Freedom and Weep

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Pass me the bottle/hand me my heart/I'm wasted and stunted/but I talk like a star/Well the money's all gone before the check even clears/Left with nothing, nothing at all.

Right from it's opening verse (above) The Waco Brothers' 2005 album Freedom and Weep, drags your sorry ass all over the dusty, beer-and-piss-soaked dance floor leaving you in the back alley with the junkies puking in their brown paper whiskey-bottled bags. Along the way you are confronted with the sad state of fake Nashville idols, the crassness of Reality TV, the falsity of Intelligent Design, and the shame of George W. Bush.

This snarling, take-no-prisoners approach from a bunch of 40 and 50 year olds gives this album an edge that most 20-something, snot-nosed punks couldn't muster even if they gave up their left tatoo. Freedom and Weep is a country album that is more Bakersfield than Nashville; a punk album more Chicago than London; a political album more Daily Kos than George Will. An album that even an alt-country hillbilly blogger could love.

If you like your country straight, no chaser with a splash of kick-ass, put this album on your Christmas list. Just remember to turn it up real loud!

This entry dedicated to Mark.

1 Comment

I'm not normally a country music fan, but this sounds like it actually might be worth checking out if for no other reason than to name-drop them for my hick friends. :-)


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