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I usually don't comment too much on politics on this site as there are plenty of sites that do that nationally and locally. That doesn't mean I don't care about poltics, in fact it's the opposite and I check out many political blogs, both from the left and right.

I have really gotten a kick in the last few days visiting conservative local blogs. The amount of denial they are in is simply a site to behold. Many conservative blogs actually believe what their Dear Leader and henchmen say publicly: the Republicans are fired up and all the pundits who are predicting a big democratic party win on Tuesday are just smoking crack.. or words to that effect. I have made comments on these blogs pointing out the error of their ways and look forward to Wednesday when I can tell them "I told you so." One particulary nasty blog is called the Kool Aid Report (no link, find it for yourself), which in typical fashion, chose to slime me as opposed to actually address the point I made. Here's KAR's retort to my comment that I thought Howard Dean as DNC Chair was suppose to be a disaster for the Dems:

"College blog commenters are just so awesome! If they spent more time on their studies they wouldn't be so stupid. Yes, I'm talking to you DEC I'm worried your reading comprehension is so far in the pits you won't be able to figure this post out."

Classy. Should be fun to read the ruminations on these blogs over the next few days.

Any way, here are my Monday night election predictions, not who I'm voting for but who I think will win.

Hatch - Gov
Swanson - AG
Ritchie - SoS
CD 1 - Walz
CD 2 - Kline
CD 5 - Ellison (over 50%)
CD 6 - Bachmann
Sen - Klobuchar

Dems pick up 30 seats in House
Dems pick up 6 seats in Senate

What's your prediction?

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awesome prediction as far as # of house and senate seats picked up. congrats.


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