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Greetings from hotter-than-a-brick-oven New York City. Since I'm here I thought I would share two other internet-related items that I am involved in.

First check out as I am an entry in the Joe Mauer Sideburn Contest. I am entry #5 and currently doing rather poorly. So please check out the site and vote for me. (Personally I think the so far winning entry is getting so many votes is because he's kinda hunky and has nothing to do with his sideburns).

Second, the Southwest Journal printed my rant about the lack of bike parking at the new midtown global marketplace. They edited out my better stuff, but it's still pretty good. Click here.

Finally this isn't about me except that it's about NYC. Christgau, who I always thought was a little too self-involved, saw 32 shows in 30 days to comemmorate his firing at the Village Voice. Here's his amazing write-up.

Tomorrow, Yankee Stadium (with photos!!)


Whoa, whoa...are you a Twins fan? I thought I saw something a while ago about Mauer something or other?

Yankee Stadium? C'mon, dude...

Really like this site. It's chill and really large...and random! lol.

Thanks for a nice read and an hour gone! Take Care

Did I mention we drank beer also?

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continuous rise in the need for technical adjustments

performance is expected to better than last year

same time, the two opening soon, to the market and are expected, after a short market adjustment is expected, investors will continue to shock upstream, and the trend is still cautiously optimistic about the center line. Over the past 16 years, according to statistics, during the two sessions, the market rose 11 times, down 5 times higher probability of 68.75%. And this year is the

Stock market regulation is conducive to bring the two organizations will look to open
Yuan Zhou small newspaper reporter
remained at 2900 points below but quickly rebounded. Last weekend, the central bank announced that once again raised the deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points, plus this week, Sinopec has 23 billion yuan of convertible bonds issued 12 new shares issued to intensive ... ... A-share market plunge, the Shanghai Composite Index, February 22 day down 76.73 points, or 2.62%, as the recent rally has been the most significant one callback, 3000 as prices repeatedly stumbling block.

will not affect the trend of global economic development, it will not affect the operation of the Chinese economy trends, market outlook, investors should not be too pessimistic. Fan

Guoxin Securities analyst John Ang said that the decision A-share market has never been external events, except in the factors, the stock market, there are inherent technical adjustments are required. Rally round, the cumulative stock index rose 10 percent, a rebound in the accumulation of a large number of profit taking, regulatory requirements since been released since last Tuesday, but due to market sentiment, the index has not decreased significantly, adjustment is not sufficient. Libya became a volatile stock market led to soaring oil prices, technology adjust the fuse.

for the first half of the market conditions, selection of fund managers, Jian-Bo Sun Chinese business strategy that, first pegged to the inflation. Will determine the level of inflation, monetary conditions, generally speaking, higher inflation, tighter monetary conditions, when the market is hard for relatively large increases.

Although the Middle East situation in the financial markets triggered a series of reactions, two years in New York oil prices hit a new high, risk aversion boost gold prices continued to rise to enhance the global stock market is But look at the world's stock markets, the domestic Shanghai and Shenzhen stock's performance is not only weaker than the major indexes in Europe and America, and more Brazil, India and other emerging markets also decline to a lot of depth. Market participants generally believe that the overseas market is leading to broader market fell Pudie incentives, liquidity pressures resulting from internal factors such as monetary tightening is expected, is the A-share market to weaken the dominant factor.

In fact, the Shanghai index row across the 2800-point, two 2900-point mark, out of the wave of a strong rebound. With the cooling of inflation expectations and monetary policy tightening after the introduction of continuous bad release, investors worried about these two factors largely in the cooling. The industry believes that the Chinese economy and the global economy are in the recovery cycle, and the A-share market valuations are not expensive, after the 2010 adjustment, the 2011 performance year 2010 is expected to more than optimistic.

sort can be found in the current market environment, there are three major factors work together to enhance market confidence: first, the domestic inflation rate in January than market expectations, after the market worried about further tightening is expected to slowdown in the short term,Herve Leger Swimsuit, investors can rest assured that invest in stocks . Second, the property market further into the stock market regulatory policies In January this year, real estate, In the Stock index rose nearly 1.5 percent that day, and thus opened up a rebound off. In addition, the seasonal recovery in credit market liquidity for help. It is reported that less than half of February, a few banks already run out of credit lines in February, some banks have suspended payment of personal loans. This aspect reflects the central bank tightened bank credit gate, the bank credit available is limited. It also reflects the feelings of banks eager to lend as soon as possible.

industry analysis, even if market volatility, as long as the key factors determine market trends remain unchanged, the market will resume its rally after a short tune.

three major factors to enhance market confidence

stock index fell below 2900 points is a rebound episode, or downstream of the signal? Be held on March 3, two of the country can boost market confidence, investors who are waiting and watching.

[concerned official release of the signal]

1, a friend in a moving work that day to a new colleague, with him, as are sales, wages 1300.

the first day, a friend took him to run the business, start a company van. This man saw the van and shook his head, ? car where it?

friends pain over his face sideways.

was their manager could not stand, I feel it will affect the unity. Put his name to talk.

Manager: br> He:

managers feel that the input can not lose momentum, he called again to talk:


manager painful covering her face sideways.

friends ah very curious and asked him,
complex answer you guess?

the first day, shouting, deputy general manager Branch, took her to the factory look, familiarize yourself with (all by bus to the factory). That woman said: Our general manager was Camry 1.8.

the first 2 days, the company said to her with a computer, she said no, from the bag and pulled out a notebook.

afternoon, the manager called her into it:

her to go before we asked her: with her, had come to find their own point thing to do.

3, but it sounds equally kuso true things in their side:

recruited a few months before these new units, assigned to the downstairs the network, and exactly quarter to calculate the deposit amount, the person responsible for the following great people want to pull some of the deposits. A woman to the next day that it made a new seven-day notice deposit 750w and some older employees to ask the girl Sha capability.

4, the company last year to assistant, female, just turned 30, looks flat.

day that go out k song, which is being discussed with several dozen carpool, that woman said: , Porsche.

with the question: to buy their own?

A: Even a man marry him a gift. I married him crash and the end to open the Porsche family, bought the same series to send even.

Q: Do you man and you live with?

A: In my house he has not bought a house opposite, and now we are door to door.

suddenly realized: What is the perfect match ~ ~

continue: Why you have to work?

A: Internet access is also boring day disco clubbing ah

ORZ ~~~~

married three months later This woman pregnant immediately fried squid from the sap no longer even in the company have seen m.

Porsche ... ... ... ...

5, my friend's girlfriend is the daughter of a real estate tycoon, has invested in a company work, a small staff. What, then 2-3 months later did the company produce this feeling the next day into the company shareholders.

6, a friend of a bank's new work further turtle girl, general business office, open work Reiz, Qindie Hall is a fiscal hand. Policy issues for a day beleaguered president jumped, I saw the girls waltz out mobile phone call: Now the X-line work. there's something I want you, blablabla ... what, you come to me? no no ... ... sideways.

7, I have a high school student, every day rags, women's flesh **, green tea bottle irrigation water, wearing a large children's clothing, the eve of graduation students dinner, drank too much. His family property have to pop out, the local's richest man, said his father's name Moumou audience when people are shocked. Went on to say: You must dress and style my surprise, right? In fact, I was intentional, I was a child was abducted, so low-key.

8, I went to a friends house after graduating from advertising companies, joined the company, which led what little older employees, P a big thing made him dry. Installed inside his grandson in a good mood.

told me he said, waiting for me the ability to exercise personal good two years later took over the company. Now the staff there who make life difficult for me, that time who comes to an end ... ...

fact his dad had bought this company to ... ...#¥%。 . .

pain over his face sideways ... ...

9, the receptionist - the first bomb

before the company a new receptionist during the day and also what the last cat flutter after work is always inexplicably disappeared.

two or three months after she and we began to conversational, the next day a sudden storm, she said, I send you home.

Audi A4. . . . . .

me: This. . . . . . . .

her: This is not my car. . . . . . .

I (exhaled breath): Oh. . . . . . .

her: This is my father's hands a car salesman, I sent to repair.

me: uh. . . . . . . . .

pain over his face sideways. . . . . . . . . . . .

receptionist - the second bomb

go shopping with us that day, I and three colleagues waiting for the elevator, she suddenly appeared and said: I with you, OK? Take me to go.

our very tangled agreed.

finally saw her car.


despair over his face sideways. . . . . . . . . . . .

receptionist - playing

third day I saw her computer wallpaper is a golden swim in the pool, comes up for photos.

I said: really cute ah, your dog?

her: er, yes ah.

I said: really nice.

her: Yes, ah, I miss it ah, it is kept in the house that my home in Los Angeles, and since I had no time to go work it.

me:. . . . . . Yes. . . . . . Which Los Angeles?

her: on the, ah, that the United States.

me:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

collapse of covering her face sideways. . . . . . . . .

10, a male high school alumni, friends of friends, not particularly familiar with, get together with everyone over entrance. .

our drive to 100M away from his home was stopped by there. . Some people go in informed. . And then saw him waving at us from the third floor. .

their home 16 security 24 hours rotation. . Were really surprised me. . He looked really is a normal boy. .

very smart, Shandong candidates into the university computer system. .

11, before the high school at the same table, a girl, not beautiful, thin, Wen Wen quiet, especially good results, especially simple kind of dress! To wear uniforms all day, up to that Pepsi guitar. Lunch is also very frugal, we went downstairs fried chicken shop, she bought a dollar three of the chicken to eat.

always thought her family as relatively normal.

up. . . . . . . . .

after graduation went to her house to play, zf special district, decoration and the Royal Palace, her room, like a princess room, her father's temperament like a star, we went to see, but also opened the bottle XO. . . Her living room like a bowling alley so much, TV is rear projection ... ...

said her father working in the security department, over the U.S., where a young man spies, tut. . .

University and I was the girl a school, go to the U.S. to study law after graduation went to the Master. . . .

pain over his face sideways. . .

12, a college classmate of the boys wanted to take his mother asked him boy said: a week off to play a

little on his HI.MOP ** to, nice ah () ... ...

13, one day, a Let me see Red Cliff non-students. I do not know why. So she told me: Goodwill mission to earthquake-Star team with his father.

14, a student even sent a birthday when his girlfriend more than 2w £ piaget watch. . But he himself has also drive a BMW, was also a audir8. . At first he even for a pancake and preoccupied. . .

15, a student who is in Thailand Thai mixed, with each bus ride. Once on the chat to the house is doing, she did not say my mother is doing, that my father business. I say sell what ah? She said that those good-looking head with ah (her Chinese is not good). I thought it was a small pendant, and then in Korea, China and Thailand have said that wherever he goes at a very good relationship, especially a good one my friend.
was her birthday and found that people are GUcci send the packet, it sent a bottle of perfume I feel very embarrassed.

later learned that her mother is Thai Princess ... ... father is a jeweler in China is not a small jewelry business ... ... ... ...

pain over his face torsional side. . .

16, students see their parents ..

girlfriend said to wait for the next girl .. her father took him to a big open space ..

after a while .. her dad fly to the ..

17, my good friend, unfamiliar with the beginning of time, there was a man that I lived thermocline (show off), ask you, who lives in layers of, ah, she hesitated and said: I live in the second floor. Later learned, people live two-story, two-story home of four villas. . .

and later, PTA meetings, I asked your parents come? Well, she said. I said what up? She was referring to a moment in front of the school-Benz. . .

pain over his face sideways. . .

18, my girlfriend learned brother bubble school girl, usually very frugal, did not change throughout the year a few clothes, with not buying them things, and his very low-key. . . Two people with very harmonious. . .

other home after graduation to see her parents. . . Suddenly blindsided. . . Her family opened mine. . . Kaibaoma live villa. . .

then secretly ask: your home so much money, how much you buy some clothes every day, wearing that one. . .

girl with weak answer: No, ah, I like clothes with that money I bought a dozen pieces. . . Shoes too. . .

r2. . .

19, continue to say that a person, my aunt's students, my dad kind of age. Day in the rice stalls met, say hello, my dad said this person, XX Electric boss, four dealers of the veterans, only Mercedes-Benz in 2007, we sold 30 E.

when he left, I might just pinch mei said loudly: uncle goodbye. Disgusting to me.

20, I ~ to I, where a cousin to play, I asked how he and a girlfriend? He said that before the broke up with. Together with a Korean girl now ~ ~ ~ ~ look at pictures that Korean girl is very common. He later told me that her mother is a famous South Korean car company's chairman. Dad is the President of the Military Tribunal.

21, I am very skeptical of one thing, I BF said her cousin married a Japanese, he husband is the son of a director of Japan's Mitsubishi. I have been skeptical about this matter.

later his cousin's father passed away, is the BF's uncle, a mourning day, Ferrari, Maserati, S600, Maybach also came, all that the cousin's friend, Ray death of me .

special episode series:
1. saying, when I first bought the card, when to ask people to call, they said 12:00 so I went to the school gate waiting for, he opened a break car. I went, and later saw a silver Mercedes-Benz ... ...
pain over his face sideways ... ...

2. Normal, a 20-something our temporary workers, ready to get married, buy a house now, said the previous day, next day payment to buy, and we do not feel anything,New Era 59Fifty, Beijing house your point, marriage is a major event. Results, not a week, bought a house for his girlfriend did not like, and this little boy on the next day, go out and buy a set, are a million, lump-sum. Then after a few days, said his girlfriend's mother to see her, no place to live, they bought a set. We cooked, before we know, this kid every day when college class Mercedes. His girlfriend's home than his wealthy family still does.

I came, and I know a friend of the same age, went to his house to play, to show me his house to his house to prepare a wedding, lake actually is, and I say good ah. He said the general, and just bought a house my home in Shanxi, is a 24-hour surveillance. However, my parents did not have much culture, that is coal mining.

me home with my father that I am a poor man. Dad said that for the poor. He said that they eat with friends, a boss said, my son called me in the UK, let me point after the low-key, our family is poor. Full tables are stunned to see him with. He said his son than his old bully next door to a small boy, the boys do not hold a grudge, the boys father to England to see the boys, the boys said good brother next to me, I play with the sum, you give gifts to people it. His father said, okay, what to send, that the boys did not know, that he liked to go out to play. Result, people send gifts that transfer of foreign private aircraft to hunt. Had a lot of people in the Middle East oil. Full tables of people are not assertive, and after the low-key.

So, this too many people around a lot. I will always remember the words of my father, we are a poor man.

3. I eat snacks in the open street, on a sub-string as shabu stalls! is heard when the stall to eat to get cell phone said: My husband, my side of the string should not , and I had an XX string of sending it! hang up the phone, five minutes later gave the brush a Mercedes S600 parked in the front stalls! down a man to sponsor a large plastic mouth behalf to stall, the things handed stall, said: I'm going to night XX (the city's best Hotel) Please X the total meal! will come back some night, you be careful,2012 Oakley Sunglasses!
S600 bike then drove away!
I was eating snacks painful mouth and looked away! silent heaven!

4. saying that I test a driver's license when the old man and I have a small car, in fact, He is not old, 40 less than, the old man wearing a shirt every day, Melaleuca at the end. Riding an old man happy (mini-three). Is a warm and often help us to fetch water. We asked him why he learn to drive, do not say he has been grinning. Exam is over, we say go out get together, we are ready when hailed. People hit a telephone, five minutes later, a limited-edition Rolls-Royce drove up, and that the steering wheel and seat and also with the Stamps name He is a real estate company's chairman and a logistics company and a lumber yard (export) the last car he told us he learned the reason for this is that the two drivers have been saying to open the car comfortable, and that they particularly want to open to open `` ` LZ ``
whole car and covered his face as the pain of head sideways

5. I have a girls high school, enroll in a talent show, and finally to see players How many text messages obtained by ranking the vote - the result of a Monday morning, her father spent a bunch of people set off to a Cadillac in front of our school, telling anyone to send a mobile phone card (not prepaid card , is the kind of SIM is also stored 100 prognosis of that) invited us to a different card with the students involved send text messages to vote for him at home girl ... ...

K day out songs , which are discussed along with several dozen carpool , that woman said: I take you to . Downstairs , Porsche . Q: buy their own ? A: Even

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