10 ways the 2007 Grammys Sucked



1. A three-song tribute to The Eagles
2. The Doors get a lifetime achievement Grammy
3. Lionel Ritchie singing Hello
4. Earth, Wind and Fire? Burt Bacharach? Smokey Robinson?

(aside, I am talking about the 2007 Grammys even though the above items make it seem like I’m reviewing the 1977 Grammys)

5. Wolfmother’s award is not televised
6. Flaming Lips’ award is not televised
7. Scarlett Johanson and Don Henley’s “patter?
8. Prince, one week after rocking Miami, gets to say one word
9. Carrie Underwood singing Desparado
10. James Blount – Beautiful

Sorry, this list isn't David Letterman funny, but the show was too soul crushing bad to make fun of. And to think only two short years ago Green Day and Kanye West absolutely crushed at the Grammy’s. Is it no wonder the Grammys teeter on the inconsequential?


Yes, even the Police's opening was a little bit of a let down. What was with the soul-scat crap in the middle of Roxanne? At least they didn't make that part into a rap. *Shudder*

The Doors getting a lifetime achievement was the horrible. Bad song writing is rewarded because their lead singer is "mysterious" and dead.

But a three song tribute to the Eagles? Three? How about three songs from the Police?

I didn't watch the 2007 Grammys, but for whatever reasons it may have sucked, I'm sorry I missed seeing Scarlett in that hot-looking dress - wow!

I hear you Mark. I almost named this post 10 ways the 2007 Grammys sucked and 2 ways they didn't :o)

21, Wearing kimono pictures, patriotic students attracted so many onlookers condemnation.
Comments: bloody man child head out for a bowl large scar, only 20 years and was a hero. Chinese college students have been bloody, but with all these years to transform itself into a patriotic group for granted. Russian bombers a Zan just 500 gun, your child is a man like Lenin picked.

12, hospital level cadres can enjoy include pedicure, massage treatment, including the infirmary, bureau-level cadres standard is 4,000 yuan / person? year level cadres is 2100 yuan / person? years. convalescence charged entirely to the go-vern-ment expenditure. Comment: After reading this news, every continent who can be privately sympathetic to comment on Chen Biao, Mao said, good.

19, Chia-Hsiang Lin and speaks. Last year, Chia-Hsiang Lin WX a restaurant in Shenzhen, a girl, after raving: rather than its behavior in testimony. Mud Mahler Gobi, I hope you will play five days in which an officer thunder.

36, Case said: After stirred reaction, like said.
Comments: He and Sun Dongdong are a class of people, but not anything more than the stuff.

54, it? now how many schools are still using it dangerous?
Comments: This information is clearly rooted in the production about the lives and leadership.

33, is to report in the official manuscript from
Comments: users who rated it as a model of inter-regional exchanges: Kaifeng guidance Luohe.

39, So read, it will not be so angry There are five district residents Court after the parties find a theory, Zaoyang City People's Court Tian Yubin said so, and to enlighten the victim, the obligations, was asked a great man and President of the level of consciousness.

28, Rui in the G20 press conference after the end of such questions to Obama.
Comments: a reporter, not a question on behalf of their own media, but the mouth on behalf of the entire country, refuses to represent the whole world, who authorized you represent? Yourself when you kept the onions, and sauce who you eat? Insolent forgetting this point, just on behalf of the CCTV.

44, it is likely that part of the community a sense of justice, in conjunction with law enforcement Koufa good people, after the Shanghai Minhang Management Division Vanke diplomatic relations committee so long to explain.
Comment: agree with Han to say, this approach of the black community even B will be mine down, so law enforcement can only be dry.

Comments: Chinese judges roar, shaking the earth should shake three.

. . Ultra-realistic to say we say

4, - Beichuan County Public Security Bureau of the signs. (Huang Tianba vs autocrat recommended)
Comments: If these two words separately, will be talking people know the truth, but put together on the Who complain of? Why complain? Who is disturbed? Why disturb? Well, do not dig, and play it to your sauce.

7, His view is that on Now we need to expand domestic demand and the motherland, party political leaders prepared to carry forward the revolutionary traditions, in the consumer front, shouting But the old revolutionary take his own life stroke, a new revolution has to take hard-earned taxpayer stroke, so essentially, Do not know the outcome will be the source of a new round?
8, Young Li Qiaoming XingJu in Jinning County Public Security Bureau Detention Center, died two weeks after Local police to make such an explanation.
Comments: There are friends of praise, and in following the

41, Chinese participating, led to great controversy and network users dissatisfied. August 2009, film actress, Chinese-American Vivian Wu response.
Comments: Ah you either glib,

22, Today, as a Of this phenomenon, the county organization Guo Huijun, vice minister, told reporters the case said.
Comments: twenty-first century, what they lack most people? Talent! Lack most of the twenty-first century what horse? Male Ge wall of mud horse!

23, money, the Famen with wall wrap. This violation of rights Famen, the public will be angry monks tear down the wall. Later, deputy director of Shaanxi Bureau of Religious Affairs, Gang Zhang Ning, deputy director of the CMC area so explain the incident.
Comments: officials usual tactics, as long as bad things happened, took responsibility for pushing down. Temporary CCTV blamed the previous problem, blame the workers overwhelmed. Only one exception is if the officer's wife was someone else did, they will not blame the workers, but full of joy at the higher-level lifting.

Comments: Quotes really flourishing more than two years ago with workers' pay talks malicious

26, - March 2009 31, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang held a regular press conference when a reporter asked the Youtube site was blocked because, Qin case to answer.
Comments: Qin Gang anxious are incoherent. Although he is a famous ancestral Dr. Goebbels,

Yang +

38, Conference
Comments: Zhaolao wet touting their own, the tone is never

6, , was found dead in Qingdao. Qingdao, so the police come to conclusions.
Comments: tert-strong, but suffered three suicide bomb, do not know where the first and second ejection in the hair? Ass? It seems the deceased had committed suicide prior to self-torture? If it was suicide?

34, morning, in Sichuan Province at the said.
Comments: grass / mud / horse / Le / Gobi

48, drivers such claims.
Comments: tell the truth and the birth of a good cadre, so fewer and fewer members of the D
49, In November, Fudan student party members received Tao Shuo Obama's visit to Washington Post interview. Position after he wrote the article further,
Comments: users have discovered the porn on the net appreciation of pottery students' ** series of pregnant women

Comments: A modern description of Lu Xun Q: okay that is good ** Really physical, obscenity power ah!

said the law does not fit the facts do not speak, according to Yang + is not discussing the results only in an extreme way to defend their dignity. (Blogger note)

51, party committee secretary Shi Guozhong of the problem. Seeing no hope of problem-solving, Wang Xiuzhen said,
Comment: so cold-blooded, rare.

43, Move out of the law that his lawyer is not lawful, thank the judge shouted for lawyers on the phone, hang up the phone after Han Wan.
Comments: true if the hit do not speak the law, such as the Yang +, this may end your life this number soon call a stick!

11, each participant to arrange hotel accommodation, per person per day expenditure of $ 500. After criticism, there are members of this family name Zhou view. CPPCC Guangdong Hongrun Group Leader Zhang Zhiliang also similar statement: into the hotel, and wastes their money, make more contributions to stimulate the economy; second, hope that the two members of slander in the political nonsense political slander after complete nonsense, can point to read books, get to know some basic economics common sense: waste ≠ consumption, GDP ≠ economy.

40, Chu Zi No. 8, July 21, 2009, White Tiger village head, February 16 and February 27, 2007 is not on the same day
Comments: Do not think that the number of judges Suanbu Qing, they rack their brains to avoid the

47, results. these people as soon as humble wag the dog In 2009, a network called
Comments: This person but the embodiment of China.

9, 18, Xinhua News Agency Chinese cargo ship sank on the Russian report. Russian newspaper said more than 500 Russian made 30mm cannon firing shells are shot video shows the Russian military to laugh, and help the injured after the neglect.
Comments: No so and so, there would be no new China; not spit from the dry surface, there is no pride of prosperity.

27, I would not have become the people of sinners?
Comments: the rich are always vulnerable, always afraid of people unworthy of the people in power, so powerful a combination, we are so cool.

5, ingredients. (Southern People Weekly)
Comments: According to Leung words, Sanlu, Tian Wenhua down and become victims of. Sanlu's New Zealand shareholders had the company Sanlu Fonterra Board of Directors on proposed melamine problem, failed; told the local go-vern-ment, or unsuccessful; final instructions from the Prime Minister of New Zealand diplomats poke to the central go-vern-ment, before exposure . This process begins with the board of Sanlu, Tian chairman does not know? There is no subjective intent element? Of course, Tian and his subordinates may not be carrying a large bowl pour poison into milk,Beats By Dr Dre Studio, then if this is very innocent, very innocent child traffickers because viper is not personally wear them out.

2, (Wu will be leading law protecting yarn.
Comments: China since ancient times, a Temple, a famous temple in order to well-developed, are not off the dry line with the elite, Tell me if you do not believe you can go look it up. Do you think Jesus Christ will defeat the monk a shaved his head? Temple in Nanjing at least not like a monk who is not the case, they first cut a recluse-like attack, and then from the Palace, and then drove his comeback in Red Dust ** another. Temple Tulv not want to remind who, with officials such as with the tiger, Guanye day a face, it is necessary suppression of Buddhism, the history of these things a lot.

24, - 14 January 2009, Weifang Hanting go-vern-ment issued a document clearly defined.
Comments: to power the working class and its vanguard and the bourgeoisie to achieve a true crab, Zhennai gone with the hard to find the Golden Age spectacle.

30, the results of theoretical research, presented to the world China's political party system characteristics and advantages of
Comments: speechless.
31, measured in the process of grasping
Comments: Internet users with emotion, than to play not fight back, restrain from any higher level, the Chinese martial arts Cheats - but not blood earthquake hit a fierce appearance.

37, deputy director in charge of dealing with complaints Lu Jun, the Council asked the reporter said Block.
Comments: D and people are finally admitted that opposition, a rare good officials dare to speak the truth!

20, Those petitioners who are paranoid, he reflected the problems actually solved, or even simply not the problem, but he was endlessly busy ,...... we put him up for treatment, to promote his spiritual rehabilitation, which is the protection of his human rights.
Comments: According to the logic of the rulers, a petition is a trouble-making, many petitions are sick. But the rulers should really cherish these people who are willing to petition, they have the look you ah! So one day they no longer want to petition, but to bring the flag when you sacrifice, you kneel for mercy too late!

42, In September, the planned exhibition 4th Beijing, two American independent film festival director, refused by Chinese Consulate. The reason is two directors in the documentary filmed during the earthquake, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Peking University professor Yu Wanli explanation.
Comments: Two people enjoy the grid is not directed Turns open bow, love to be received by the miraculous heavenly denounced foreign barbarians.

The secretary is not only cold-blooded, very calm, like a driver pressed the people back out again to press several times more than the same calm. (Blogger added)
52, Weishan County Niujie Township immigrants interviewed Director Zhang Minghua, Zhang have this ridiculous shouting.
Comments: rot and common people are not options, to believe crotch.

46, Agency correspondent in the proposed closure of public opinion questions whether the candidates, the Xinguang Co., a department manager Liang uttered these words.
Comment: If shit is the public affairs, you really want to consent. Ya kind of you to rot in front of City atrophy City is pulling a try and see whether or not to consult under the leadership of care

25, When there is such a TV screen title.
Comments: In the moment, CCTV did only moral thing, that is changing the pattern for people smile.

32, Prevention and Control Center experts said with pride. The outbreak of swine influenza viruses are unusual new virus, which scientists around the world when no one dared to praise the sea. U.S. Centers for Disease and Prevention of Shu Kete doctors even said :courage and guts is the largest.

50, shouted. They were taken away when working with a group of exchange students Internet skills.
Comments: There are a judge previously had such a call, this time is pol.ice. B, are not cattle.

35, pungent odor, and they are being dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, aches and weakness, convulsions and other symptoms, a total of 160 people hospitalized, more than 1,000 people have discomfort. But the survey of expert May 14 briefing, Professor Zhang Shoulin rule out a variety of possibilities, concluded that the role of mass psychology.
Comments: This diagnosis was naturally out of the treatment - to ensure that people emotionally stable.

29, - 2009 Boao Forum for Asia in April, the Hong Kong movie star, Jackie Chan, Vice Chairman of China Film Association has this remark.
Comments: July 2008, Jackie Chan, a high-profile confession that he is were owned by ancestors, roots

; ; ;

treatment of cough remedies
51 Recently, the temperature larger changes easily cough and cold, now this side and to share, better look out the body, not cold!
1. Cough and cold radish radish a light blue, light blue 6, ginger 15 grams of cooked turnip first three bowls of water, add a light blue, ginger, cook left a bowl of soup. Even the residue once served. Xuanfei solution table, Huatanzhike. treatment of cough, phlegm bubble, with chills, body aches and so tired.
2. KM cure colds and coughs brown sugar ginger brown sugar 30 grams, 15 grams of fresh ginger, red dates 30 grams to three bowls of water and simmer till more than half. Ton service, after serving Jiyu sweated out. dispels wind and cold. cure colds and coughs, cold stomach irritation, diarrhea, post-natal exposure to cold, overcast and so evil.
3. Coriander soup flat cold cough coriander (cilantro) 30 g, maltose 30 grams, 100 grams of rice. First wash the rice, add boiling soup. Take three large rice soup spoon and coriander, stir caramel steam after 10 minutes once served hot, pay attention to shelter from the wind cold. hair Hantou table cough caused by cold treatment.
4. White turnip white turnip honey cure a cough, cold, 30 grams of honey, white pepper 5, ephedra 2 grams. Wash the carrots, slice into bowl , pour honey and white pepper, ephedra, a total of half an hour steaming hot Dayton clothing, bed see Khan Jiyu.
sweating cold, cough and phlegm. Governance cold cough.
5. Sheep, honey cream cure consumptive cough Fei Wei cooked suet 250 grams of cooked sheep marrow 250 grams of white sand honey, 250 grams, ginger juice 100 ml Rehmanniae juice 500 ml.
suet fried,Beats by dre solo HD Graphite, so boiling; times to sheep marrow, and keep boiling; times to honey, to yellow, ginger juice, do not stop stirring, the number of micro-Huoao boiling cream into a day fasting warm wine notes 1 spoon, or do fresh ginger or porridge also.
tonic lungs, expelling of poison. rule Yin fever, Gu Zheng labor hot, Consumption thin, coughing Fei Wei , and lungs and soothing effect.
6. Fritillaria cough fresh pear fresh pears lung abscess
500 grams of Fritillaria end of 6 grams, sugar 30 grams.
Peeled pear profile open, go nuclear, and sugar to fill the late mother of pearl, taken together on the bowl steamed. sooner or later eating.
phlegm, relieves congestion of the table. with cough or lung abscess, Zheng Jian, chest pain, chills, cough, fever, dry mouth, throat, sputum, pus and phlegm, or yellow stench.
7. Yinma Cough
fresh horse hot whey milk 300 milliliters, the amount of sugar.
Horse milk will boil; drink when you add sugar.
According to reports, horse milk, adjuvant therapy.
8. Rock sugar bird's nest bird's nest soup cure lung deficiency chronic cough
10 grams, 100 grams of rice, sugar 50 grams.
Immersed soft warm place to nest, put off the dirt pile, and then continue up into the water bowl hair. Take upper washing clean rice into pot, add water to San Taiwan, stir to boil, switch to gentle boiling down would be a good pure fat bird's nest into the pot and boil the rice with about 1 hour, add sugar melted Serve.
Yin lungs, cough and phlegm. cure lung deficiency chronic cough and cough injury Yin.
9. Yin Yang bird's nest bird's nest pears 5 grams (water immersion), Pear 2, Fritillaria 10 grams sugar 5 grams Pear dredged the core, will put the pears with the other three tastes , cover bowl tightly enclosed place, ranch cooked. take.
Yin dryness, cough and phlegm. rule for many years phlegm cough, shortness of breath.
; 10. Cough expectorant saliva radish pepper 1 carrot, white pepper, 5, 3 slices of ginger, tangerine peel 1. Water were boiled for 30 minutes. Decoction 2 days times under the gas Phlegm. cough, phlegm.
11. Cough and phlegm lungs rather drink milk soy, sugar. Grinding soaked soy sauce, boil sugar drink a day to drink a bowl of fasting. ; spleen width, the moistening water pinch; Qingfei cough, phlegm. treatment Malnutrition thin, Hyperactivity cough.
12. Cough and phlegm and asthma tofu tofu sugar 500 grams of brown sugar, white sugar of 100 grams to dig a nest in which tofu, into the red, white sugar, into the bowl boiled in every 30 minutes once finished, even for 4 times. heat, fluid, moistening. cough Tan Chuan.
13. Corn Corn cough orange peel, orange peel and the amount. Total add water to cook, 2 day service. Cough of sputum. treatment of cough, phlegm.

14. Carrot soup
radish lung cough, lung 1, 15 grams of almonds. Gongzhu water 1 hour meat Yin Tang.
Clear ; heat phlegm, cough and asthma. chronic cough forever, and sputum shortness of breath.
15. Red cough syrup tonic eggs
50 grams of sugar, 1 egg, fresh ginger amount.
First eggs into the bowl, and stir well. sugar bowl of boiling water, hot red eggs, mix, then pour the ginger has been twisted to take, and mix thoroughly. twice daily for 1 second.
complement deficiency. rule Cough.
16. Sesame Bingtang Shui cure night cough
raw sesame seeds 15 grams, sugar 10 grams.
Put a bowl of sesame seeds and rock sugar, water brewed into tea. lungs, fluid. governance is more than the night cough, cough without phlegm.
Note: sesame seeds 1, 50 grams of ginger, were pounded services broth also the effect.
17. Sesame oil fried goat governance Jiusou
goat 60 grams, sesame oil 30 grams of salt a little.
The sheep liver slices, sesame oil into the pot to Bacheng heat, and salt and stir fry the next goat Serve.
lungs cough. chronic cough is more than.
18. Steamed Pear Honey Pear chronic cough and throat
a large, 50 grams of honey.
First nuclear Pear dredged, filled honey into the heating steamed. day sooner or later eat one, ate a few days.
Health and body fluid, cough and phlegm. Dryness of the rule Yin Cough, dry throat, dysphoria hot.
19. Bird's nest bird's nest fungus cure a dry cough, night sweats, 10 grams, Tremella 15 grams of crystal sugar.
Will be measured again with water bird's nest, then immersed into hot water 3-4 hours, and then choose to go soft, then add hot water soak 1 hour and serve. tureen filled with canopic jars or into the bird's nest, white fungus, sugar, stew cooked. take.
; complement deficiency, Yin Yang, retreat and Hot. cure a dry cough, night sweats, or other lung yin deficiency.
20. Raw yam yam porridge spleen Yifei 30 grams of sugar, a little would be fine sieve yam roll, transferred to cold water, and cook while stirring, Serve two or three boiling, add a little sugar to taste. Service food. Spleen diarrhea, kidney revenue intake. governing workers injured cough, diarrhea, spleen, and of all frail wasting disease. 21. Grilled candied yam yam governance Deficient Cough 1000 grams candied 10, suet D 100 grams, 350 grams of sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus sauce. Wet starch a little lard. (1) yam washed into the pot, add water to drown as the degree of yam, stir-cook until the yams more rotten when picked, peeled, 6 cm long knife Generative .3 cm wide rectangular . shoot flat. candied moment to the nuclear stand two and a half (2) within the large bowl coated lard, bowl rafts rafts and then a layer of candied yams, sandwiching a layer of sugar, suet D, layer by layer up to the sized, sprinkle with sugar, fasten cover plate, cage steam for about 1 hour, then remove, turn into the tray (3) wok fire, filter the broth into the tray, put water 100 grams, 150 grams of sugar and a little sweet-scented osmanthus sauce boiling, water hook less starch, yam pot and pour on top. kidney and lungs. Cough cure lung deficiency, Spleen diarrhea, Shenpi body tired, weakness, long food Bushenqiangshen.
22. Pork almond itchy throat cough Decoction lean pork, 50 grams, 10 grams of almonds, littoralis 15 grams of boiling soup to drink. 2 day service . Qingfei, phlegm, fluid. cough with scanty sputum, thirst, dry throat, itchy throat and so on.
23. Jujube honey peanut soup cough and phlegm peanuts, dates, honey, 30 grams of water were fried very bad. Decoction, 2 day service. ; Cough and phlegm. with cough, phlegm (body weight loss, bowel, Sternocostal support full, dizziness, shortness of breath.
24 Sand Ginseng peanut peanuts cough with little phlegm, ginkgo, lily, littoralis with 25 grams of crystal sugar Water fried juice, add sugar a day 1. lungs and phlegm. Haruhisa less sputum, shortness of breath and throat.
25. Polygonatum sugar cough and asthma ; Huang Jing (Chinese herbal medicine) 30 grams, sugar 50 grams.
will Polygonatum washed with cold water, foam, set the casserole, then add sugar, add water amount would be set pan on the stove, boiling with high heat, then simmer the mixture gently boil until thoroughly cooked until the Polygonatum times a day, eating fine yellow Decoction.
lung, spleen, Yijing. Dryness of lung deficiency with treatment of cough, dry cough without phlegm, spit slightly negative, eat less dry mouth, kidney essence deficiency, etc..
26. co-Sydney Tang Yin and lungs Lily 25 grams, Sydney 1, sugar 20 grams soaked overnight with water lily, day lily with water into the casserole with the , plus more than half a bowl of water, cook 1 ½ hours, until the lily has been bad, add a block of Peel for Sydney and sugar, cook for 30 minutes and serve. Ziyin Run lung, heart rather Cough. lung deficiency chronic cough who eat, ordinary people the power consumption is also beneficial to lung and stomach.
27. Tremella duck Yin Qing Fei Tang Tremella 15, sugar 25 grams, the duck one. white fungus with rock sugar tomatoes, duck into the boiling water a day for 2 times . Yin Qing Fei, thirst quencher and fluid. Dryness of cough, sputum rule Yin little throat, thirst embolism.
28 Zhu Li Zhu Li porridge power in the phlegm 30 grams, 100 grams of japonica rice boiled to make porridge, cooked into Xianzhuli Pro , stir well. safe to eat. heat, Phlegm, Anticonvulsant. Tanhuo wind-heat treatment, Hyperactivity cough, phlegm, yellow.
; 29 Tang Qing Hyperactivity Mangosteen Mangosteen half a persimmon, persimmon 3, sugar 30 grams, add water bowls and a half Gong Zhu to a bowl and a half, and then under the rock sugar to drink three times a residue .1 talent finished. Qingfei heat, to pyrophlegm, stop coughing. Tanhuo infantile pertussis and cough embolism.
; 30. fig Bing Tangshui Hyperactivity cough figs 30 grams of crystal sugar. Wash the figs net, add water and sugar tomatoes 1 day, even for 3-5 days to be received markedly. expectorant qi, lungs cough, detoxification intestines. Hyperactivity cough, hoarseness, throat sore throat, constipation , hemorrhoids and bleeding.

31. Zhifei Hot cough cane juice sugar cane juice, carrot juice of half a glass, monocrotaline 100 grams. Lily first boiled, and then get into the two juice before going to bed take a day 1. lungs cough, Health and body fluid, Anshen. governance Hot cough, bronchitis weak after the illness the most appropriate person.
32. Naitang pan fish live carp a cough swelling, ham pieces, bamboo shoots, mushroom pieces, onion, ginger, cooking wine, salt, vinegar, , remove the internal organs, rinse clean, cut into tile shapes, with onions, ginger oil Chao Shao Dianfan put together a few, add wine, salt and other spices and then added, , mushroom pieces, etc., about 3 minutes stew poured into the pot and serve. serve liquor will ignite under the boiling pot, accompanied by ginger, vinegar consumption. cough swelling, nourishing the physical. for cough, asthma, Chest fullness of the patients taking 33. for a long time eating 60 fried peanuts peanuts cough and phlegm, or cooked a day to eat, continuous, recovered after the disabled. lungs, phlegm. treatment of chronic bronchitis. Note: There are virtual fire real fever Wu Shi.
34. buckwheat noodles egg cough disturbed, the amount of egg. buckwheat noodles with egg white into the group. hard rubbed the chest several times a day, effective. ; heat under the gas. with the governance of chest full abdominal distension, cough, anxiety.
35. Lily Honey Hyperactivity annoying cough ; New Lily 200 grams, honey. steamed with honey bar soft lily. always with one, swallow liquid take. Qingfei rather God obstruct the lungs with heat treatment, depressed cough.
36. torch fire focal chronic cough Tansheng rice glutinous rice, sugar, sugar, pine fire coke (that is, with the greasy old pine, split into light into thin strips coke ash) and the amount. torch fire survivors focus as possible. Chiao even try to eat with sugar, ate 3-4 days Jiyu. lungs only cough, phlegm and asthma. rule Cough, phlegm, shortness of breath.
37. Jianhua Tang phlegm just gas pain ; Jianhua 2 soup or as a tea. Qi pain, cough and phlegm. with cough, phlegm, etc. Note: Jianhua, a cactus flower climbers King flowers, prolific in the South each year from May to October, the large open white flowers, each flower more than one-oak, pick cut and dried, is an excellent dried vegetables, soup, sweet and delicious.
38. Qiu Li Gao Qiu cough and phlegm, 20, dates 1000 grams, Xianou 1500 grams, 300 grams of fresh ginger, rock sugar, 400 g , honey, 400 grams, honey. first pear, jujube, lotus root, ginger, smashed juice, heating Aogao, under the rock sugar dissolves, then honey harvests. may be taken morning and evening are free. Qingfei Reduce Pathogenic Fire, refreshment, and moistening fluid, Chufan thirst, dissipate alcohol poisoning, illnesses and self-cultivation. with rule consumptive cough, dry mouth Tianjin loss, thirst, and alcoholism and other virtual trouble
39 . Yifei cough bird's nest bird's nest Ginseng 5 grams of American ginseng 5 grams saturated with water first bird's nest, pluck feathers debris, wash, dry to water vapor, along with American ginseng into the candle cup, into the Bacheng full of boiling water, cover, stew for 3 hours. drink. Yang Yin and moistening, Jiang Huo Qi. with treatment of lung and stomach yin deficiency caused the cough, hemoptysis, hot flashes, night sweats, cough and asthma for patients with cardiovascular disease is more appropriate.
40. candied orange peel orange peel cough and phlegm, the amount of sugar. fresh wu skin or dry out the skin soft foam amount, washed, cut wire, into the aluminum pan, add about half the weight of sugar leather bucket, add water, not over a barrel for the degree of skin, boil, then cook over medium low heat to dry, the leather bucket filled out on the tray, to be cold, and then withdraw into the skin about half the weight of the sugar bucket, mix well. eat.
lungs, dampness, phlegm, fluid. phlegmatic cough, etc..
; 41.
candied grapefruit, fresh meat, phlegm and asthma pumping meat 500 grams, 250 grams of honey, liquor amount.
; the pumping flesh, core and cut into pieces, placed in jars, pour white wine, seal dip stuffy overnight, then poured into the aluminum pan in the remaining liquid will boil dry, add honey, mix well and serve. Daileng , reserve bottling.
lungs, cough, phlegm. cough cough Tansheng or elderly, etc..
42. preserves double Jen kidney Yifei sweet almond 250 g walnut 250 g, honey 500 grams sweet almond stir-fry until the first yellow (not coke), on the aluminum pot, add boiling water 1 hour, then under the walnut, the sauce will Griddle, add honey, mix well, then boil and serve. 3 grams per serving, 2 day service. lungs kidney. regular consumption, lung and kidney deficiency can be cured of chronic cough, asthma and other long.
43. lard, cream honey tonic lungs ; lard 100 grams, honey 100 grams, respectively, the two taste boil over low heat to boiling, the cease-fire air temperature, total mixture and mix thoroughly Serve each time a spoon, 2 day service.
lungs cough, tonic. governance Dryness cough.
44. large garlic cough Cough of garlic 1. garlic, peeled, pounded mud every night before going to bed after washing feet, spreads at two foot Yongquan (foot must be coated with Vaseline), top cover a layer of gauze, Zuxin strong excitement when thrown, such as the foot without discomfort, may even apply 3-5 times.
detoxification, cough. with cold cure cough, dry cough and whooping cough in children.

45. hemoptysis beans beans spend Bingtang Shui cure spent nine grams of crystal sugar. Total water fried. day 2 or 3 times. with convergence. rule hemoptysis.
46. water spinach turnip juice treatment Ge blood ; water spinach (water spinach, water spinach) whole trees with root 2, 1 white radish, honey. Wash spinach and radish, were pounded Jiao Zhi cup. served with a honey tone. Hyperactivity induced hemoptysis.
47. honey, one hundred Tang Phlegm in blood 20 grams of honey, a hundred Department 25 grams, white-haired 20 grams, 25 grams melon wilt. decoction on the shamisen first to slag juice, stir well and then transferred to honey, 1 day, 2 times service . lungs cough, heat to stop bleeding. Phlegm in the blood and pulmonary tuberculosis with chronic cough.
48. sour pomegranate pulmonary tuberculosis cough asthma sour pomegranate (sweet those invalid) 3 grams of pomegranate seeds removed, broken, twisted whichever juice every night before the last dose, or chewing garnet swallow liquid. pomegranate juice a small drug, not too much to drink. heat convergence lungs. tuberculosis cough with governance, sleepless nights, and chronic bronchitis.
49. Phlegm turnip turnip sub-sub-(sub-menu cover) 15 grams of raw and cooked, raw stone He last 9 grams. first the child mashed turnip soup a bowl, delivery service, raw He fine stone, half an hour later, then this side 1. eliminate phlegm. with the governance of phlegm coagulation disorder According to> introduce a young prime more phlegm, phlegm, after condensation by exogenous at Shang Wan, stop eating no less than the diaphragm. use this side later, feel Shangwan Dayton open, you can eat or drink. Note: According to reports, one child with a decoction of vegetable turnip sputum places to stop drinking, much efficacy. the vegetables turnip child into powder boiled water, drink water, to refer to explore the spit, spit phlegm also places to drink , the same effect with decoction. ;
50. snapper steamed Yin lungs Fritillaria Fritillaria 5 grams, a soft-shelled turtle (about 500 grams), chicken broth, 1 kg, onions, ginger, pepper, cooking wine, salt and the amount would be turtle slaughter, to head and internal organs, cut block back. will put the steaming basin turtle blocks, adding mother of pearl, salt, cooking wine, pepper, onion, ginger, 1 small cage steam o'clock. hot take. Ziyinqingre, Run lung cough, fever in addition to steam. rule Yin cough, fever, and sweating.
51. expectorant cough fresh ginger mustard mustard 80 grams, ginger 10 grams, a little salt would be washed, cut into small pieces mustard, ginger slices, add water Siwan fry bowls, seasoning with salt a day, 2 times service, once the 3rd bear fruit. declared lung cough, dispelling wind and cold. treatment of cough, with headache, stuffy nose, sore limbs, etc..

; ; 2005 when Guilin rural nurse gave me a prescription, is a bad cough, (she emphasized the more the better long use) as long as eight dollars on it, I and used the edge of friends, very useful, I remember only drink twice a not finished enough. is for everyone!
Mangosteen is a! other units of g, because it is light!

Mangosteen a Houttuynia 50 g Rhizoma Imperatae 15 g 15 g basil stems Morus alba Lily 50 grams 15 grams 15 grams chrysanthemum licorice 15 g Radix 15 g boiled medicine

; boil medicine is that, three bowls of water boiled a bowl of water, one is electricity, electricity is generally automatic, more convenient to use if it is gas to burn, then just beginning with the raging fire, water, opened a small fire, they control the time like I do not know can not pour out to see the rest of almost a bowl of water on it, if the water more than to continue cook.

as long as we do as I wrote the following, whether children, adults or old cold, is not to eat any of the drugs, can quickly cure a cold.
just some cold symptoms, such as a physical feeling of cold or headache, dizziness, heavy head or the body's fatigue and pain, or the total flow of water nose, or throat pain must have been a timely manner.
discharged as soon as flu virus that causes Western virus, the virus has no cure, so you do not have to think of using medication to solve, the best and most effective is to drink a lot of warm water a day, drink several cups of warm water, and more on the toilet several times, is the most effective way to discharge the virus. Such as sore throat was a little warm water when you can add a little salt, a touch of warm salt water to drink that can quickly relieve throat pain.
1, discharged as soon as the incentive for a cold cold cold, cold hands and feet as long as the situation is definitely cold, and cold air is discharged as soon as the key to cold. Cong Jiangsuan diet is ranked in the cold the best food, and some people like to use a few slices of ginger with a spoonful of brown sugar to boil water to drink cold, some people like to boil water to drink with a few onions to sweat cold, when cold and cough, in the brown sugar, ginger, garlic and boiled with water added Jiban, drink can be relieving, just cough. In short, whether it is used Cong Jiangsuan relieving, or eat a blazing pot relieving, can quickly increase the body's heat, so that the pores open, sweat excreted through the cold.
method is to use warm water and a row of cold feet sweat, the effect is the same well, by the severe cold, brown sugar, ginger can be sipping water, while their feet, we must drums bubble and easier to sweat. Ai Qing can take 1 / 4, sprinkle crushed and put into the bucket with boiling water, brew of the open, then add warm feet, soak the body sweating, then drink warm water, cold as soon be able to discharge.
2, we must ensure that adequate sleep and rest as long as there is a flu-like symptoms, and must be timely rest, which is to reduce the disease, the body to restore the key. Usually after a lot of water, drink Cong Jiangsuan warm water several times, then dispelling the feet sweat, the rest as soon as possible, the next day will be able to recover the basic body.
3, aching muscles after a cold how to do? Alpine
aching muscles indicating the body weight, be sure to drink plenty of water several times ginger, brown sugar, ginger can put in more. Once put 6 to 8 can be.
4, after a cold fever, how to do?
fever after a cold look at the temperature of hands and feet. Although body temperature has exceeded the normal body temperature, but is still cold hands and feet, indicating the body's cold is still heavy, still need to drink water, brown sugar, ginger, fever plus 1 2 onions cooked together, is conducive to sweating. If the temperature is high, cold hands and feet are no longer made, this time to stop to drink a lot of ground ginger and water to drink warm water. Fever are usually at night, many people do not like to drink water at night, afraid of urine, affects sleep, as long as the fever, do not control the day or night, to drink plenty of water, which is the rapid cooling, rapid discharge of the most effective virus method. When you are feeling hot, several cups of warm water to drink down, then the urine a few times, can clearly feel the body sweat easily, as long as a sweating, body temperature can be quickly reduced to normal. Then rest, quilt cover, to prevent the cold.
5, the day after a cold treatment is critical.
dispelling the general emergency after the previous day, sweating, polyuria approach, the basic body the next day you can return to normal, but the body is relatively weak, the day of treatment is critical, related to the whether the rebound problem. First look at the tongue, if the tongue is still white, ginger, brown sugar, this day drink water to consolidate a bit, while still drink warm water. Second, the diet is critical, this day of light-based diet, you can eat eggs, pork and a variety of levels of vegetables, not fish, shrimp and other food lit, do not eat yams and other food tonic , after eating these foods, especially children, will re-heat. Third, this day of rest is also very important, do not be too tired. The next day the body was significantly
If fatigue, weakness, can eat eel, tonic without lit, when the eel only burn or spoil the broth stewed eel Do not add ginger, just put a small amount of garlic seasoning on it. Adults can eat angelica powder, twice a day, a half a teaspoon or slightly more than usual amount that can quickly restore their bodies.

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