Worst. Summer. Movie. Season. Ever!



Labor Day marks the official end of the summer movie season and I say good riddance! You know it's a bad movie season when the two movies that that provided any entertainment was Al Gore giving a powerpoint presentation and a movie about some motherf*%!king snakes on a motherf*%!king plane. The trailer for The Devil Wears Prada was more entertaining than most of the movies I saw.

Movies were so bad this year that I only went to a few (see list below) but I have to direct my ire at the undisputed box office champ: Pirates of the Caribbean. Now I liked the first POTC, it was a fun, rollercoaster of a ride. But this year's version was a big pile of stinking dog crap. It was so bad that it makes that other bad 2nd movie, Matrix: Rebloated, look like The Empire Strikes Back. So here is a short review of the movies I saw this summer.

Mission Impossible 3 - Not a bad way to burn a crappy May evening. Don't think too hard about the plot.
Nacho Libre - Why Jack Black why? One funny scene that I can't remember now
Pirates of the Caribbean - See above. Bad, stupendously bad, Green Bay Packer offensive line bad.
Superman - It's a Superman movie. You get what you pay for.
Prairie Home Companion - Saw only the first half, then the Lagoon Theater lost power. Will rent to see what happens.
My Super ex-Girlfriend - Better than I expected, moderately funny
An Inconvienent Truth - Actually enjoyable and thought provoking, well worth the $8.00
Snakes on a Plane - The only movie this summer that made me laugh, made me jump out of my seat, made my heart pound.

What movies did you see this summer?

UPDATE!! How could I forget The Davinci Code. Maybe the fact that I did forget about it tells you something.


I agree. Horrible summer for movies. Although I kind of liked Nacho Libre. It was harmless fun. Superman was much worse than I thought it would be, though. Very disappointing.

Other than that, I didn't really see any movies released this summer. And that may be more telling about how bad this crop was than anything else.

That's the problem Shane, I don't want to see a Jack Black movie that is harmless fun, I want to see a Jack Black movie that is subversive fun. Same with Vince Vaughn, I don't want to see him in a romantic comedy, I want to see him throw rubber balls into someone's face or acting cool in some raunchy sex comedy.

X-Men 3 was good, but then, I'm a comic book geek. Totally want to see Beerfest. Shane, that's definately a movie for us. Free - care to join us for that?

Actually I heard Beerfest isn't that bad. Sounds like a great movie to see at the $2.00 Theatre in Hopkins.


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