Happy Birthday Weekly Freak!

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Well lo and behold the 83rd edition of The Weekly Freak is now at your favorite record store or head shop and with this issue the Freak celebrates its 19th year as the place to find out what's happening with your favorite freak band. Just think in two more years The Weekly Freak will be old enough to drink legally!

Most music 'zines are a labor of love and the energy, inspiration, and desire to keep on publishing usually wanes after a few years. Not the Freak! Timmy the Freak has been celebrating jam bands and general music freakishness from California to the Twin Cities to Nova Scotia since 1987. The list of bands he has interviewed for The Freak is mind blowing.

It's been my pleasure to know The Timmy the Freak before he was "The Freak" and I try not to miss an issue. I also appreciate his frequent comments to this blog. So if you've never seen The Weekly Freak, go seek one out. Also check the web site at the Weeklyfreek.com. Here's hoping for another 19 years of freakishness!

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You are tooo kind. Thanks for the props. I'm inspired by all around me especially you music lovers & seekers. Seek & you shall freak. Great live shows in the next few nights.. English Beat, Frank Black, Great American Taxi, Lady Sovereign, The Toasters, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, + more. I was too busy & forgot to do randoms last week, but i'll be back on that this week. peace, ttf


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