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Friday Random Top 10

Here it is! In the tradition of American Idle, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This Friday's Top Ten:

1. Full Moon Empty Heart -- Belly
2. Leave Mine to Me -- Bad Religion
3. Down There by the Train -- Johnny Cash
4. I Can't Help It -- Hank Williams
5. Too Young -- Nat King Cole
6. California Man -- Cheap Trick
7. Stormy Blues -- Billy Holiday
8. It's Hard to be a Saint in the City -- Bruce Springsteen
9. Copperhead Road -- Steve Earl
10. On the Bus Mall -- The Decemberists

Wow that was eclectic! Favorite Song this week? New England by Billy Bragg. Great song about a guy who wants to break up with his girlfriend, Contains the classic line: "I don't feel bad 'bout letting you go, I just feel sad 'bout letting you know."

What 's your top ten?


Here is my top ten:

1. The Real Thing Bo Bice

2. Your Everything Keith Urban

3. Sometimes I wake up Crying Dixie Chicks

4. You Are Jimmy Wayne

5. Wide Open Spaces Dixie Chicks

6. I Fall to Pieces Patsy Cline

7. Everything Alanis Morissette

8. I Wanna Talk About Me Toby Keith

9. Let's Be Us Again Lonestar

10. If Your Gone Matchbox Twenty

I used the family i-tunes library to pass along these goodies..

1. Look Of Today (Enigma)
2. No. 1-2, BWV 1066-Courante (La Stravaganza Koln)
3. Keep Looking (Sade)
4. Wrong All Along (Cheap Trick)
5. This Love (Maroon 5)
6. May It Be (Enya)
7. Piano Concerto No. 1 in b-flat (Augustin Dumay)
8. Going Up The Country (Canned Heat)
9. I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man (Prince)
10. Mystery Achievement (The Pretenders)

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