Friday Random Top 10


Here it is! In the tradition of American Idle, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This Friday's Top Ten:

1. X Offender – Blondie
2. I Got You Babe – Sonny and Cher
3. Lithium – Nirvana
4. Temptation – Joan Armatrading
5. Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley
6. Pretty Little Missy – Louis Armstrong
7. Important in Your Life – Jonathan Richman
8. Climbing Up the Walls – Radiohead
9. Pretty Boy Floyd – Woody Guthrie
10. Satan Gave Me a Taco – Beck

Nice mix. Won't ever hear that combination on the radio! What's your top 10?


Isn't this the kind of playlist that "Jack FM" is all about? (I really don't know, I never listen) But in theory, wildly different genres of music by fairly well-known artists... that seems to be the Jack FM concept.

(AP)  Seven former directors of the National Park Service - including the Bush administration's first park chief - have signed a letter opposing the Interior Department's plan to reconsider regulations restricting loaded guns in national parks.

The former park officials say current regulations requiring that visitors to national parks render their weapons inaccessible were working well and have helped make national parks among the safest places in America.

"These rules, promulgated during the Reagan administration, are essential to park rangers in carrying out their duties of protecting park resources and wildlife, and in assuring the safety of visitors to the parks," the letter said. "In all our years, we experienced very few instances in which this limited regulation created confusion or resistance."

The letter is signed by park service directors dating back to the Johnson administration, including the past four park chiefs. Among those signing the letter is Fran Mainella, who led the park service from 2001 to 2006.

Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne said in February that his department will review gun laws on lands administered by the National Park Service and the Fish and Wildlife Service. Officials will draw up new rules by April 30 for public comment, Kempthorne said.

The National Rifle Association and other gun-rights advocates have pushed to relax the gun rules, which ban loaded firearms in national parks. The regulations, last changed in the early 1980s, require guns to be unloaded and placed somewhere that is not easily accessible, such as in a car trunk.

The review of the gun rules follows letters from half the Senate complaining about the gun restrictions. The senators - 41 Republicans and nine Democrats - say the current rules are confusing, burdensome and unnecessary.

Last November, in a letter to the House Committee on Natural Resources, current National Park Service Director Mary Bomar expressed support for the regulations, stating they "provide necessary and consistent enforcement parameters throughout the National Park System."

The National Park Service said there were 116,588 reported offenses in national parks in 2006, the most recent year for which data are available, including 11 killings diaper bags, 35 rapes or attempted rapes, 61 robberies, 16 kidnappings and 261 aggravated assaults.

There were more than 272 million visitors to the nation's 391 parks, monuments and recreation sites in 2006, the agency said.

■ image with the Quick Control Dial switch

tips everyone can use a common appreciation of the TV for playback when

shooting fast moving objects and movement patterns
sports shooting mode combines high-speed moving objects for various functions, so that anyone can enjoy the fun of sports photography, senior shooting mode. For all moving objects, so it suitable for shooting children or pets.

good at capturing the irregular movement of the objects of the best sports photography partner

shooting high-speed movement of people or things, in the past is the need superb photography skills and rich experience. This includes continued focus on moving objects and to ensure that the technology does not appear to shake the ability to obtain sharp images. The camera's movement patterns in both areas has helped us. Autofocus will track the subject is moving, continuous focus. Point selection is done automatically. Meanwhile, in order to be able to instant freezing subject movement The camera automatically uses high ISO sensitivity to ensure a higher shutter speed. And sport mode also uses a continuous function, improve the ability to capture the moment of opportunity. When the subject into the picture after pressing the shutter button to start autofocus. As long as the subject within the screen, keep pressing the shutter button you can track the status of continuous auto-focus subject. When determining the opportunity comes and hold the shutter button is pressed, so that continuous shooting moment, can increase the chances of capturing the moment. To take full advantage of these properties should be used with telephoto lens anti-shake function to get the best results.

sport mode / EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM (F8 / 1 / 2500 秒 / ISO 400 / ; White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

tips to ensure that the subject is in the center of the viewfinder

for moving objects in order to ensure stability of continuous focus, need to let the subject is always in the center of the screen. Slightly closer to the subject can be enlarged to improve the ability to respond to more than one focus, auto focus system to improve the ability to capture.
all models of the central AF sensor are most accurate, so use the central part of the viewfinder will be easier to track the subject in focus.

Author: worked in advertising photography studios, publishing houses, is a freelance photographer. The magazine as the center, active in the advertising, stage, food and other broad areas of photography. From the perspective of the general enthusiast article written widely welcomed. Published more than on cameras and photography books.

since the inception of digital SLR cameras, the photography industry has undergone tremendous changes. We can use digital SLR film camera can not do a lot of jobs that this is an undeniable fact. Shooting itself thus easier. Digital SLR Film SLR inherits many of the basic structure, the operation also has a lot in common. For the Canon EOS series are used to film SLR camera users, digital SLR cameras that control the operation does not take too long. For those who have been able to grasp a small digital camera for people who just have to learn digital SLR cameras and knowledge of the unique mode of operation, so they want freedom to shoot the photo is also not difficult. We can say that anyone can easily learn to use digital SLR cameras. As can immediately confirm the shooting finished, the user's photographic technology will progress rapidly, even in a short time into the intermediate level. Moreover, the greatest feature of digital SLR cameras is the ability to change lenses, which makes the broader world of photography. The EOS DIGITAL series cameras can use the lenses and other accessories are very rich, so learning to use the series SLR photography is no better choice. People with a variety of handy over the body and the lens section 60 for the user's photographic career would provide strong support. If the book is placed in hand, watched and learned, I believe in a very short period of time we can not lose to a professional photographer shooting photos.


the first page:
01 digital SLR camera charm
02 remember the name of each part before shooting
03 Preparation
04 first to try to shoot
05 digital SLR camera lens structure principle
06 structural principle
07 camera support machine method 08 to understand the basics of composition
09 take good portraits - Portrait

second page:
10 to make even more clear-cut landscape - landscape mode 11 zoom in on small objects - Macro mode
12 shooting fast moving objects - Sports mode
13 while shooting night scenes and characters - Night Portrait mode
14 do not use flash shooting - flash off mode
special learn to take the opportunity to shoot a variety of subject
15 digital SLR cameras structural principle
16 automatic exposure Av, Tv, P mode ;
17 understand aperture
18 control shutter speed
19 understand the focus and auto focus

third page:
20 What is the ISO sensitivity degree
21 about white balance
22 flexible use of exposure compensation
23 bracketing the use of
24 understand the difference between the metering mode
25 clean image sensor
26 using flash photography
27 Picture Style
29 on the light of knowledge to build on the composition
The fourth page:
feature flexible use of real-time display

official information from Canon, Author: Takahashi Ryosuke

JPEG image data compression to save for a certain size of the storage form of records. Processed by the image processor, do not use the computer for processing.
example: EOS 450D recording quality (effective pixels 12.2 million)
recording quality mode records the number of pixels ; use
JPEG Large / Fine 4272 × 2848 pixels A3 + print
JPEG Large / Normal 4272 × 2848 pixels A3 + print
JPEG Large / Fine 3088 × 2056 pixels A4 Print
JPEG Large / Normal 3088 × 2056 pixels A4 print JPEG Large / Fine L-size 2256 × 1504 pixels Print
JPEG Large / Normal ; 2256 × 1504 pixels L size print
RAW 4272 × 2848 pixels, the late processing
RAW + JPEG Large / Fine 4272 × 2848 pixel post-processing
※ (image quality records model type and number of recorded pixels varies by model)

■ full-frame image sensor

■ when shooting close-up shot close to his head cut off
, such as the upper cut off the head can be more prominent facial expression. Should also be left or right to stay in more than a certain white, so you can make the composition more coordinated. More than a way to stay white no fixed requirements, but the best in people leaving the face more than the lateral side of the white, for a more natural effect.

■ Yang shot a low angle low angle changes in the composition
Yang beat people, this is a good idea. You can get full artistic effect. If used in conjunction with wide-angle lens will be more effective.

check the package contents are complete,
keep a good product warranty card
While no one would like to purchase the camera immediately after the start use, but the content must first be carefully packaged to confirm and finishing. Connect the camera and external device cables, cameras and lenses are particularly vulnerable to a variety of warranty card is lost, it is best to check back into the box after a good memory. CD-ROM software after installation and warranty card should be kept together. Camera (lens) of a warranty card only, should be noted that a good close up.

for the battery into the battery charger

optimistic about the right direction within the battery into the charger. Confirm the insert in place to ensure good contact contact.

plug in the socket will be installed to connect the battery charger power cord, plug the power cord into the power outlet.


charging the battery charging time for different types vary, please refer to the appropriate instruction manual. Green indicator lights to indicate charging is complete.

the battery into the camera turn on the camera battery compartment cover and insert a fully charged battery. The contacts facing the camera should be inserted inside the insertion after the confirmation in the right direction.

tips must know tips
If the battery is not the battery, let alone shoot digital SLR camera, and simply can not even move about. Therefore, the digital SLR camera, the battery is one of the most important accessories. While using the battery does not require any special technology, it is recommended or should always clean the battery contacts with a cloth, or whether there is damage to the battery casing inspection. In addition, the battery's performance will vary with temperature, when the temperature is too low can not play its due performance. Low-temperature region in the winter or when shooting, if you carry a spare battery should be taken to avoid direct contact with the outside world of its low-temperature environment. Even though some cells with specific cell shape similar to, but it is also prohibited. Non-specific cells in the most severe cases may result in damage to the camera body, buy a spare battery be sure to select the correct model of the original product purchased.

install Remove the lens cap lens

remove the body cap and lens cover, ready to install the lens. Installation process should be taken to avoid dust from entering inside the camera.

aligned lens mount lens embedded

white flag with a white logo body alignment, slow and steady to the lens mounted on the fuselage. Installation should be taken to avoid tilting the lens.

rotating camera lens into the body locking

after rotating the lens clockwise to lock. Rotate the lens until you hear the voice of a fixed pin in place.

Tips attention point when replacement lenses
outdoor changing lenses, so that the body should be able to replace the lens down

is one of the characteristics of digital SLR cameras, but because of the replacement lens,polo ralph lauren, inside the fuselage will be exposed, so outdoors is unavoidable when the entry of dust. Even if the camera function with dust, it should be the body lens mount facing down, quickly complete the replacement of the lens operation.

EF lenses and EF-S lenses marked difference between the installation

EF lenses and EF-S lens slightly different structure, in order to avoid mistakenly EF-S lens mount on the camera body does not match, set up a dedicated white flag. EF-S lens should be aligned with a solid machine body side of the white sign installation. Also note, EF-S lenses can not be used in addition to other than the APS-C size Canon EOS series digital cameras. The EF lens can be used for all Canon EOS digital camera.

installation EF lens

aligned red marks card into

an EF-S lenses

aligned white logo card into the camera

initial set

powered battery and lens installed, you can turn the camera power supply. The location and shape of the power switch varies by model, should be carefully confirmed.

set the date and time

start the camera after the first set the current date and time. Correctly enter the current date, time, which makes the photo after finishing work has become very easy.

Press the MENU button to display the menu

completion date and time settings, press MENU button to display the menu. All set operations are carried out through the screen.

the language set language settings to Chinese. When the camera is purchased default language set to English, it should be After all of the selected display will change to simplified Chinese characters are displayed.

insert a memory card format

turn off the power before inserting the memory card, you should first turn off the camera. Note the location and shape of the power switch varies by camera model.

the memory card into memory card slot (note the direction)

apply the camera memory card inserted in the correct direction. Of the memory card affixed with the label side toward you into the camera.

off the memory card slot cover, turn the power

the memory card is fully inserted into memory card slot, close the cover. Taken to ensure that the cover is securely closed.

Press the MENU button to display the menu

open the power switch to turn the camera, press the MENU button to display the menu. In the initial screen using the four-way controller selection function setting items.

from the menu, select Down selection box when using four-way controller.

Select In the formatting process, and never remove the memory card.

formatting is complete when the progress bar disappears, return to the menu screen, to complete the format. The time required for formatting the memory card capacity and because of the different types and slightly different.

tips are very delicate
memory card for recording camera images of the memory card , no matter how small the volume, in fact, are very sophisticated electronic products. Because small, need more attention, forgotten in his trouser pockets to avoid directly thrown into the washing machine tragedy. Also note, memory cards and camera connection between the use of the circuit, the indicator is lit during data processing, no matter what the situation there, do not open the memory card slot cover or remove the memory card. This may not only lose the stored image data, and may even lead to a memory card is damaged, so be very careful when using a memory card.

preparation before shooting 4
in mastering the various parts of the camera after the name, can finally begin to prepare for the actual shot. Should check that the camera function of each the same time, to adjust the various parts used to ensure comfort.

adjust viewfinder diopter


camera viewfinder diopter adjustment is not the time of purchase, the situation may be due to differences in the user's vision which led to the viewfinder display blurred. Should be adjusted according to their vision.

use the knob to adjust

observing the viewfinder, rotate the knob to find the clearest position.

can see the bottom of the viewfinder can show whether the information is clearly visible as a standard to be adjusted. When the eye fatigue, visual acuity may change, so adjust the method of operation should keep in mind, at any time to adjust.

install strap through the strap and body strap loop

the front of the strap from the strap ring on the outside penetration and out, and then through to fixed four fixed ring.

relax strap lock parts, so strap from the top of the penetration

locking strap to strap a little relaxation, leaving some room for the strap ends penetration from the top of the inside strap lock. the inside of the strap lock


slightly out of the strap through the strap locking part, piercing the back strap lock back off the lower side.

taut strap

complete length of the adjustment, tighten the strap, with four fixed ring fixed triple strap. End of the operation.

ready it!

so that all preparations for the shooting is complete. Improve the level of photography, and there is no shortcut, such as the preparatory work completed as fully understand the function and configuration of the camera, firmly grasp the correct way to use is very important. In the next lesson, we will actually use the camera functions at the same time, a variety of basic photographic skills to illustrate.

digital SLR cameras Digital SLR's unique charm lies in its overwhelming the system scalability and perfect quality. Here we adopt a digital SLR camera with a small digital camera comparison, to understand the characteristics of digital SLR cameras.

photo a drastic expression

■ Digital SLR camera

compact digital camera image sensor the size of the completely different

■ 35mm film

machine with the correct posture not only allows us to hold the successful completion of filming, and will greatly affect the quality of pictures taken. To prevent hand-shake, the camera should be to master the correct method of holding machine.

the basic method of holding machine

lateral support machine

in the horizontal support machine, the left hand should push up the bottom of the camera lens in order to maintain stability .
gently tighten the arms appear to prevent camera shake.

machine tips the wrong way to hold his arms like wings as

open, upper body in an unstable state. Do not just use the arms to support the camera, you should use the whole body to remain stable.

vertical hold vertical hold the machine

machine, hold the camera above the handle of the hand can also be located at the bottom. But when the hand holding the handle more easily when the arm is located above the open, so pay special attention.

machine tips the wrong way to hold the arm

open at the top of the This machine is very unstable support. It can be said with no difference between using a single handset.

from low shot when shooting in lower center of gravity should be supported by the left knee on the ground, support arm with his right knee, which prevents the emergence of vertical hand shake.

real-time display mode shooting

real-time display mode for shooting, more prone to hand shake. Should be clamping arms, support the camera from below, in order to maintain stability.

first to try to shoot 1
Once you master the basics, you will find a digital SLR camera is not so difficult as imagined. As long as the proper focus and press the shutter button, a new world will be displayed in front of you.

try to shoot automatic mode

the shooting mode is set to fully automatic mode. The so-called automatic mode, means that all functions are automatically set by the camera's shooting mode is very easy to use.

the lens focus mode is set to This auto-focus function can play a role. Remove the lens cap

Remove the front lens cover, complete the shooting preparation. Lens cover is spring-loaded, press the ends of the locking portion can remove the lens cap.

the camera at the subject

observed with the right eye viewfinder, aim want to capture. Look in the viewfinder, should not be far away from the viewfinder, the viewfinder should be observed closely aligns the eyes.

half press the shutter button to focus

basic object when you want to shoot into the viewfinder, the gently press the shutter button to start the automatic focusing function to focus.

focus is on the subject can see the hope in

shoot the subject at the same time, the camera makes a

Press the shutter button to shoot!

state of the shutter to adjust the composition, and then press the shutter button. At this point shooting is complete!

completed after the shooting, the LCD monitor displays the image just captured. Preview image disappears in the display after a period of time, when image data has been recorded to the memory card.

tips dark scenes, the flash will automatically flash

When the subject is dark, built-in flash will automatically pop up and flash. Even in outdoor conditions, if the brightness is insufficient or is backlit, sometimes automatic flash, which is a normal phenomenon.

first to try to shoot 2
Once you master the basics, you will find a digital SLR camera is not so difficult as imagined. As long as the proper focus and press the shutter button, a new world will be displayed in front of you.

viewing the photographs

press the playback button to play back after shooting

can press the playback button to view the film image. Playback image will first display the most recent photos.

use four-way controller to display before and after photos

If you want to confirm before an image, use the Arrows left and right keys to switch. Select the image to the left before, right after the image selection.

to enlarge and move the display position

want to zoom in to display the captured image, press the magnifying glass logo to zoom zoom button. Zoom position by four-way or multi-function control button (varies by model) to move.

delete photos

when you want to delete photos, you can display the photos in the state hit the delete button, then choose to use four-way controller, etc. Press the SET button to confirm the deletion.

Tip You can also use the Quick Control Dial or Main Dial, etc. operating
Select the image or move the zoom position before and after the method of operation vary by model. In the back of the fuselage with the Quick Control Dial models can use the dial to switch back to the image. Also equipped with the Multi-controller models can be amplified using the Multi-controller moves the location, but it also has the characteristics of the action can be oblique. Second, we can use the shutter button is located above the main dial to switch the image can also be set to 10 units, etc. jump. Please carefully read the instructions of the models, control over their methods of operation.
■ with the main dial to switch the image

lens structure principle 1
the role of the lens for digital SLR cameras, its very important for film cameras. It not only bear the image forming light work of collecting, but also bear the focus and so on.

lens with image stabilization lens is anti-shake function can be generated based on hand-shake compensation exercise by moving part of the optical lens, thereby eliminating the consequent screen jitter lens. The agency can prevent hand-shake, to get high picture sharpness, while the real-time optical system because it is mobile, it also has to increase the stability of the viewfinder image and autofocus performance advantages.

built-in Shake Reduction mechanism for the lens is marked with Image Stabilizer (Image Stabilizer) abbreviation IS. The lens of

What is EF-S lenses
EF-S lens is designed for the use of APS-C size image sensors of digital cameras designed special lenses. Image circle (the size of the lens image) is smaller than the normal lens, the lens can reduce the volume has the advantage. EF-S in the

EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM

EF-S lenses including wide-angle zoom lens EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM, standard zoom lens EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM, EF-S 60mm macro lens ; f/2.8 USM Macro and other merchandise.

Tips lens hood function installed in front of the lens with lens hood function block stray light. Although the lens surface with a reflective coating to prevent, but the best in strong backlit conditions to install hood to avoid light reflection chaos. Recommended installation is often the best.

remember the name of
in various parts of the camera to start using digital SLR camera to shoot, let us first understand the various parts of the name of the camera. Correctly grasp the camera name and function of each part, the first step is to improve the level of photography.

machine method of holding the camera

order to enjoy the photographs, not only through the camera on the back of the LCD monitor to make, you can also use the home TV. The use of television, then we can all enjoy the photos with family and friends to share joy. Connect the TV and the camera, using the included video cable to plug into the TV or other video device input terminals, connected with the camera. When using the TV to enjoy photos, and using the camera on the back of the LCD monitor during playback, same as some of the photos can be enlarged or screen scrolling.

digital SLR photography principles of the structure and principles of photography

data record data record procedures: The image processor, image sensor → → memory card. Image processor, up to the stage for the completion of imaging, data storage memory card just to play the role.

image sensors convert light to electrical signals to generate image data base required part. However, imaging has not been completed at this stage.

image processor

image sensor according to the transmission of data to generate digital images. In this section a variety of image processing.

memory card to save bears the image processor the task of generating the data. In this section there is no image associated with the operation.

What recording quality?
so-called quality, refers to the image data generated by the image processor, the size and quality
RAW image data sent from the sensor, for processing in accordance with the specified form, get in line with the demand for quality.
image processor for image data obtained by the sensor without processing, storage and record directly to save the form. After the computer need to adjust the picture quality.

zoom in on small objects, macro mode, macro mode setting
a variety of easy to shoot small subjects. Can be applied to shooting flowers, insects and various small objects around, etc., is a convenient and can be widely used shooting modes.

prominent theme zoom in on small objects

Macro mode is used for shooting small objects shooting mode. No increase in tone in the special treatment, but the camera settings are made subject to change. Aperture values ​​are not adjusted too much, if you use a dark full-aperture camera lens. If it is brighter lens, aperture value of the basic minimum to the middle area in the range of automatic settings. This setting can be used before and after stress blur, so the focus part of the more visible, you can highlight the theme. In addition, given the hand-held shooting situations, Macro mode, ISO sensitivity set to Auto (ISO sensitivity is set too high) to prevent hand-shake phenomenon. As the built-in flash is set to automatically flash, even if the subject is shrouded in the shadow of the photographer can get the proper brightness. Macro photography is widely used in plants, insects, nature photography and filming around small objects around. Even the capture, small objects can also be used macro mode, not a question.

macro mode / EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM
(F4 / 1 / 500 sec / ; ISO 160 / White balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

tips with the use of macro photography, the lens will further enhance the effect
To zoom in on small objects, the mere existence of the standard zoom lens or certain restrictions. If you want to shoot some of the bigger, the best close-up shots or using a dedicated macro lens. Macro shooting distance of the lens focal length varies, but most of them have a 1:1 (other times) the maximum magnification, and can be close-up shots.

■ EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM Macro

such times the maximum can be taken close Compact Macro lens. Can be used for general photography from macro photography to a variety of uses.

coins close-up photographs of about 28mm diameter coin after shooting through the macro lens that can be enlarged to the size. At the same time very clear and sharp images.

do not use flash photography flash off mode, flash photography can
although dark scene of a subject for bright imaging, is a very convenient feature, but according to shooting conditions and environment of different places, shooting time may not want to flash. At this time you can use the flash off mode.

when the flash fires when people do not want the ease of use of shooting modes

flash off mode to automatic mode, the function-based, but also the combination of a variety of functions to set the shooting mode, automatic mode with the biggest difference is that the flash is flash. Automatically according to the situation with the automatic flash mode different, no matter how dark the surroundings of the subject, the flash will not flash. Because it would not suddenly flash, so it will not damage the atmosphere, can be applied to concerts, art galleries and other occasions. And because the only light source used to shoot the scene, so when you want to shoot more photos with the atmosphere of the scene can also be used. In the flash off mode, the flash will not auto-focus assist light flash. When the subject is too dark, sometimes difficult to accurately focus will be the case, should grasp the premise of this feature to be applied flexibly. However, similar performances in other subject to be illuminated, and the scenes with sufficient brightness, autofocus function will play without any problem.

flash off mode / EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
(F5.6 / 1 / 200 sec / ISO 800 / White balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

tips ; alone is also effective when shooting night scenes
any flash because the flash will not, so it can be used for night photography. Unlike the overall landscape pattern contrast as strong, so even larger difference between light and dark of night, you can also get natural imaging.

Picture Style tone used in the standard model, with the right contrast and good versatility.

topics: learning to grasp the opportunity to shoot a variety of subject

predict the subject's next move to select the most appropriate shooting mode and equipment No matter what the subject

objects, there is the best shooting time. One of the most representative is sports photography. In fact, common in the shooting objects around us, there are Children and portrait shooting, we tend to make the model a fixed position and then gracefully shooting. However, if we slightly change the timing of pressing the shutter button, often unexpectedly shot to the face and posture. This photo even if some of focus, composition is not perfect, and should not be deleted. It's that survive, will become fond memories. Also, shooting cute pets and animals, photos, use the burst mode will receive better results. Such animals can be photographed or boring to yawn tongue look like, showing the unique cute animal side. Capture in the streets, if only to observe the line of sight is normal, but set his sights on the sky and ground, then maybe you can find a more attractive subject or other windfall. Little change as long as the point of view, you can shoot very creative photos. When shooting landscapes, if consciously take into some of the characters, then also make photos more interesting. In this photo taken when using a zoom lens will be more convenient, and can photograph the subject in a larger telephoto zoom when shooting people and pets to show its mettle. Also when using the telephoto zoom shooting and subject to maintain a certain distance, this object being photographed can be more relaxed, so easy to shoot a good expression. If shooting in the streets, it is best to use a small standard zoom lens. Because it looks not so dramatic, it is easy for photographers to integrate into the surrounding environment. However, such small changes, fixed the next time the key moments of the shooting, but will naturally be greatly increased.

a very good introductory information on SLR photography, sorting out, reproduced to share with you.
Whether you are novice, we strongly recommend carefully read through. . .

while shooting night and night portrait mode
figure is the integration of night photography and portrait photography of these two different types of photography as a shooting mode. Both characters and background for bright imaging, to avoid the usual flash when shooting the drawbacks of the background completely black.

Night Portrait mode the camera settings from the flash flash + slow shutter components. When the background dim flash photography is due to the phenomenon caused by the shutter speed is too high, and Night Portrait mode in order to obtain more background light intensity, using a low-speed shutter, so I can avoid this phenomenon. In addition, in order to avoid the shutter speed is too low, ISO sensitivity is set to automatic, the camera can be automatically selected according to the conditions surrounding the ISO sensitivity. In order to ensure that dark scenes are more easily able to focus, flash before shooting AF-assist beam firing, more than the manual focus mode to ensure proper co-coke.

Night Portrait mode / EF 50mm f/1.8 II
(F2.8 / 1 / 8 秒 / ISO 400 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

tips With a different background color, the color will change portrait
Night Portrait mode automatically according to surrounding light white balance settings. However, due to differences in light sources, which also has a digital camera are not good at handling certain wavelengths of light, so the overall tone occasionally slightly distorted picture. If the color is not natural feeling after shooting, set the white balance can freely choose the shutter speed-priority AE mode shoot again.
■ Night portrait mode Shooting

the camera is attempting to correctly compensate for the background light, resulting in flash illuminates the figure was slightly blue face white.

■ choose the white balance shot

in the preset white balance options, select This ensures that the character's tone is normal. Although the background color slightly red, but the tone is very natural character.

the landscape even more use of distinctive landscape mode
scenery mode, the camera settings to ensure that from near and far for a wide range of features for sharp imaging. It also has the green, red more vivid characteristics. Photo overall impression is more clear and sharp.

aperture effect to reproduce the bright sharp picture overall landscape

scenery mode camera settings, aperture value slightly larger (horizontal aperture blades off), can all close-range to long-term in focus. Aperture and focus is the relationship between the scope of the content will be described in detail later, just know that this is the first aperture has the features you can, you can get portrait mode with the aperture effect is completely the opposite effect. In terms of picture quality, not only improve the sharpness, but also part of the meticulous details of the performance, and enhanced green, red, blue and other color tones, the sky and the trees look more vivid. For these reasons, even in a slight cloud can also be sold under the conditions seen more clearly than the actual visual pictures. Although the use of relatively large aperture value (less the amount of light), but because of the ISO sensitivity is set to automatic, the camera will automatically adjust the sensitivity, it is usually able to appropriate shutter speed. But other scenes in the evening, due to insufficient light, may cause hand-shake, you should use a tripod in order to give full play to the effect of landscape pattern. In addition, in this mode, no matter how dark the environment, built-in flash are not automatically flash. All shooting settings are required for landscape photography.

landscape mode / EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
(F8 / 1 / 160 秒 / ISO 100 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Landscape)

tips landscape photography basic composition requirement is to maintain the level of

doing landscape photography, you need to pay special attention to whether the picture is tilted. But through the viewfinder screen to determine whether the tilt is a very difficult, if coupled with such wide-angle lens may cause distortion, and even the level of the image can not be. This time should be built using a tripod to ensure the level of instrument, such as the level of the screen. Before talking about the composition
should first ensure that the level of the screen, it is very important.

understand the basics of composition
If you already know the basic operation of the camera, the next step is determined by observing the viewfinder composition of the photo. Composition in general there are several key elements: the subject's position, the screen anyway, the income range of screen size.

determine the composition of the photograph is the picture of the direction and sense of
wide screen when taking pictures of the composition principle and to consider when drawing constitute the same screen. Photographer can imagine the camera's viewfinder into the canvas, and how to balance a photo placed on the subject has become critical. Sometimes we like drawing canvas when erected, sometimes cross over it, like, take pictures when we can choose vertical or horizontal position. Also, the subject placed in the position of the picture which is completely dependent on the photographer's own, should be based on the size of the subject to arrange the situation in and around the screen. In addition, the broad sense of the screen when the composition is an important element of the whole screen or just shoot into the enlarged portion of the subject, different options will make the overall atmosphere in the photo is very different. Composition is not a specific value can be used to measure some things, but the photographer according to their

horizontal photos to show the broad sense

this picture is in accordance with the basic techniques of landscape photography - shooting horizontal mapping method. Landscape photographs of the natural human field of vision similar to give people in a sense of stability. In this photo, near the boat and background contrast, produced a pleasant tension.

vertical screen of depth can be demonstrated with a vertical intercept

landscape, the picture often gives a feeling of loss of balance, but sometimes produce unique effect, giving the left a deep impression. In addition, the close-range and long-term sense of distance is even more exaggerated manifested in the formation of a feeling of depth in the picture.

photo shooting range will change the overall impression

different shooting range, photo gives the impression there will be very different, which is called Shooting distance and the type of lens will be used to make it change dramatically. Case diagram of vertical photographs taken close to the subject a little far with the photos taken from the effect on the landscape is completely different.

we use vertical and horizontal compositions were shot in the left part of the red box. Although the location, the model exactly the same, but different because of the angle of view, the impression is completely different.

■ horizontal shooting, the screen wide

vertical shoot close-up shot of good portraits portrait mode Portrait mode uses
easily take beautiful pictures of people. Not only will the camera automatically select the focus point and picture quality is also set to shoot people more suitable model.

camera settings and image processing to make people more beautiful style

; compared with the conventional fully automatic mode, portrait mode, the camera settings have two important features. Feature is the use of a virtual aperture effect of the background. Portrait mode automatically sets the aperture using the lens close to the minimum aperture (aperture blades fully open, the amount of light up through the state). Aperture effect by improving the degree of background blur to highlight the characters, the characters more visible. Another feature is the use Picture Style tone to adjust the photo to make the skin softer texture. In addition, the exposure is relatively bright side, make the skin look more white. Although not a major change in tone, but the characters will be slightly pink skin, so that people become more health, more vitality.

portrait mode / EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM
(F4 / 1 / 400 秒 / ISO ; 100 / White balance: Auto / Picture Style: Portrait)

tips making use of bold portrait photography composition
composition, the most important thing is to figure the layout of the screen which position. In addition, how to intercept character is a big headache. If the ordinary way of shooting, it is easy to fall into the stereotypes like ID photos. It should be bold in cutting, or find the right camera angle carefully, try to take pictures of people with artistic style.

■ APS-C size image sensor

■ compact digital camera's image sensor

image sensor area of ​​the blur effect caused
digital SLR cameras and compact digital camera comparison, not only look different, more important is the basic structure of its internal there are fundamental differences. The main difference is used for receiving light, the image of the image sensor size difference. 1/2.5 inch type with usually a small image sensor compared to digital cameras, digital SLR cameras generally use the APS-C size image sensor has about 13 times the area. Therefore, also in the electronic properties has many advantages. Icon photo imaging visual effects The main difference lies in the different background blur effects, and can replace the lens digital SLR camera at this point, compared with a small digital camera, also has a very distinct advantage. Image sensor size differences blur caused by lens focal length and a great relationship. The smaller image sensor size, the shorter the lens focal length (wide-angle inclined), which makes it difficult to obtain a satisfactory background blur effects. When using digital SLR cameras that shoot, it will feel different with the usual photos, which is different from the size of the image sensor is a direct link.

lens can be replaced

many lenses to digital SLR cameras

bring endless possibilities of digital originated in the film SLR cameras SLR cameras, interchangeable lenses so as to meet with through a variety of shooting needs. The small digital camera lens and body as a whole could not have interchangeable lenses. Regardless of how high magnification zoom lens, always has its limits, especially its wide-angle capability is weak. Digital SLR cameras can use from the ultra-wide angle to super telephoto lens a variety of camera lens, genuine Canon lens on the number of over 60. Number of the lens aperture according to their brightness and characteristics are different breakdown. Able to take advantage of these lenses, digital SLR camera is the real charm. When you want to slightly enlarge the subject of some or want to shoot the whole scene, just replace the lens can easily get the desired effect, it can be said that the biggest advantage of digital SLR camera one.

■ Digital SLR camera

■ compact digital camera

left are using digital SLR cameras and compact digital cameras from the same location obtained the same subject for the photo shoot. And construction is not good at wide-angle compact digital camera compared to the use of ultra-wide angle lens digital SLR camera to a broader range.

will not miss the opportunity

quick shutter response to capture instantaneous dynamic
compared with small digital cameras, digital SLR camera is an advantage of the entire action delay the process shorter. Small digital cameras are usually observed by the back of the LCD monitor after shooting, in the strict sense, the picture is not taken to the moment you press the shutter button the screen, but slightly behind the screen, this is because the LCD monitor observed on the screen is converted into electronic signals generated, it will produce delays. The digital SLR camera is the optical viewfinder to see the actual image, so the electronics will not have the time difference, the current observed image and the actual subject of the action there is no difference. And regardless of the shutter or the mechanical structure such as auto focus speed, digital SLR cameras have an absolute advantage of the speed, do not miss the moment with high-performance shutter opportunity. Even a small digital camera is difficult to shoot a scene or character of the movement of the moment expressions, digital SLR cameras can easily capture. Meanwhile, as the image processing performance better, digital SLR cameras shooting interval is shorter, to a certain period of time more pictures, so be subject to continuous high-speed movement, thereby enhancing the best photos probability. As noted above, the digital SLR camera in a variety of features and performance with compact digital cameras are different, their design features to ensure not miss the opportunity to capture the moment.

■ Digital SLR camera

■ compact digital camera compact digital camera

by observing the back of the LCD monitor for shooting, the picture can not be with synchronous movement of the subject, the composition can not achieve the desired effect. In the use of digital SLR camera through the optical viewfinder or the image above to timely observe the facial expression recognition.

preparation before shooting the camera in mastering the various parts of the name, finally can begin to prepare for the actual shot. Should check that the camera function of each the same time, to adjust the various parts used to ensure comfort.

check camera package package


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