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Well I've stayed away from the Hennepin County public hearings on the new ballpark sales tax. I have, however, watched them on TV.

As can be expected, the opponents have not come up with anything new. They still claim that the County is acting illegally by not having a referendum, ignoring the fact that the state law had a provision to waive the need for a referendum. Furthermore, it's a state law and the state legislature can change the law as they see fit. Don't like it? Vote them out in November.

Besides the usual sky is falling rhetoric from the ballpark opponents, there is always the one person who owns a small business and says why don't you give me some sales tax $$$, I bring jobs to the region, etc, etc. My response to that is this: Fine, when your business activity is so compelling that the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press assign two beat writers to cover what you do; and you inspire countless of other people to start up blogs to analyze and second guess every managerial move you make; when your employees are so popular and good at what they do that my kids want to buy replicas of their work uniforms to wear and beg for their autographs after their shift is over; when your retired workers are considered esteemed members of the community, constantly asked to attend community functions, and when one of them dies the whole town is in mourning; and finally sometimes, but not all the time, your business product is so good that the entire state is transfixed on every widget produced, every customer serviced and that when you are successful there is a genuine outpouring of community joy and happiness and we throw a parade in your honor. Once your business hits that level of community importance, then let's talk about how we can help you out. Until then you can wallow in your misery as the County collects another 12 cents the next time you go to Target.


Wow! Yes! That is awesome! You should testify with this text. It is new and fresh and would probably put a smile on all the faces of the Four Horsemen. And I think they are in desperate need of a smile right now...

Ditto what Shane said.

And when the CCARL bitches start whining some more, you can respond with:

"On a bad day, the Twins draw 100 times as many fans as people you've managed to attract to your petition (now up to 202!) after almost six weeks."

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