Friday Random Top 10

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Here it is! In the tradition of American Idle, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This Friday's Top Ten:

1. Lyla – Oasis
2. We Live Again – Beck
3. Leah – Roy Orbison
4. Big Rock Candy Mountain – Tom Waits
5. Action Time Vision – Alternative TV
6. Another the Letter – Wire
7. Man on the Moon – R.E.M.
8. Secure Yourself – Indigo Girls
9. Willpower – The Replacements
10. Prove My Love – Violent Femmes

This entry also brings a sad goodbye. My 20GB I-pod is on it's death bed with a corrupted hard drive. It took a bit of coaxing to get these 10 songs out and is probably not reflective of all 5,100 songs on the I-pod as I know many songs are kaput and can't be played any longer. So this will be the last Random Top 10 with that I-pod. So here's looking at you kid... may your soon-to-be silence not diminish the many hours of musical pleasure you brought to my ears.


On the bright side, I already picked up a brand new 30gb video I-pod so don't cry any tears for me. I got it on e-bay for $200 which is a pretty good deal. I don't intend to watch episodes of Lost or the latest Jay-Z video on it, but I may upload some pictures and use it as a mini-photo album. What interesting things have you video I-pod geeks put on your I-pod?

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My Top Ten:

1. Under the Boardwalk Bette Midler

2. Honey I'm Home Shania Twain

3. Because You Loved Me Celine Dion

4. Pretty Vegas INXS

5. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Some Kind of Wonderful/Up on the Roof Carole King Live with James Taylor

6. Rocky Mountain Way Joe Walsh

7. You're My Best Friend Queen

8. Mad Season Matchbox 20

9. In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel

10. Only God Knows Why Kid Rock


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