What Would Alex Keaton Do?!?


Want to know how far today's media has fallen in regards to real journalism?

Check out this article from CNN: How would Alex P. Keaton react to the Michael J. Fox Stem Cell ad?

What about Marty McFly or better yet Teen Wolf, I'm sure they'd like to weigh in too!


I think Marty McFly and Teen Wolf would join Alex P. Keaton in affirming the importance of stem cell research.

Marty might go so far as to take a jaunt into the future to bring back evidence of the positive impacts stem cell research can bring and Teen Wolf would most certainly be supportive of any research that could potentially cure or help him manage his affliction. :-)

That's exactly what I'm talking about Mark. What kind of respectable journalist writes an article about fictitious Michael J Fox characters and doesn't outline the scenario you described above. Where was the guys editor?

I believe one of your commercials triggered my browser to resize, you may well want to put that on your blacklist.


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