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Here it is! In the tradition of American Idle, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This Friday's Top Ten:

1. A Mutual Friend - Wire
2. Don't Worry About the Government - Talking Heads
3. Highway 61 Revisted - Bob Dylan
4. Can't Tame a Wild Woman - Washboard Hank and the Squirrels
5. Go Limp - Matt McGinn
6. I Wanna Live - Ramones
7. I Love You - G. Love and Special Sauce
8. Decauter - Sufjan Stevens
9. Cocaine Lil - Mekons
10. This, Too - Mieka Pauley

Favorite song this week? Chicago from Sufjan Stevens. Now I don't get the whole Sufjan Stevens thing, I can't even get through his album Illinois but I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't like Chicago. Great lyrics, a haunting melody, and oh those strings. How can someone make a song so perfect on an album so wretched?

What's your top 10?


FreaK's Top 11 Random * Saturdaze Style 11/4/06


1] Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic 9:39 Isaac Hayes Hot Buttered Soul
2] When You Dance I Can Really Love 3:42 Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live Rust
3] Oh, Baby 4:58 The Time The Time
4] The Streak 3:17 Ray Stevens Dr. Demento's Country Corn
5] The Prize 3:03 Accident Clearinghouse '05 Family Reunion Promo CD
6] Breathless 3:13 Nick Cave Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus [UK]
7] My Kind Of Soldier 2:36 Guided By Voices Earthquake Glue
8] Volcano 5:17 Damien Rice Cities 97 Sampler, Vol. 16
9] Oh So Beautiful 4:38 Curtis Mayfield New World Order
10] Three Strange Days 6:59 School of Fish (unknown)
11] Any World (That I'm Welcome To) 3:55 Steely Dan Citizen Steely Dan 1972-1980 (Disc 3)

*My reaction-> Well, let’s see: Funk, rust, cheese, nudity, infidelity, theft, friendship, lust, trust, awakening, dreamvision... What else do you need??

My song/fave for the week-> As a nod to my deviant Top 11, this week’s freak song is “The Eleven? by the good ole Grateful Dead, which is obscure as it is prolific. A timeless vault of a deep space ode to be certain. Do the math.

A closet passion of mine: Quicksilver Messenger Service & any of the music of (the late) John Cippolina. Good friends in music & life, Garcia was hugely influenced by John. Nuff said.

We can never get enough of each other, give us a new idea how we could get even more out of ourselves.

There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

This is the classic example of spillover effect, when integration in one area, enables and sometimes forces integration in other fields (3rd pillar and CFSP). However, in my opinion this is not a crucial reason for the development of JHA as a policy of EU, because spill over was also one of the reasons for establishing Common Foreign and Security Policy of EU, which unlike JHA, did not developed so well. Therefore, I daresay, that spillover effect may be one of reasons for creating JHA but it cannot be considered as a major one.


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