Greetings from the Death Star

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If the Yankees are the Evil Empire, then surely Yankee Stadium is the Death Star. Well it was hot enough Thursday at Yankee Stadium to destroy Algeron. But I was there to see the new pitcher Cory Liddle and RFer Bobby Abrea (The Twins couldn't use those guys could they?) dismantle the Toronto Blue Jays.

btw, it was 95 and sunny and the P.A. guys made sure to tell everyone to drink lots of water. However, it didn't stop them from selling bottled water at $4.50 a crack.

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1 Comment

$4.50 for water!?!

Damn, that's even worse than the $6 for a beer at the least now you can get a Summit at some stands instead of that watered-down crap...

Only six more days 'til Sideburns Night!


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