Steve Earl
2. Help save the youth of America - Billy Bragg
3. News of the World - The Jam
4. Lucky - Radiohead
5. The Caretaker - Johnny Cash
6. Most likely you go your way and I'll go mine - Bob Dylan
7. Flowers in the Dell - Fred Eaglesmith
8. Dice behind your shades - Paul Westerberg
9. Lost Love - Golden Smog
10. Jewel in a cobweb - Jules Shear

My favorite song this week is Wild Horses from U2's Achtung Baby. I love those fuzzy guitars, those sha la la's and that sweeping progression. I think it's U2's first love song too!


Dean, as far as I can tell, this is the 40,000th entry on UThink. Amazing, I know! I wrote about it on the UThink home page. Plus, another blogger from Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast ( is trying to put together a prize for you for being the 40,000th entry. Cool, heh?

"Wild Horses" is a cool song, but there is another version of the song I like better than the album version. It is called the "Temple Bar" mix and while it sounds almost the same there are some differences that make it cool. Let me know if you want a copy!

That's cool about the 40,000th entry. I've heard that other version once or twice and wondered where it came from. I'd love to get a copy to compare.

a thousand years of ginkgo trees survive, flourish, silently watching them put on the good and bad.
a thousand years of ginkgo tree, sad sigh of resignation, regret that they missed again.
she said, this life, we are taking are the wrong way. The wrong time and place is not right.
she said, next life, I will wait for you.
she said, the next life, if you do not know me, I said, your tea cold, I went to give you continued on. You probably know, that person is me.
- Inscription

one, she finally came to Amin article
ginkgo tree, I have spent in the cycle lane for five years.
five years time, in the cycle lane, may be only a short moment. And in my - in terms of pre-existence of Amin, hidden in the tree from the thousands of ginkgo trees began, and that is a long and lonely wait.
Cheng pulls like a dream, for the pre-existence of an agreement, I am willing to miss the best time reborn, in the ginkgo tree, one step did not dare leave her only for waiting for pre-existence - A nine to come.
unforgettable, ginkgo tree, her tears, told me similar afterlife. Next life, she and I no longer hate the family involved. Next life, I love her wholeheartedly similar, Xiangxie to the old. Next life, I want all the happiness dedicated to her.
I know she will come. I also know that no matter what she looks into, and I certainly recognize her.
After a long wait, she finally came, or the old courtyard, or a thousand years back of the ginkgo tree. She came, what is pulling her? Does she remember about life and death share of pre-existence?
she came, but her side, more of a deep love and her husband. My heart is broken! Fifty years of waiting, five years time, but her life is no longer A nine, but happy Xiaoyu.
blurred her eyes misty, is that this gingko tree locked her memory? Or her heart, with one from the previous life, unspeakable attachment?
my previous life, Jiao Aming. After his father was killed by the CIA, following along with my brother grew up in the cottage.
previous life, she has a beautiful and glamorous appearance. That day, she quietly sat in Piedmont, her back is kind of tranquility amongst. Rubao of black hair, dressed in red like flames, Resentment tunes Xiao Xu Xu as her hands into the sky, like to tell something. She gently
Review, bright eyes white teeth, that look, that face, leading to escape from my heart, my heart million species arouse tenderness. But her Mouguang, clearly reveals a kind of unspeakable frosty.
and I, willing to be immersed in her cold Mouguang years, refused to wake up from. I know, this life I have been hopelessly in love with a woman in front of the Painting. I rode Swagger, apart from anything else, took her captive horse, snatching back the cottage.
I know she is not willing to be my wife. She has been silent, said nothing, her eyes still as Leng, but I firmly believe that, with my heart, with my true feelings, one day, I will move her. I firmly believe that one day she would love her like I did fall in love with me, since then, and I am living a happy life, the perfect couple of the gods.
I deeply love her for her indulgence. She was bright and charming soft spot for azaleas, weekdays are always embroidered with the most focused look beautiful azaleas, then embroidered on the side a So I guess, her name is called A nine. I like to look at her embroidery, and that handsome facial features, that Feizhenzouxian the orchid fingers, I feel I am the luckiest person on earth, can be so quiet beauty of women.
she sometimes stood on the hill, station from sunrise to sunset, and I always stood silently behind her, stare at her, watching the sunset light on her pretty face to back to changing. She sometimes went to the mountains and plains are the azaleas outside the cottage, quietly staring, as if the mind has a dark mind.
day than the day I was in love with her for her obsession with, willing to do anything for her, I just saw her beautiful face, and bursting out with sincere smile. So, I'm every corner of our house are filled with her favorite azaleas, just as she likes.
azaleas are no longer open in the season, I asked people to spend a good silk, color is done many, many of the cuckoo, looks like really, as I hope in her room, forever and ever have rhododendron in full bloom.
When I put my wholehearted love to the front of her, I clearly saw her Mouguang moved inside, I clearly felt in her ecstasy of love, love the lingering! I clearly saw the love of hope!
I gazed affectionately, she sat like a statue, gently stroking her delicate facial features look good, touching her lips, then ink brush, one stroke to paint her portrait.
However, no matter how hard, no matter what I do for her, whether her heart has no feeling, she just coolly said to me: tea, cold, and I continued to go to you on it.
my heart was severely hurt, and I hope in vain! I love her no matter how original, she was indifferent, did not she just a feeling of ice!
When I angrily asked her, when I grabbed her hands, the blade stabbing my chest, when the knife fell to the ground, she is still only said coldly: tea cold, I would to give you added on the right. I was too naive
is it? I was too confident it? Red is also the most true love is not worth the hate it? I can not after all the truth in exchange for her really, I know she hates me! So, I am desperate, tired! The Red, I do not know, just stay away from! So, I shaved his head, fled to Buddhism, Buddhist lamp in length on the willing, the bonds of this world but me and her.
However, she has come.
my indifference and calm in front of her closed door of the temple hospital. However, she abandoned hut in the temple lived down to my Songcha meal a day. I respond with indifference, she just want to forget everything as soon as possible, but still every day, such as A nine old Songcha meal. When I finally could not stand, the tea was supposed to her hands, the tiles scratched her hand, her blood was dripping in my heart. Originally, my heart still in pain, I love the original, never far away.
So, from that day, we had between subtle changes, that some time is the best time since we met. She still is not talking, still for my tea and bottled water, take care of my living. When the tea cold, she is still as I continued on. However, I first saw in her sincere smile on his face, so beautiful, so sweet, so soft!
so I thought the day would have to go on, but I never expected that, after all, A nine sea of ​​blood has always been burdened with the inherent hatred.
is also a season of blooming azaleas, A nine betrayed me as a father if the mother's brother, to love me more than his own love life brother was ambushed, miserably died in my arms! My eyes red, sad was to be added, had my love for her, she still can not terminate the infant had been planted in the hatred. Originally, I love her, so she became a bargaining chip in revenge. Originally, I love her, and destroy the lives of my beloved brother!
I raised the pistol, trembling at her. Outside, surrounded by heavy, is a Ah brother shuaibing kill nine from. Door, the Millennium ginkgo tree, is the I and A nine Duishi.
her tears, said quietly: this life, we are taking are the wrong way. The wrong time and place is not right.
she gently turned, calmly approached me and said: afterlife, then we will. Next life, I will wait for you.
A nine grabbed my hands holding the gun, flip a switch, so that the bullet through her chest. If the soft silk
her gas, lying in my arms, eyes can not let go of love, she said: the next life, if you do not know me, I said, your tea cold, I went on to give you added . You probably know, that person is me.
that a Rush, I killed his brother in the hands of Arab nine. A nine
I firmly remember the convention, did not dare leave the ginkgo tree, half a step, I'm afraid to miss the reunion with A nine. I have been waiting, been waiting, missed the best time of reincarnation, only as a ghost, a period of five years in the cycle lane.
on my period will go to when she comes! And she is not A nine, but the life of Mo Xiaoyu.
she clearly does not remember past lives of the bonds of that period, her husband with love, with happy family.
my eyes endless love! It turned out that love were reincarnated, although with her hand in hand is no longer I, but I love, I wait, still no regrets! Love to the depths no grudge! I finally understand that as long as she happy, happy, even if it is not my happiness to her, so what?
time finally arrived, I put her face again, engraved into the depths of the soul, past lives with love, with has a desire in her eyes Piaoyuan gradually disappeared ... ...

Second, I
A nine A nine. When I was nursing infants, the Daughter of my family's tragic disaster. I-year-old brother to hold me to escape that catastrophe.
childhood, with my brother grew up in the mountains, I've never seen my father and mother look like, I know, our family of nine lives, the older brother died in Amin. My body, burdened with heavy blood feud. I hate birth, my presence only for revenge, that is the fate of the arrangement!
I have the same good face, dressed in red as blood, a vertical bamboo flute, such as complaints, glamorous and I planned to Amin's side.
I look back gently, frosty. And Amin, actually also has a free and easy Xia Qi, his eyes are so affectionate and tempting. Meet the moment, he can not suppress my obsession for, he did not know, my heart's eyes are deep-seated blood feud, blood for blood I am as long as they are!
Amin deeply in love with me, quietly doing everything for me. I never speak to answer his question, always silent on this, responded with his cold eyes. And he did not feel like a remote control, he is always staring at me deeply, I stood on top of the hill, or accompanied by, watching the sunrise and sunset, or accompanied by my embroidery, that look, that look of Chilian, let me slightly distressed.
because they know I love azaleas, he would for me to pick a major holding a large holding of azaleas, inserted in every corner of the room. Azaleas in full bloom is no longer in the season, he even got on a good silk ordered, I had a house for the azaleas. I watched him jump for joy for me doing all this throbbing heart inexplicably, inexplicable pain.
his love, how do I know? He's affectionate, how can I not moved? But, I deeply know that he is the enemy of his brother, his elder brother killed my parents family, let me ruin and death, how can I fall in love with him?
I sigh again and again in the bottom of my heart: we are at the wrong time, wrong place of encounter, like a sea-loving vertical, how to upload move out? Everything is the fate of the arrangement. And I told myself again and again, to return him coldly affectionate. I even can not give him a sweet smile.
and I can not do after all Xinruzhishui. When he handed to me eyes look forward to a vertical bamboo flute, I finally could not resist, took his hand Xiao, for his playing. Xu Xu Xiao Sheng out, my brother and me in the mountains to escape the breathtaking scenes, scenes to reproduce.
my surprise, the present one is my enemy, I absolutely, absolutely can not fall in love with him! Xiao Sheng suddenly full length, I know, my love for him in slowly spread. I can do is continue on his cold tea.

that day, he took me on a white horse in the mountain Mercedes-Benz, he said, never let me hurt, my heart shook. Brother and his presence kept to show in front of me, I know he loved me in his life, I actually can not, can not resist his tenderness!
my tears his face, not their own, to respond to his warm affection. Love is not help. Hate is the fate of the arrangement. After touching, love and hate are still haunting me. That blood feud Oh, how can I forget, how can we forget?
standing room, I gazed into the distance, heart bitter as Qiulian. If I can be more indifferent to him some, if I never had the heart of his move, then his injury is not to reduce the number?
mission of revenge is born Oh! When he hugged me, eyes full of tenderness, I think we have never been among those deep-seated hatred, I think you can always stay in this moment, but I can do is ruthless with the heart, open his hand, gently turn.
he looked at me disappointed, and I actually did not dare look into his eyes. Love, how to exercise restraint? My heart is in pain, Jiangrenleishui, said: cold tea, I went on to give you added it.
Amin, you know, this sentence contains a dash of my love? But you did not read! Originally, this sentence in your heart cold as ice, you are desperate! Fengliaoyiban you like, want me to knife stabbing your chest. Tears fall, I was sad to be added, but only to cover up and said: cold tea, I went on to give you added it.
his despair, and love the fire went out. I severely hurt him, he finally chose to leave, choose shaved his head, fled to Buddhism, selection forgotten.
the day he left, my thoughts are so deep. Close your eyes, is his free and easy figure, his soulful eyes. However, he has not. I knew not love him, or not inhibited in love with him.
finally, my emotions over the intellect, I once again came to his side. And he did not forgive me, he looked at me the most cold, as my day is so frosty.
I do not care about love, I shelter in the hut next to the temple every day meal for his tea, take care of his daily life. And he did it all for me turned a blind eye, I know, he's as cold as a knife, stab in my heart. Until one day, tiles scratched my hand, blood dripping, tense and distressed he bandaged the wound for me, I know, love, has been in his heart. Two pairs of eyes in tears again, the intersection of love, in the gently flowing. The damage has been loved to melt, and finally two hearts overlapping.
It was a most happy time, he copied scriptures, I embroidery, he look back, I smile. When the tea cold, I will still continue on for him. Calm days, full of warmth and sweetness.
I think the day can go on that way! Ah, but I was nine, he is Amin, we are able to escape the doomed fate of the arrangement, we are destined to love and hate in the Red tangled. Our love, still can not let me forget that I carry the blood feud. I betrayed Amin's brother - my enemy! I finally finished my brother's revenge. However, when I saw the beloved Amin piercing holding his beloved brother, I am actually not a shred of pleasure. Amin's tear drops in his brother's face, also fell on my heart. His mournful call, I wordless and Yes, I love him so that he lost his brother better than love.
original, life, the way we are taking are wrong, the wrong time and place is not right, I have only one death and reciprocate his love. Millennium ginkgo tree, a bullet through my chest. When the blood stained my clothes, my eyes, full of fond memories. Yin and Yang finally separated it? Amin, I love you! Let us meet in the next life ginkgo tree tree Millennium, let us love each other again the next life!
dying, then the next life I will Meet with Amin. Next life, I will find him under the tree to the ginkgo tree. Afterlife, whether we look into what, no more hatred involved, we wholeheartedly love ... ...

Third, Xiaoyu articles
life of me, Mo Xiaoyu. I have a love of the husband, has a happy family. When I came to the tall old courtyard, and when I went to the courtyard of the ginkgo tree, and the total feeling of deja vu. I clearly remember, I have seen in a dream the courtyard, the same stone table bench, the same hospital in the trees, I dream, cooked tea, waiting for who is on the way ... ...
I fell in love with the courtyard, where, as I struggle to find housing, so familiar, so warm. So, I live down here, every day most of the time, I like to stay in the courtyard, flowers, tea. Ginkgo tree and then sat quietly, like who ... ...
waiting until one night, he came, he was hidden in the ginkgo tree infatuation ghost monk Amin, a hovering in the cycle lane than 50 years of ghost. For his appearance, I do not have a lot of panic, I think, he will not hurt me, even I think he is what I cooked tea and to wait for people. Beyond that, however, I have no other memories.
and he, in the eyes of some depression and some can not tell with the emotion, I actually inexplicable heartache for him. We sat in the courtyard of the ginkgo tree, he told me about his previous life legendary love story, that he and A nine Aihenchanmian. I am deeply touched by their love for their love and not encounter deep sigh. In others, like Amin tells the story, but can be revealed in a calm tone of his love A nine regrets, silly unwavering.
I listened quietly, when the midnight tea cold, I will quietly as he continued on. When the story is about to end, Amin told me that he Meet A nine and the next life together in the tree Ginkgo biloba tree. He said that he Liuzaishishang A nine, so hastily hurry to go to be reborn, only for him to catch up and reunite. And he, Amin A nine fear not find him in the ginkgo tree, so the step did not dare leave the reincarnation willing to give up the best time. As a ghost he can only stay five years in the cycle lane. Today, he is about to leave.
I am deeply sorry for them, why, this beautiful love but there is no perfect ending? Why are they after gloomy, but not always spend? Youde asked him: , in the eyes of endless attachment, love and affection. He said that as long as she came, just look at her, he would recognize her. However, he was thoroughly aware of, no grudge to the depths of love, as long as her happy, then, that happiness to her who are no longer important.
profit tears in his eyes, looked at me deeply, and then looked at tea on the bench and had told me: cold tea, I went on to give you added and you probably know, that person is me ... ...
he finished, I brought tea turned into the room, ears kept ringing phrase: cold tea, I went on to give you added it.
gradually clear all the memory, Amin, A nine, rhododendron, love and hate, and afterlife of the agreement ... ... Who am I? A nine Who are you? My hands trembled, and tears his face, I turned around, clearly in the mirror I see the pre-existence of A is nine, the same face, dressed in a red wedding dress, beautiful eyes ... ...
cold suddenly, I understand anything! Cheng pulls all the old things, such as the flood! It turned out that love were reincarnated; original,montblanc pens, love is no regrets; original, love is to give; original, love is selfless. Amin, Amin Oh my!
my mirror A nine while tears, tea drop to the ground, become fragmented, as we love, experienced past lives, still with only a sigh is still just whipped into a piece of yellow leaves .
I am distraught, out of the courtyard, only hope, he is still only hope he has not disappeared. Amin, Amin Oh my love, if I know you will miss the next life commitment to another man world of opportunity, I certainly will not promise you the next life! Amin, how I, how do not want to let you ashes! Ginkgo leaves have fallen
shake, I fell prostrate on the ground, crying with loud call his name, finds him so, but old courtyard, the silence of the night sky, only the leaves and shake off the sound, only I want to grief must call the sound in the echoing, echoing. And Amin, has disappeared without a trace ... ...

Postscript: movie love story. Read, and moved to tears, read it over twice, moving still ... ... remember it, only to move!

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