One Less Hurdle!



It’s over! At last we can rest easy as the Hennepin County Board adopted the 0.0015 sales tax to pay for the Twins outdoor ballpark. As of about 24 hours after the vote, there still have been no reports of the constitution being ripped into shreds or Governor Pawlenty declaring martial law. Although given the testimony of the anti-ballpark folks, I'm sure it’s just a matter of time. So batten down the hatches, armageddon is a-comin!!

I have a feeling most people who check this blog are ballpark supporters as well, but I still want to go over a few simple facts. One the tax is merely 15/100ths of 1 percent. It doesn’t apply to clothing, it doesn’t apply to groceries, it doesn’t apply to automotive sales, it doesn’t apply to gasoline, and it doesn’t apply to most services. If you are in a family of 4 and have a household income of around $75,000 and you buy a new washer and dryer, you will probably pay at most $30 a year, all in little 3-12 cent drips and drabs (and remember, you won’t be a family of 4 over the entire 22-30 years this tax will be in place). Also approximately ¼ of the sales tax is paid by people living outside of Hennepin County.

Second, ballpark opponents have consistently said that they want to vote for the sales tax in a referendum. When confronted with the question of why pass this issue on to the voters when we don’t for any other issue, one Commissioner said that “capital? projects are brought in front of the voters. Oh really? When did we vote on constructing a new Hennepin County Jail? When did we vote on Light Rail Transit? When do we vote on the expansion of 35W? Surely these are all capital projects. The fact is that ballpark opponents want to pick and choose when they can vote for a project and when they don’t. I guess if you’re against a project, we should vote on it so that it can be demagogued to death.

Finally we are hearing a lot of talk about ballpark-supporting elected officials being booted out office. Funny, no one is running against the Minneapolis state legislators who voted for the ballpark. They’re obviously safe. Three of the Commissioners who supported the ballpark are up for election this fall and do have primary challenges. However all their challengers are poorly funded, one-issue candidates who stand very little chance of being elected. Right now there is no evidence that Commissioners Opat, Stenglein, or McLaughlin have any re-election worries.

So enjoy the rest of the summer, take in the very entertaining Twins season, and bask in the thought that in a few short years we’ll be spending glorious 75-degree August evenings outdoors watching baseball, not under a Teflon-covered dome.


The one sad thing about this deal finally being done is what will poor Nick Coleman write about now?

He might actually have to research an issue and earn his salary for a change...

(e) my friends mother:

(c) has the most considerate and generous heart under the sun's mother:

(g) would like to say to her mother's:

mother: a generous person but to save what she will not buy expensive brand-name skin care products, handbags and even willing to buy me clothes, but the best of the best things in the time and I never I will buy a bargain.

; ; ; ; ; ; ; I love you!

fact, I love my mother and you would like to say sorry for my former willfulness and ignorance that I'm sorry, your good you get rid of my bad temper, I will learn to enjoy your

in Boasting mother!

Mom: It is as gentle in my life my mother has never seen anyone cry and shout, no matter when the mother is in the tolerance of my bad temper and little patience

Yes. Because my mother really was a courageous and enterprising mother. I can say that all of today's happiness comes from her mother's hands, if not after I was born secretly stole his father's documents to the Inland Revenue apply, then today I might just two ordinary daughter of laid-off workers, it is impossible to study abroad can not have a good education are more likely to encounter today, now that her husband lived a carefree life. So for the mother's courage I admire!

to describe the reason for this is because my mother does have a endless number of these advantages. And my father is still in the factory when the mother is the union secretary described Nengwennengwu hand of good character is said to be written precisely because of her mother's talent will be desperate to break through my father at home against the obstacles and The large 2-year-old talented woman you are going to write a 26-year love story. In fact, until today there secretly and father said to me: wife to marry her mother is so proud of his life.

(b) of the talented and externally to the mother:

now I have grown up independently is not ashamed to make hard work of the father and mother to the children enjoy a real blessing, though Mom and Dad on my request as simple as though they just want me safe and happy. But deep down I still have a way of them as desire to buy everything I can to give them what they want I hope I can make them happy, happy! Since that is not worth so proud of my mom and dad can do are so small and insignificant it is believed that my dear father and mother I will try!

mother is understanding in my life 26 years in the father and mother never quarreled with him, I think it is thanks to her mother's patience. Because a mother did not have to fight to compete with one thing the habit, on the contrary, in dealing with a lot of things my mother would choose a more intelligent way, for example, in a very harmonious atmosphere of changing the subject or the mother will temporarily Renxia , when the atmosphere was good points that could have been kicked in to solve things. Or dad is preparing to have been angry when they found could not find people. . So with his mother to give me a tolerant and harmonious living environment so I can always be proud of showing off in front of friends, classmates mother may be wronged by their own Renxia tears and happiness of my life! So slowly Jipi Qi is also the father of the mother without the invisible edge between smooth running, so the more we live in now happy!

(d) taught me to treat people independent of the

inspection of their work because the mother's entertaining a lot of it almost from the primary school Fangliao Xue's mother often took me around to eat and drink all kinds of different people are renowned for, from the beginning of embarrassed to even say hello all To my mother taught me to be comfortable later laughing most of the aunts and uncles are like, really has changed a lot, perhaps also because such an occasion will see much of my success today is not stage fright and outward like to make friends of the character, right. So my mother ah really contributed.

mother: that's the kind she loves animals take pity on the weak or even watching TV on the grievance will shed tears.

just married mother and father at home when the unpopular, because it is a beginning of love is not blessed by their families. Therefore, in-laws sister and son to live day by her mother a lot of grievances and even cherish the time I have nine months to a six people still cook the dishes. 7 years to live down her mother does not have a savings in cost and burden of home care for the elderly are not a complaint. It is said that the family disputes that time really is not a small grandfather is a Shuoyibuer Father. The wronged by her mother more than impress, but really good mother because she has never suffered grievances to the difficult father. Of course, because the live and in-laws from time to time have to live with the two sister-in-law's irresponsible remarks. So after the move through these difficult days always take care of the mother or grandparents or even the former is not like the sister in law's sister sub sinking were so generous with her mother's heart touched every family who so now the harmony of the family said everyone in her mother's good, this is what I see, who my good mother!

in the mother and truly become friends when I go abroad in 2-3 years, this time also suddenly made me feel more grown up and the mother the more intimate feel. Both happy and unhappy mother can share but also because my mother taught me a lot and get along with her husband between the art, because the reason a lot of things grow up into a mother and father on the same as my supporters. The difference is that support is quietly listening to his father's mother's support is more than several

in 2000, Mothers with their own reasons to convince my father because she will not see that their parents never grow up under the wings of buckwheat feather, that when the mother is so strong though that time I also decided to minor though her mother had for this grandparents father was so cold for a whole month. But they can not change her mother's firm, I left only after I heard my mother tell my father I have to cry, but never heard her mention his sad, but in fact I know, because I will never forget New Zealand can not leave that night my mother holding my crying scene,Lady Gaga Headphones! If she is

most of the student or the fear of her mother's doting mother is different from the father because the mother is more stringent that most people who know me so my cleverness and childish lies are often exposed mothers, and mothers I can be said on the contest defeated keep on fighting! But often, my mother discovered my error after the mother had failed to implement simple and crude and most of the way and I talk, hey ah - young and frivolous, and most times the children of the same color clothes, but there are cheeky, how quit will listen to her . The result is a repeated offender, especially a boyfriend's mother refused to concede defeat on the issue repeatedly to no avail good education is still called in memory of her mother proud when such classes are small to large are elected officials and a squad leader during the middle + class + group on behalf of the organization committee, when such as placement of the reason I wrote a letter to the president of the last president of the liberal arts taught lesson plans left to do is basically another example, when the time ...... every year are the San Haosheng

mother is good both for the family that my father, are generous with sinking heart of the mother.

say this is the mother I know the world is the same reason my mother for this child's world can not be selfless is never any one thing to do on the metaphor and describe my mother is hopeful her childhood as also the same as an ordinary mother had sent me to learn calligraphy, dance, art, and so the piano but never give up halfway because I can not adhere to the real blame me. Small to large for my mom could do if only to give my best and my mother from the beginning of each school term the teacher has maintained very good relations which makes all my teachers in class according to Gu Youjia learning can also be smooth so the student of my mother attachment.

(f) an example of my mother:

do not know when to begin and I fear my mother's mother's identity with the exchange, I sent my mother in a small silent or temper when I was supposed to call in after a good stop to find that I made persuade. Sometimes even blurted out the words will be difficult to hear the sad mother, but I never mentioned the courage to apologize, as my mother. I remember once when I returned the car in fact is not clearly remember what I said harsh words that seem to really hurt the mother, a mother cry I can be stubborn, but makes no mention of an apology the next day My plane took off leaving the night her mother did not like the past hold me to sleep, but turned backwards not to me, in fact, that time I'm so afraid, very afraid my mother would never ignore me, the plane flew Shanghai after I blocked because of the relationship between the passport at the Shanghai Customs to call my father when I was only anxious to know what to do next day and then fly back Dalian. I arrived in Dalian, after seeing her mother found her mother seems to have forgotten all my fault as I will always remember the night I clung tightly to her mother will always remember what peace as long as the child's mother can not care about!

(a) and under the sun, like her mother's extraordinary mother:

from a very young my mother taught me to cook and sometimes their parents are not in the case of very small I also can cook get fed to their Tiandu Zi of Dayton. So although my mother spoiled me, but in other aspects of self-care issues in her life has never been vague to me will never arranged. Perhaps because of this a few years abroad, I if they are not hungry is because a full meal days in a foreign country I always will be her husband's friend called virtuous! But to know the dishes usually beat me, what I would be all right wonton dumplings wrapped in the refrigerator when hundreds of fast food. There sauce Beef Pork Steamed Seafood Red Door wings are all my favorite dishes that I do not know potato silk road choke FANS captured the hearts of many students, especially during IVY lift force can be described as drooling. . So they would still have to say thanks to my mother's childhood exercise and training!

mother: that's the intent of never paying her father say the economy is not like most women from the family as the financial power, her ability to always do their best for the family to pay for their children to pay for the family pay.

mother: that's the sincere cooperation of the business partners has never been as cooperative and mother because my mother never would turn the face to do more to get less because it is every mother and cooperation of people eventually become the same family as their loved ones.

said that her mother can be internally and externally at home and doing my father's circle of friends is legendary. Mom is at home cooking and cooking housekeeping good wife outside her mother is a businessman from the beginning to the present production of parts to open restaurant's own brand of beer are all single-handedly out of his father so opposed to She is a restless person has heart and endless endless parade of things, I can not understand the previous practice did not understand her mother's welfare work with such a good mother why so hard and busy, but my mother said I want to send abroad the moment I know a mother's heart, and then when she decided to leave the factory like that heart, is to have a better future for her daughter's heart. So from that moment I seem to have become the cost of living abroad, all the power of her work. So I was grateful for my mother!


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