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In the tradition of American Idle and Rox Pop, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This Friday's Top Ten:

1. All I want - The Offspring
2. Because the night - Bruce Springsteen
3. Familar Love - William Shatner
4. The Broad Majestic Shannon - The Pogues
5. Not yet three - Jonathon Richman
6. Three coins in the fountain - Frank Sinatra
7. The Tooth Fairy and the princess - Husker Du
8. Ripple - Grateful Dead
9. Wayfaring stranger - Johnny Cash
10. Weirdo - Miles Davis

Now that's what I call a diverse and random selection. Favorite song this week, well I'm a little embarrassed but it's Love Removal Machine from The Cult. I've always loved this song, basically because it's such an obvious Led Zeppelin rip off. Plus if you are a teenager or someone in their early 20's it's a great song to play during sex. Which by definition makes it a great rock and roll song.


saw an article today, called make a summary of losers, of course, which says most of the term, many people may have been unheard of.

DOS on the C / PM

results: Bill Gates once been there a few friends from the DOS (disk operating system) and transfer to IBM, Gary Kildall of the C / PM (computer control program) is unambitious.

reasons for failure: Kildall that do not understand business way, when Digital Research developed the last 16-bit C / PM version, the charges to DOS even ten times higher.

was saying: ? '

last words: You can not beat the opponent, joined the opponents. Kildall's Digital Research developed DRDOS then in 1991 sold at Novell.

Windows for OS / 2

Results: After six years of additional changes, OS / 2 2.1 was able to come out, but during the Windows (even if there are some flaws), but has become a desktop machine's operating system standard.

reasons for failure: OS / 2 attributed to the failure of its display management program, the OS / 2 graphical user interface development application, is simply a nightmare.

was saying: DOS operating system in a leading position in the PC can be maintained to 1990, OS / 2 will quickly become the new leader.

last words: IBM did not throw in the towel, but the competition on the desktop is over, Windows won.

ISA on the Micro Channel

results: IBM PC have been too much development in the first ISA architecture to create a monster, and tried to adapt the PS / 2 dedicated bus, the results of the last labor and reactive.

reasons for failure: IBM entrenched monopoly arrogance is the failure of its Micro Channel, IBM has tried to prevent others to imitate its micro-channel architecture, and any applications running on this system than not results fast on the AT bus.

was saying:

last words: IBM in 1993 rejected the Micro Channel while that quiet.

PC for Macintosh

results: Computer Intelligence InfoCorp estimated that more than 50 million units worldwide PC, and Macintosh only 6 million units.

Failure: Apple's had that business people prefer the simple interface and pay more, but the irony is that although business people need simple, but refused to spend more money.

was saying: graphics professional business, just as there is no Betamax video professional services.

Appendix: Seven decline decline Software Software ranked seventh

ICQ, lose to lose a single language in the software selection

ICQ, IM software as the founder of had it a brilliant achievement. In July 1996, the company founded Mirabilis launched in November the same year the world's first instant messaging software ICQ (now owned by AOL's ICQ has all), take means You

this software, once launched, immediate global response, quickly depleted by unprecedented creativity in the world has a large number of users, even if the Internet was less developed in Asia, the market volume accounted for 70 users %, in the country is accounted for 80%. But now, according to the survey, the domestic ranking of today's ICQ IM software is only routed to the first 8-bit, the gap is actually so great. The contrast is so strong, what is the reason?

A similar rise

ICQ software, once listed, quick access to a broad market, because the outlook is bright, so quick follow-up of similar software. Because the technology itself is not complicated, so soon almost every country in the local launch of the IM software, grab the market.

domestic Tencent QQ software, for example: born out of Tencent Tencent QQ OICQ, which is the earliest OICQ appeared one instant messaging software, the software was originally designed entirely modeled ICQ, from the content, forms, etc. complete copy. For domestic first, I quickly accumulated a lot of popularity, with more and more people, eventually dominate the market.

two, ICQ single

language version early in the market, ICQ and other countries do not pay attention to the market, it launched the world only in English. This is their home to other IM software has brought opportunities, and domestic OICQ popularity is due in large part because there is no Chinese version of ICQ result. Patch was not finished, many people suffer from the ICQ domestic English interface, so when OICQ a listing, immediately abandoned the ICQ.

Today, ICQ has not launched the Chinese version, the domestic users who want easy to use, you must also install a Chinese patch.

or so after a single patch

three in English,north face down vest men, ICQ's own mistakes

ICQ's own development to go the long route, with the updated version, ICQ too large , too large to function almost not used before, these integrated features most of the time just seems to have no inherent hodgepodge. For ordinary users, the white elephant of the features in addition to the increased use of the difficulty is no alternative uses. Although America Online AOL's AIM and ICQ integration later, noted that, in the past period of time to make adjustments, do not re-introduce big extensions, to make a feature streamlined version of ICQ Lite version, but it was too late.

today's IM market, greatly changed form, had not the appearance of the year. Domestic market, one exclusive Tencent QQ half the market, MSN snatch the remaining 1 / 4, tight left 1 / 4, PoPo, Langma UC, yahoo pass, and so still fight to the bitter end. Although the foreign market, or ICQ so far a certain share of possession, but at the heart of Microsoft's MSN product filter released from the XP version, with the operating system a seamless combination of social atmosphere gradually tilted to Microsoft, history seems to re- repeated.

Overall: Although domestic users have almost disappeared, but there is a place in foreign countries, so the decline of seven software seventh.

Nuttige informatie, hier kan ik zeker wat mee bedankt!

- ,beats by dr dre



- My dad and I hide and seek ,north face clearance, I play the whole day.







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2. Ordinary bedside alarm clock
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4. To be parents carry her ears up
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