Friday Random Top 10

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here it is! In the tradition of American Idle and Rox Pop, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This Friday's Top Ten:

1. Punk and the Grandfather - The Who
2. Amelia Earhart vs. the Dancing Bear - Handsome Family
3. Country Blues - Dock Boggs
4. First Glimmer - Paul Westerberg
5. 5th Dimension - The Byrds
6. Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
7. Galileo - Indigo Girls
8. Strength - Gear Daddies
9. Heaven - Joan Armatrading
10. Barricade - Super Suckers

Favorite song this week? Flags of Freedom from Neil Young's incredible new album Living in War. Harkens back to those rockin' political songs Neil likes to shoot out every so often. More on this album in a future post.

What's your top 10?

Anyone going to Dylan this week

1 Comment

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