Pan's Labyrinth

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What do you get when you mix a 12-year old girl with a spirited fantasy life, a bed-ridden pregnant mother, the Spanish resistance, and a sadistic Army Captain with daddy issues? You get a magical movie that is beautifully shot, thought provoking, and shifts so seamlessly between fantasy and the brutality of war, that you forget to notice which is which.

Pan’s Labyrinth is a fairy tale about a lonely bookwormish 12-year old girl Ofelia who creates a fantasy life just as harrowing as her real life… a life which consists of living in a Spanish military outpost with her nasty-mean stepfather who is charged with murdering Spanish resistance fighters living in the woods. Between a throwing up giant toad, a Faun that would scare the pants off of Mr. Tumnus, shape shifting tinker bells, and the “pale man? who screws his eyeballs into his palms in order to see, Ofelia must complete a set of tasks in order to become a princess and preside over the underworld. However in the end, it’s Ofelia’s choices in the real world that decide her fate.

A truly glorious movie that deals with the real world issue of the morality of obeying a direct order while simultaneously asking otherly-world questions regarding the afterlife. A must see!

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