Good Weekend for Goldy!



If you're Gopher fan there's nothing better than beating Iowa in Football and Wisconsin in Hockey. Doing both in one weekend...priceless. The Gopher Footballers put the smackdown on resident Iowa brat Drew Tate in a nice 34-24 victory. What's more, it looks like the Gophers will have a legitimate big time running back again in Jay Thomas. With a couple of decent defensive players and a good quaterback, this team might show some promise in the next couple of years.


Every weekend we get more evidence that Wisconsin's National Championship last year was a fluke and on Saturday and Sunday the Gopher's icemen put it to Bucky in both games. Wisconsin seems to think that all you need is a goalie to play hockey but not even Brian Elliot can save Bucky from having a sub-par season this year. Meanwhile the Gophers have the most exciting freshmen class in college hockey. Looks like we'll be watching the Gophers in April once again.


Good call here, freealonzo. The Gophers had a great weekend. Why do I waste my time with the Vikes?

I'm going to try to see the pig at around 11:00 today. You want me to stop by your cube on the way?

Hey Free,
Haven't stopped by the site for a while, so had some reading to catch up on.

The Badgers lost their top 5 scorers from last year. Tough to replace that much offense in one season. Last year wasn't a fluke, just a veteran team winning it all. This year, different story. They kinda remind me of the Wild from the last few years, all D, no offense.


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