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As predicted, no Twins ballpark supporter came even close to being toppled in yesterday's primary election and it looks like all who supported a ballpark will roll to easy victory in November. Since it is extremely rare that a politician is booted out of office for supporting public subsidy of a stadium, it should come as no surprise. Let's hope the ballpark whiners can now just sit back and enjoy what promises to be a fantastic finish to this year's Twins baseball season.

In other primary news, it looks like the 5th Congressional District will be represented by a Black Muslim. Back in May or June, I opined that there should be a primary for the 5th CD seat. I thought that it wasn’t right for 119 party
activist to speak for over 350,000 voters on who our Representative in Congress should be. Even though I was favoring the endorsed candidate, I was still hoping we would have a Primary. Campaigns can tell us a lot about a candidate…how they face adversity, how well they can speak to different groups of people, how much money they can raise (unfortunately important these days). Given the fact that realistically, in the 5th CD, the winner of the DFL primary was going to D.C., I wasn’t worried that a Primary would “tear the party apart? and that it would open the door for a Republican to win.

Well careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Unfortunately these past few months, we heard more about Ellison’s parking tickets than his policy stands. I didn’t take the stand that these peripheral issue shouldn’t be talked about, they should, especially given the number of tickets and the campaign finance fines. It does reflect on
Keith Ellison and the way he has conducted himself. But it shouldn’t have been the only or deciding issue.


What we have also learned about Keith Ellison is that he is passionate, curious, a hard worker, someone who represents his constituents to the fullest. He’s willing to look at all sides of an issue and he’s willing to roll up his sleeves and craft a solution to the problems facing his district. Many supporters have compared him to Paul
Wellstone, however, I have found that while he is a passionate as Wellstone, Ellison also is willing to engage in the hard work of “legislating.? (Something Wellstone, bless his soul, didn’t spend a lot of time doing).

Given the vanilla safeness of the other candidates, I wasn't surprised that some took the easy route and voted for one of other candidates. My wife, for instance, voted for Ember based solely on the fact that ERY was a woman. However, It's apparent that a plurality of voters wanted a vibrant, hard-working, passionate voice representing Minnesota’s 5th District, someone who is inspirational AND gets things done.

Now in the next 50-some days the Republicans are going to lie, exaggerate, and smear Keith Ellison. They are going to say he's anti-woman, anti-jew, supports the terrorists. Don't believe it for a second. Their efforts have nothing to do with Keith Ellison, they know he's going to win -- the 5th CD is too overwhelmingly Democratic for that not to happen. What the Republicans do hope to accomplish is to tamper enthusiasm, suppress the vote, so that liberals, Democrats, and progressives, don't come to the polls and don't vote for the DFL candidates for Senator and Governor. Let's not let them get away with it.

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i agree. i voted for ellison & am confident he will win. keith is a brath of fresh air. other than that i threw a vote at someone very in support of medical maryjane, who lost. didn't vote for any I knew nothing about. 5 min. out of my day to do the right thing: vote in amercia. i hope more share this sentiment so we'll see true change. i'm all about making it happen. on a lighter note, i hope more peeps will listen to more neil young especially real old neil. Wishful thinking: if the Dems can retake congress aft 06 then we can get on with impeachment so the madman war criminal won't be in power till jan. 09. we can only hope. my .02, freak


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