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Here it is! In the tradition of American Idle, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This Friday's Top Ten:

1. Indifference - Pearl Jam
2. Almost Blue - Elvis Costello
3. Let's Ride - Guided by Voices
4. Summertime - Janis Joplin
5. Burn, Baby Burn - Rev. F.D. Kirkpatrick
6. Returning the Screw - Fugazi
7. Mincer Ray - Guided by Voices
8. We Got the Neutron Bomb - The Weirdos
9. Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter, Paul, and Mary
10. Adult Books - X

Favorite Song this week? Since I have two Guided by Voices songs in this week's top 10, I thought I'd go for the trifecta and call out GbV's Teenage FBI as my favorite. It's a perfect sugary "teenager-in-love" song with hooks a mile wide, frothy lyrics, and a synthesizer-led chorus that just brings down the house. More on Guided by Voices in the near future.

What's yourTop 10?


Well here is my top ten.

1. Mary Jane Alanis Morisette

2. You Were Mine Dixie Chicks

3. You Had a Bad Day Daniel Powter

4. Jazzman Carole King

5. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Some Kind of Wonderful, Up On the Roof. Carole King and James Taylor Medley

6. Meet Virginia Train

7. If You Could See Me Now Dixie Chicks

8. Talk Dirty To Me Poison

9. Everything Alanis Morisette

10. The Winnder Takes It All ABBA

Interesting mix. I love the Carole King James Taylor medley. And Jazzman is about my all time favorite song. Some day I will get Britty to play that song on her Saxophone! Yeah.

FreaK's Top 11 Randoms * 12/2/06 late again


1] Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic 9:39 Isaac Hayes Hot Buttered Soul
2] Edge Of The Ocean 4:25 Ivy Long Distance
3] Ride Me High 3:40 J.J. Cale Troubadour
4] Rema Dub 2:36 Observer All-Stars Trojan Dub Box Set (Disc 1)
5] Turn That Heartbeat Over Again 4:58 Steely Dan Citizen Steely Dan: 1972-1980 (Disc 1)
6] I Must Confess 3:11 Everything But The Girl
7] The Valley 4:33 Los Lobos The Town And The City
8] Getting To The Middle (Instrumental) 2:53 Eddie Bo Eddie Bo's Funky Funky New Orleans
9] Shining Star 2:50 Earth Wind & Fire The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1
10] Doctor Wu 3:57 Steely Dan Citizen Steely Dan 1972-1980 (Disc 2)
11] Dondante 8:01 My Morning Jacket Z

*My reaction-> Hell yeah, this is quite a slice of life. These tunes resonate moods & motivations. Great combination.

My song/fave for the week-> For this week I’m gonna pick “Two Bit Town? a personal fave of mine by New Orleans’ Eric Lindell (cuz he’s in town tonight 12/2 @ Famous Dave’s uptown).

“Don’t let anyone ever change your funky style? ~Eric Lindell

it's been several years since Circus Money! We need another Steely Dan album.


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