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In the tradition of American Idle and Rox Pop, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This Friday's Top Ten:

1. Blue Moon Revisited - Cowboy Junkies
2. Now I'm Here - Queen
3. Needle and the Damage Done - Neil Young
4. Shaggy Doll (Demo Version) - Elvis Costello
5. You Tell Me - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
6. Teach Me the Rules - Jack Logan
7. Guess Things Happen That Way - Johnny Cash
8. Donald Lowes - Washboard Hank and the Squirrels
9. Enter Sandman - Metallica
10. Cut me Off - Gear Daddies

Looks like I could have been a program director for Cities 97 in 1992! My favorite song this week is Bad Boys Get Spanked by The Pretenders. In the fall of 1981 hearing this song single handedly turned me from a shaggy-haired stoner to a snot-nosed punk. That chugging back beat, Chissy Hynde's orgasmic squeals at the end, the way the song keeps getting faster and faster... I was never the same after hearing that song.


I'll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

spread to today's literature, there are 140 kinds of sheet music, song received a total mass of different mass spectra one thousand. Okuma grand structure which Now people can play the piano for less than one hundred, although less than one-tenth of all, but compared to other tracks to the ancient national musical instruments, is still a large fortune.

3, guqin music approach to development is also very rich, and has its own uniqueness. Such as its expansion into the model, variations and other relations, is dominated by the thoughts and feelings arising out of. So the result is self-fused, consistent together, and it gives a coherent sense of the natural advance. No carving marks. Some two contrasting image as a basic material into by the

guqin expressiveness Jue micro

4, the performance of a philosophical thoughts and feelings activities.


In recent years the chorus has been changed to affect the broader.

five, Qin Zither

2. go hand tone to sound gradually weakened, and its tension from the real and imaginary direction, resulting in free and natural, prolapse of the potential, tends to give the far-reaching, infinite feeling.

The course of time, Seagull and his close friendship with. Later, his wife knew, asked him to catch one or two back. The next day he go, gulls no longer ignore him. The performance of music in people forget an evil motive, without taking into account Seagull leisurely, free-flying emotions, while vaguely have a sense of melancholy, as if pregnant with sad ending.

5, the strength is an important factor in music. The strength of Guqin music than there are in addition to the actual situation. This is only the strength of the performance than the more detailed, more vivid. It is because of the actual situation about the use of the phrases that guqin music Fang Zheng and rules of the beat as a secondary form. The changes in tempo and naturally with the general content, feel the situation needs to become a major form is the traditional guqin music. Is the most basic and universal.

There are obviously similar music singing tone. Although the description of the song fisherman, but it is the hands of the author is satisfied, longing Dunji landscape life mood.

Ming Dynasty guqin have great development. Although the right is a Fan Wang Zhu (Zhu Yuanzhang seventeenth child), but then the development of guqin made immortal contributions. He presided over a series of essays This is the earliest extant sheet music. It received more than 40 of the first instrumental melodies, mostly before the Tang and Song treasures. Its historical value, is of special importance, because the world, these are the most ancient instrumental music of the. Vocal faction (Qin Zither faction) on behalf of Yang waving the book Qin Zither school has been sent with the instrumental melodies co-exist, and there are many treasures.

Guqin music in the preservation and development of the Yellow River Yangtze River Chinese nation's valuable natural and cultural heritage. Sui and Tang dynasties, although by the strong impact of foreign music, Huaxia nation itself is inherent in the art of Guqin music stubbornly continued on down. It is worth special attention. Chuan Chu old sound and clear tone, se transfer, Yong miscellaneous get. Jiaomiao used by non-court, it is not set.

1, guqin music approach to development is in accordance with the musical structure and content of music and the development of logical thinking and emotional decision. As the content of the different variety of guqin music of the musical is very different. This of course is because our predecessors did not sum up the musical form not go according to summed up creation. But mainly because of the need to determine the content of the formation of musical structure. As the novel with style, the same style, but rarely the same structure. Such as Several occasions the singing of the melody, played contrast, link, Chaintech and so on, and to express the human experience: The relationship between the various parts of different songs in the European music of the musical form based on common ministries established relationship. To the end of the emotional feelings of regret and misty in the cloud water is also not part of the end of the beginning of reproduction, both music and image material, not in front of that part of the reproduction. It is not the first presentation and then expand, and then reproduce. And almost at the outset to start until the music ended. This is required by the content of its own.

the piano as the qin is a resonance box, panel refers to the board, the sound hole to open the back of the piano, so the guqin sound is very unique. It is subtle, deep and long and phonology.

modern piano at home, Mr. Zha Fuxi theoretical research and documentation with outstanding contributions, Mr. Guan Pinghu and Mr. Wu Jinglue outstanding contributions in the play.

four, guqin music and artistic form of expression

yuan after . Xu Gu Ming and Qing Dynasties were in turn made More detailed description of the aspects of the art of Guqin performance requirements (but because of too small, it is inevitable that some trivial): , round, firm, macro, fine, slip, health, light, heavy, late speed.

Third, the performance of the ideological content

Logical integrity of the musical structure, melody twists and turns, very moving.

profound effect in addition to the audio track by linear, there is an important condition, that go hand in continuous state of sound, the sound intensity must be a gradual weakening process. Pull the strings in the linear audio tracks are not with the lack of wind instrument, their sound is basically a linear a sound. Wind instrument playing uninterrupted breath out of the melody is linear, and pull the strings pull a bow uninterrupted melody is played out threadlike. But the two linear audio tracks are not weakened in the process, and are continuously applied in the human power of circumstances to get a continuous tone. Here only the needs of the situation according to music by the strength of man-made changes, it does not exist inherent weakening of tension. So it only to portray the image, tracing the emotional, rather than with their ability to become more far-reaching. Guqin alone with this tension naturally form. Guqin In a linear sound track, because of the performer's fingertips force only works on the first line of the phoneme sound, followed by the vibration of sound reverberation are issued, so the duration is limited, its strength will inevitably weaken the formation of weakening trend. This weakening trend only in the guqin is the norm, are recurring, but also non-human, truly inherent part of the qin.

Mozi see white silk was dyed different colors, so lamented by a human is pure in the community and become diverse, resulting in sad thought, the song Music of subtle and profound, convincing expression of this inner activity.

2, the performance of the working people's lives, thinking.

qin Guo Song's immortal hope Chu is very worthy of attention. One hand, he has superb playing piano. Trained a disciple of high attainments; on the one hand create and work with sustenance patriotism Another writer Ginger Whitehead, specially created by Qin Zither This is a distinctive, beautiful vocal music. Because ginger fingering guqin Whitehead wrote their own, it can be said other than he who

Qin Zither is specifically written with piano accompaniment and the sound of music. Its history can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn period of the lyrics. Qin Zither out the form and style of arts and drama, folk, rap, there is a distinct difference, is a completely unique art form. Qin Zither has a lot of work very complete, deep, rich in appeal. Such as the Song Dynasty Some of the development of instrumental music by the Qin Zither, such as

1, integrity and performance of the Chinese people's just struggle.

one, making deep effect

2, performance in the arts, guqin music melodies are often important emergence of two or more, but not to reproduce, but not A, B, A reproduction of three sections. But the development of relations, the promotion of music content. At the same time, many times the melody does not is a general sense of For example, Two Not a Because this three times in the middle of the music is neither a comparison with the role of the Ministry of insertion, not the commencement of the new musical material, but not for the music to make a before and after contact. But with the major three times in a tone equally important part of the development. The first major tone occurs three times only after a second primary tone. Between the main tone of the music theme is also part of nature, the other parts are not inserted Department of nature. This constitutes the structure of this song alone. It is a very important piece, which is part of the theme for the play can be called a finishing touch.

A Brief History

Second, the precious legacy

any art are the pursuit of a However, the same depth, but can have different forms. The more important of these forms, there are two, one Generally speaking, the former is on the theme of work, the latter is the case on the works of Prose; the former is to resort to concepts and ideas, more rational, which is the resort feeling and experience, it is accompanied by emotional; former As in the two-dimensional plane carving, is static, fixed, three-dimensional space in which the depth of field, as is swimming, has continued to point to the depth of the suction. I have more music in the aesthetic character of the West had pointed out, as the purport of Western music with a deep, deep places of Chinese music to purport. And said: China's song feel like there was a righteous rising in your mind, continuously without a break, lasting appeal But Chinese music itself, is one of a variety of musical instruments, music still exists between the degree of difference. In comparison, in the Chinese musical instruments, the most profound character, the most capable of producing deep effect, no doubt guqin.

5, the performance of the natural landscape and express people's inner feelings.

4, guqin music of some of the transitional passages, the connection part is not just for the transition and connection, but has its important role in promoting the development of music, has its separate vivid image. Such as type, and so on.

in guqin music suits the literature, there is a valuable addition to historical data and theoretical heritage. Cai Yong Such as the end of the idea has been recognized music, life, relationship skills in three areas of the table. Ya that even for the

Kang Ji Jin Dynasty qin more prominent. He was politically assertive, Sima despise corrupt regime. In literature and music creation and writing quite good. When he was killed before execution, but also to the guqin, the last play, By Ji Kang, It is now known as the Western Han and Tang Dynasty piano piano piano between the specific circumstances of the important material.

Chu Yuan Ye Qin material is a very loving person. He took down a high in playing the piano at home: name seedlings, number of habitat rock elderly. Rock habitat elderly

see from the existing material, start Guqin uncertain about the number of strings. A banjo, lyre, harp, there are nine, a harp and so on. Warring States in Hubei Province recently unearthed in the early piano, is ten strings. The piano sound should be evolved in the Western Han Dynasty. According to available written material to infer, from the Eastern Han Yong Kang Ji Jin dynasty, the Qin musical instrument should be a leap in time to complete.

decline. But by the late Qing Dynasty, the piano was reduced, on a narrow repertoire, playing on a high level of low.

Wenji suffering performance: survival, not the child, and return home the joys and sorrows interwoven quandary, music, deep and detailed.

by the rise of the Qing Dynasty in playing

Han Vivaldi home a lot, while the Eastern Han Dynasty Yong is particularly important. He composed for the Fortunately, he was relegated to the Now save the source of some of guqin music can be found here, it is important to the history of music literature.

Jane (about AD 725 - 800 or so) in the consider static God, can embolden courage, you can pull vulgar, cell ghosts can be. Song Zhu Changwen series of essays, At least Sui, Tang, Song three times the material is credible, can see the art of guqin music was as in the embodiment of social life is very valuable.

mentioned, we immediately think of is that it was rich and deep cultural connotation, so that very few people to pay attention to the things themselves guqin. Many people think that the reason why in traditional Chinese guqin music plays such an important position, first of all, or even because of its long-term accumulation in the literati Shouzhong and a rich cultural connotations. If you remove the culture, qin can only be a very common instrument. This understanding is clearly incorrect. First, the guqin has accumulated a lot of music, the music of the performance is extremely broad, from social politics to human relations and emotions, from birds, of fish to the natural landscape, all entered the guqin performance throughout the domain; and once through the guqin performance, they immediate access to the great artistic charm. This at least shows as the musical instrument guqin very broad expression. Second, the guqin has been able to be representative of the mainstream of Chinese literati culture of the eye in itself is indicative of it's own unique and superior to others, which, for the instrument is, no doubt, it should first be artistic expression. If an instrument in the musical expression there was no expertise, then, even in its material, appearance or sound has a high cultural and aesthetic charm, it is not bad at best only an arts and crafts or historical relics, but not and then with the value of music, but obviously not the case guqin. Two thousand years, as the guqin is always live, viable instruments in the use of, rather than as artifacts and crafts and displays, although there are many piano during the Tang Yuan, Ming and already has a high heritage value. It should be said, first of all because it guqin musical expression in the show superior to others, it can be selected writers, and thus it may be steeped in a rich and profound cultural connotations. The ancients said: These should be the first from the instrument's musical expression is the. Well-known story of Bo Ya playing, sub-period aficionados, Yong Hyun Siemens weeks Guqin make Mengchang so popular since then Qiti story, and gourd Pakistan Guqin, Elique birds, fish out of deep listening; Shikuang Guqin, six horses Yang horse feed, crane extension of the neck like mysterious legends, can illustrate this point, and a large number handed down, the contents of a variety of melodies more direct proof of this.

then, guqin was rich and distinctive expression mainly in where it?

sound of this weakening trend line, if only from a physical point of view, it is only a weak from strong that the vibration amplitude gradually getting smaller by the larger process, but if the person's hearing from the psychological point of view, is more than just a strength, the size of the problem, but a lot to soak into other aspects of life meaning. In this sense, at least two aspects are particularly important: First, can result in a weakening gone, gone (from near and far) and feel, resulting in a free and natural, prolapse, away from the shore, the effect of the other side of exaltation; One is able to produce a deepening of the mysterious, outside to the inside, Deep feeling, formed to keep the body, the core of things and the universe close to the results. The so-called The force of these two trends can produce Youyuan and deep. Cited earlier, even a very crucial role. The ancients said: It is also worth noting that, where the weakening of the main is just a process, a state of tension, rather than a result of already; it is just to attract you to that direction, resulting in that direction to explore, search for the force, rather than make you complete this exercise, to achieve this power. That is, it always lure you to make efforts to explore and not let you rest. Still the only deep, but not be deep. The so-called

such as Craftsman's son grew up determined to avenge Niezheng, through tenacious effort, and finally stabbed to death by Han Wang and wit to commit suicide in his death, the music very passionate generosity.

Guqin than bell, chime, Sheng and other produce too late, and se the same period. 2,000 years ago, in it's expression has been respected to the extent of the myth. For example, the pre-Qin book, All ages moving to the piano as the center of the story, the legend.

Sui Chumin Biography , is the world's oldest music. This shop was introduced to Japan by the Japanese as a national treasure, the late Qing Dynasty in China have returned copy. Tang appeared in the text by the word spectrum is under preparation to improve spectral form, which records the music score play fingering, fingering is the name of the play, the term reduced to a few strokes, similar to the symbol of the word spectrum, has been in use to-day. Hundreds of thousands of years a large number of guqin music is recorded with it handed down. Qin made the Tang Dynasty, many famous, such as Mines, brothers and Guo Liang Xiao Lei Zhang Yue and so on. Qin Tang from the spread of today's look, technology, shape, sound, are stunning. This period can be playing the poet, many writers, but also a lot of piano at home. Many famous poets from the description written many poems can be seen qin piano at the level is high. But unfortunately, when the sheet music (that included scores of books guqin), even one kind of did not stay. The reason of course is mainly because there has not yet printed books, but can not be ignored is the official ceremony of the exclusion of the qin, it is not well developed. Furthermore the residual Tang Dynasty social unrest, culture is destroyed, lost books, but fortunately there is still a Song in the historical note of the valuable text. For example, note the simple and easy Xue qin during the Tang Dynasty, and said he had worked in the palace. Monk Ying is a master teacher, Li had a poem to tell him. In particular, Han Yu's poem, write the melodies played by the temporal division of the depth and difficulty, reflecting a high degree of temporal division of artistic skills.

Since the effective chord length Guqin particularly long, 110 cm or more generally, therefore large amplitude vibration over time, the rest sounds lingering without a break. Lingering lingering without a break, it can appear in the CD playing guqin unique

1. go hand sound that could have been connected between the point-like sound into a soft round curves, the linear trajectory pure and simple.

existing content on the one thousand guqin music is rich and colorful. Mainly about the following five types:

modern Sichuan hole Shan Zhang, Department of Hunan Yang over 100 essays papers series of giant

Performance of the boat Fraser fiber labor. Pull the boat with the labor chant tone many times, and every time excited. Uneven throughout the melancholy music is very important to the image of a very deep melodies. In a performance, so direct, specific performance of the labor work, is rare.

word about Art of Guqin Music

Yu Boya and ZhongZi is known by many people. Bo Ya playing sub-period of Salon's story, in the With this record you can see, at the latest before the Qin Dynasty, Qin has the form can be used solo with instrumental means to express the human experience of the objective world dr dre headphones, people communicate thoughts and feelings. This is the pre-Qin music ideas, music, a reflection of the level.

In addition, the results were the same deep Guqin the orientation of the instrument's range. Range of other instruments are mostly oriented to the alt area development, and Guqin the contrary, is to the bass and subwoofer District. Although the range of Guqin have another major second four octaves, from C ~ d3, if one uses a notation that it is in tune (1 = F) tuning is: 5: 6:. In this four octaves, the highest octave is a harmonic area can really play with the sound from at 6: ~ 6?, But usually they only really used in the 5: ~ 6 fall between the bass and the low sound area, so read music notation in use, it is mainly used bass stave, its sound is a low playing vigorous. From the psychological experience through sense, the sense feelings connected. Guqin to the bass range of the tilt, the contrast with the deep sound rendering its Youyuan also played an important role.

guqin is a plucked instrument ancient China, in ancient times called the piano only, to distinguish it from other modern instruments, it used to called the guqin, or lyre. Genetic guqin music and a large number of theoretical literature, there are several hundred or even thousand years ago to save the ancient good piano to this day.

instrument of expression is first determined by means of its performance, guqin as well. Piano music in the manufacture of deep effect, play a major and direct role is unique to the Guqin

Reflects the feudal society in the lives of poor working people face. This is a very ancient one, when Qin Zither, in the spectrum of the Qing Dynasty has been instrumental in

two thousand years, there have been many great piano at home. Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius is one of them. He taught the course

are generally plucked instruments like the sound point that every time a play a sound, so the gap between the sound and tone and not coherent. Cheng, Joseph and the harp is a string of a sound, its sound and sound separation between; three-stringed lute, ruan, pipa and other corporations are a multi-string musical instrument, but it is food left in Xian, China, were , the little finger division of labor, each responsible for their own means of phonemes, so the sound is there a gap, a point-like. As the sound of each dot contains a pop-up itself is explosive, therefore particularly likely to cause a strength and intensity, and less likely to cause profound effects. Point-like sound if the force is too weak, it is not impressive, if a strong force, it will only give a fixed stimulus, resulting in efforts to effect, they do not have deep feeling. Manufacturing must have a deep sense of the conditions is that it's a sound way to be linear, because only linear audio track will be generated to break the rest Tour dynamic, in order to break the isolation and gain traction in order to break through the limited point throughout the state of infinite domain. Guqin is the only stringed instrument in the form of sound at the point he also made a large number of linear audio track of the instrument. Point it sounds like a plucked string instrument retains the inherent strength and intensity, while the linear audio tracks in turn it increases the ability to create profound effect. playing the first note at the moment (I hook a tick), followed by the rest of the other phonemes are the use of sound in the left hand finger movement (ie, So the income is not a point-like sound, but a soft round curves, it is this phrase to be shown between the forest and water deep vague and remote effects of mood provides a physical condition. If here are each note with his right hand up, forming a series of disconnected points of discontinuity of the sound, its deep sense we have to weaken many.

Engender a sense of peaceful leisure.

Tang Yi Xue

Second, the restrained intensity of

guqin has seven strings, the main set as C, D, F, G, A, c, d, as is stressed. There are also based on the relationship between the pentatonic tuning method and not by other pentatonic tuning dozens of tuning method. It is the other chord, a chord polyphonic free products plucked string instrument, a four octave range. Guqin long strings, each string to 13 overtones, very clear and pure. So often with overtones of the music played a complete segment.


3, the performance of the experiences of different people in society arising from the complex feelings.

Comrade Li Huanzhi it to the chorus, achieved international acclaim.

Qin Zither is an important form of Guqin music. Ming Dynasty, a great number of people every play piano will sing, vocal melodies will be sent to advocates of Qin Zither. Sent to the Ming Dynasty, Qin Zither seems to be a height in the sheet music to send as much of the Ming Dynasty and the wide influence have shown this. Guqin musical heritage in all, the Qin Zither accounted for nearly half the number, that should be valued.

China's first poetry collection So, say three years or so guqin history is more in line with the actual historical development.

6, portamento on artistic expression in the guqin is a very important and very sensitive approach. It is not an ordinary decoration, not a transition, not a through sound. But stressed that the performance of music content, thoughts and feelings, as well as style, temperament and an important way. Its performance makes music like singing, like tell their, there is a strong sense of tone. This is very common on the guqin music performance and outstanding.

music is often associated with the intensity of the size of playing hard, but not the same. In general, force size and strength and intensity of the same, but different forms. Force on the volume size is reflected in the intensity of the sound quality was reflected in the intensity.

(CBS)  This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.George Carlin got it. He realized soon after he became a successful stand up comic that the truth was really a lot funnier than the shtick that was making him popular.

"Al Sleet, The Hippie Dippy Weather Man" was funny. But diaper bags, it wasn't as funny as the "The Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television."

True comedians know that humor is based in grievance. And when George Carlin was coming into his own there were plenty of sacred cows in need of slaughter. American culture was on a collision course with itself. The baby boomers were turning on the very parents who spoiled them. And no one better understood the absurdity of the conventions they were railing against than Carlin.

Those conventions and the words that populated our clichés and aphorisms…were Carlin's playground. The stuff he lampooned seemed simple enough. But, he was the genius who made it so funny.
By Harry Smith

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