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Movies 2006


Let’s face it, 2006 was a not a good year for movies. I’ve already discussed here how bad the summer movie season was. In fact movies that were much anticipated (DaVinci Code, Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean) were at best lackluster.

The bad movie year has even caused me to be not as interested in movies in general, e.g.web sites that I used to regularly view, such as Aint it Cool News, are now only checked out once in a while. Also movies that did look interesting went unwatched as I will wait for the DVD. This includes Lucky Number Sleven, The Departed, The Fountain, Prairie Home Companion, and Fast Food Nation.

Having said that here’s a couple of movies that I enjoyed this year:

Sweetland. Hands down the best movie I saw this year. Well crafted, well acted, nice little story. Hopefully this movie gets some attention at Oscar season. You can really see the love the director brought to the story.

Borat. Outrageously funny. Gutsy, funny performance. Not for the faint of heart.

Snakes on a Plane. Couldn’t live up to the hype of its title, but still a good old fashioned fun time at the movies.

V for Vendetta. Some lost opportunities here, but still a decent movie.

An Inconvenient Truth. Who knew you could pair Al Gore and a Powerpoint Presentation and make a compelling, interesting movie? Actually 2006 had a number of great documentaries: The Smartest Men in the Room (was this 2006?), US vs. John Lennon, Neil Young-Heart of Gold, are just a few that were much more entertaining then most “mainstream? movies that were released this year.

Other decent movies I saw this year that are at least worthy of renting: Little Miss Sunshine, Thank You for Smoking, and Marie Antionette.

What movies did you like this year?


Just watched "Thank You For Smoking" on DVD the other day and thought it was great! I was laughing my ass off during some of those MOD scenes.

"V for Vendetta" was excellent - about the only downside is I keep getting that "Remember, remember..." stuck in my head whenever I think about it.

Pirates 2 and Inconvenient Truth are on the short list for what to watch soon.

I'm proud to say that Lyn and I saw, "Thank-You For Smoking" at the theater. Liked it. I walked out on "Superman"...yawn! Laughed my socks off at "Borat". "V" and "Sunshine" were great rentals. I realized, after trying to think of movies of 2006, it was a weak year. 2005 had "Crash" and "Napolean Dynamite" to name a couple. Here's to 2007...

Thanks for commenting Skin, I was interested in hearing what movies you had seen, knew that you were a movie buff. Maybe we can check out a guy flick sometime. Maybe The Departed or The Prestige at the Hopkins $2.00 theatre.

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