No Top Ten


Since I am enjoying the florida sun, I am not doing a top 10. Hopefully this video tides you over.


sell, and sell off, however, may have to make 6 million 12 years, not six years. -

2. ethical companies -

good supplier you will not be unwarranted enthusiasm, they know that 80% of the profits is 20% of the guests created in you do not show the value of your business before, -

sell bulk good. More money, nobody, except to sell brand, brand name will pull you join? -

I dug a girl sent to fast food, 600 yuan wages, 1500 to me, she really did sales than anything else. Our market, -

course, I like to get together, do not engage in a separate store where a dead end, not to save the rent is a waste of time. -

I am a wholesaler, I respect the weight of the opponent .-

across the country, some people throw around the goods. You take the high fashion, every minute is to spread the goods, bought elsewhere and put their own trademark goods. -

8. too much to ask some suppliers, I refuse to do? -

not boast, the enthusiasm of the guests came at me, a lot of regular customers. Record, one day more than 3,000 sales, at least to earn more than 2000. -

suppliers are strong, not too concerned you have the money, concerned about your ability .-

provide you with five models, she is also a selection. Remember, not too much style, the guests ask for much of the pants style. When out of suppliers, -

it very strange woman. When he felt over a very successful person (my body brand name), she felt more successful. The topic of two successful people, -

do not teach the guests with chatter. Women self-esteem above all, she will not find a place to be silly for you to see. -

wholesalers have been moved. I often credit, liquidity increased significantly. -

better find a partner to find the goods. -

many people purchase, like the East to get West to take, feel look good, getting goods as I will not. -

sell your goods, to cool a little. -

but keep little later with a small can take. Prices do, wear out, not expensive anyway. Cheap, and will not wear. -

next door about what grade to sell, you want photos with. Usually high traffic, you need to do volume. No one place to do your goods. -

I do not like it above the buttons, too ye eye -

a lot of people did not insist. Made a bargain, it is destined to Lao Lao mediocre, and the beginning is easy, always hard. Jews are most likely to do business ,,-

order, you have to be careful and he wanted to shift the risk is you open a large department store, ordering on the normal, if not, can not be uncertain .-

I tell you: the clothes that the value of the process of selling. How many customers, is the lack of clothes to wear? Women buy clothes, is to enjoy the buying process. -

regular customers is very important, a significant proportion of the business back. -


1500 is a reasonable wage (then), but skilled. I Pianbu Xin, I believe that passion. -

Look, your guests are successful, a grade of friends, you worry sellers? There are marketing, not selling. -

I am disgusted to join. franchisee is garbage. join the Yang Wanyi, but in China, changed the taste. foreigners to join, -

common is your thing. Pants more personality, more difficult to sell. -


look: -

result: I have a lot of customers when nothing like to bring her husband or boyfriend to go shopping, Shunpian Mai on a few, show yourself to shop smart. -

A friend asked me, you have done your goods, cheap goods have done, and why? -

focus your money into, focusing on two or three, you will soon discover the benefits. 1. Return relatively easy. 2. Not a period of time not getting goods, -

Why? With the village! Look good, as with the Wang family. -

price of buying these clothes a woman is not serious with you, they just do not feel expensive, fun, and probably not very good, is not currently is required, -


I think the clothes are

smart boss already knows how to do it. -

7. I often to call, just make one or two, the vendor will not look down? -

nice goods in Europe, not in Guangzhou. look at the focus to estimate how much to sell .-

guests with the feeling of God will be your slave. -

it difficult to learn what a businessman for 10 years! -

assured, good suppliers will appreciate your caution, at least, you will not give him a big trouble .-

he was just polite enough. If she is the consumer level, she felt she had to prove it to you. Woman born predators, so friendly. -

I have a friend reported to me that to find a strong supplier and I asked him how do you know that strength, he replied: >

Once you have a good supplier, you have to work hard. powerful combination of the two sides should cherish .-

I guarantee you not a

hundred percent you will guess wrong. -

what will sell, you will not miss. 4, do not lose money on the tolls. From time to time you may require suppliers to send plates to you, call the computer getting goods. -

more effort into their publicity, the more you have to watch .-

monthly sales record, you want to keep the review. Pants, skirts, sales to 40% is normal. -

coat coat coat I will not say, we are all masters. -

try to convince the guests for shoes pants, you can prepare a lot of stockings, guests feel you good service, and health. If women try to wear shoes pants, -

pants -

similar models -

sell. -

response smart point: I want a large yard 3, M 2. a visitor to do, help me catch it. Stock notify me so that true and false, you will not lose .-

I have a friend, order did not take the kind of clothing, cloth edition, the results received a batch of waste .-


2. sellers not a debate -

addition to shoes, other clothing quality is generally on the line. 500, does not depend on the quality of the first to make money. -


course will promise you, you can send back the board is .-

Some vendors like requirements


every woman has their own set of clothes, to tell you a secret: they are 100% good Tiaoyi. 50% good pick pants. -

I have another harvest: six years, I have more than 20 men salesperson business, more than 20 boss. They understand, -

5. toll is too expensive, more points, spread flat fee -

If you call to return 20 30, he was tired .-

I later opened more than 10 stores, a total of six wholesale goods. I leave early morning for the end of what cargo is no pressure. -

I sold 13 in a small shirt, I was wearing Chanel disguising. Then PRADA.D & G. I do not play. -

deceptive means were: Oh, the goods do not do you set 50 it, to help you do ?!-

boss who takes the goods, like focusing on the jacket. Coat biggest competition, look good, there better not see that, -

good sellers, it relates to your voice. to show your value more fully, the more benefits you get .-

Dong Chexi pull, indeed, to use the book when Fang Henshao -

call you pay for what will really help you make money? -

thing we have to win. You are already a VIP of. -

want is to expand the scale, immediately grabbing the money, as to expand the channels after they have no ability to engage in standardized operation, without thinking. income do no assessment, -

sell the goods, I usually start to get dozens of pieces of heavy. always check yardage need filled, or not to add color .-

pants type to the whole: small trousers, straight system, leisure wide trousers, trousers, 7.8.9 pants -

adjustment methods. -

good suppliers will take care of your business, this is their attention to the terminal. substandard exchange readily. willing to advertise in the terminal. will regularly seek your views on the goods, -

have more, there is low. Guests do not want to take the exam, you usually only 10 models she picked one, out of 9, she was not interested in the future. -

rejected. the nature of business is to protect their own interests. you are a businessman you? -

3. control of your species. -

is not so high, I do not help customers make money, but I hope I have the ability to help clients make money, so the encounter has the ability, -


actually come to see the shop. -

my belief that time: trash can participate in the circulation of commodities, not to mention I sell new clothes! -

Keywords: stability, was thin, -

will ask you where the difficulty of operation, how to ask your most recent business, there are no goods to add. now selling goods, not to send board to give you a try .-


sell 1000 a, 30% of 300 .-

commitment price must remain confidential. Next time do not give such a low commitment, be more concerned about us. Friends came to help us talk about good things and more. -

small shirt color can be bold enough to rest, or advise you to steady it. -

to have long, attack their weaknesses. -

least 700, there are more than 400 points profit. -

what suppliers are good suppliers? -

I do not accept to join. I am not willing to back the burden .-

do not believe you try the - 20? too expensive, too expensive! 10 Well, I bought the family nanny to wear! ! ! -

better brainstorms. Boast that she should eat this bowl of rice fashion. I was much less than the. -

a supply -

my experience is: 38.39 yards is good, easy to wear off. Anyway, the store also sells shoes, and feel the way to the guests. -

sell your goods, smiling little as possible, even if many times the customer to patronize, but also polite courteous, polite again. -

Small business purchase classic clothing , making six million six-year

sell 100 each, making 90 is too slow, 90% is not much. -

you can observe their customers, is beaming, or frown .-

I also keep up a good version

Now my business was very good, expensive goods, are also selling well. Honestly, so many good things through this fashion also know a seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight. -

my store, is many women's DreamWorks, I sell dreams, my commodity is a sense of superiority. -

Yes ah yes ah. But save with a necklace. Here's a bracelet. A color. Your home is certainly a lot of bracelets. -

However, to keep your goods

powerful suppliers, money and talent, than you must be a high chance of winning alone. -



4 months later, a second store opened. -

the market to get back on the old 3, dragged arrears owed, after a good meeting. Increase working capital. With the supplier's salesperson a good relationship, -

encounter guests are professionals, have their own set of difficult business environment? Own review about it. -

shoes sell good quality, definitely not shoddy, can not conceal how long. -

sell my goods, must have abilities. good stuff needs to be sold .-

1. every woman will think they have a dress, do not pretend to consultants, image guidance. (Do not think they dress line, not often buy clothes) -

you may have noticed, I have repeatedly stressed that he wears a brand name. Do not despise, it is marketing. -

is that you have to dress up as the boss of neat, if you want good business. And store the goods can only match point, he will never wear version, -

each season, pants first. Weather condition that you cold, the heat is not hot, do not affect their business. -

sell cheap, pull carts Aberdeen purchase, sell your goods, out of a BMW. -

look at those grade sister take the goods, I died laughing. -


I educate them, people who do something out of nothing. -

farm work, no quick fix to. -


when I joined a lot of brand pull. I never quit. Streets of the goods can be sold, why should fate to you, I'm not not do business. -

Keywords: line, thin, subtle sexy -

6. I have a small customer base, to every new -

skirt -

heart a million reasons to deny their failure, not angry with me --- she knows I am not expert. -

summer light color, dark winter, mainly black throughout the year. -


Some orders commercial black, you should pay attention to, sample material may be imported. after ordering, remember to take pieces of the kind of clothing, or cloth edition, stated on the order contract shoddy version, not receiving .-

I traveled all the markets, have been selected, the selected two wholesalers. -

If you want large quantities is not amazing, you have no need to order .-

can find out the side of the supplier's salesperson, how long do like this job? sales manager if it is too warm .-

encounter is miserly guests, you have to go all out: a good opponent, is a teacher. -

at the top of the store, you feel a little behind that polite coldness? ! -

man dressed in line to the man, woman like to be different -

some of you have such a person: like to buy, more like to wear. -

bought a pair of pants. ) -

Here, you will think I am the kind of person too! -


purpose is to facilitate the management and operation of standardization, like grabbing the money, you can go to market, to raise funds, so they want to do a good job of operating more . some of China's businessmen, -

various excuse if he is, you can not hesitate to leave, especially in Guangdong, Hangzhou, including the so-called foreign trade companies, you have to careful .-

not too seriously, every day, make demands and any unilateral interests can not be long .-

is salesperson

3. suppliers nice, but the goods are not the most beautiful -

as long as you have money and many franchise owners are not doing business, the business will be better? If you rely on this low-level management can learn to do business, -

two sellers laws -

is the most beautiful wedding dress. to find a Wedding Company ??-

example; I get 20 yuan a small shirt. 10. -

least, supply. As the saying goes, one-third of goods, seven sold. During this period, remember, do not choose the one you love, only the rejection of the election easily. -

4. I have a taste of these goods seem not very good -

my strength is sales, I will not delay in getting goods on the. I kept the money, shop, 18 months, consisting of four. Since I try to sell anything, -

you are a businessman. You need to have the quality merchants. Free concessions, a nightmare start. The less you readily 50, his next fight 100 .-

1 件 sold for 145 yuan, a 80, the rest of the day, a requirement to sell their own anyway. Sure higher than 80. -

many cases, guests find a dress I bought here, a lot of your others. But they will maintain their own prestige. -

short, try to take the spot .-

very important to maintain a certain style. broaden the customer base is fundamental. turn around a few regular customers, the more pressure you more cargo, passenger and less and less. store chaos seventy-eight strokes, broken code goods abound .-


good business proprietress, will definitely see -

but I still treat it as the most beautiful clothes to sell. -

summer serves decent pants, winter serves decent skirt .-


but they never thought of it, they will be all over the world to find a suitable dress, they always feel short of clothes. -

they go out the goods, such as shopping, concerned about the style, price, and not find a strong strategic partner. -

you will find snobbery? Wrong. -

what age. to figure out numbers for easy replenishment enough. multi-use computer telephony .-

Some people may say: the real black. -

lucky woman, summer air conditioning, winter heating .-

getting goods, almost two models, choose one. Two models are like, the first good one, much later one. Why? -

they all sell you something. -

1, there is strength. Do not be afraid of hard to see the sewing machine, before considering the long-term cooperation. This is an iron rule of the Italian businessman. -

3. Be careful ordering -

that matter. You have to wear a grade, you have a grade shop clothes. Did not understand, try to wear a big brand name, as your armor. -

find sources, a lot of boss to the wrong strength. -

why women will not stop shopping? Really buy clothes, often buy clothes? Most are not dress pants with a good, -

, bad version I thought for Yahuo not less that a relatively uniform style home, will not mess with up the road. -

watch your wallet .-

unless you do an international brand. tasteful sister, you will die is difficult to see in there grade sister, often losing money earned shouted .-

every day to see a lot of people care to find sources, like with a good supply, there is a guarantee business. But first, in fact, in the store, -

accidentally saw in a forum, called the feel for the purchase classic clothing business. -

4. a sense of responsibility of the supplier -

not mistaken, -

This fabric is not good -

fixed as two. If you getting goods all over the world, no one would take care of you. -

women like colorful world,beats by dre studio Ferrari and Lamborghini, but repeat offenders like shopping problems. And decided to buy things like different things. In addition to rendering the sweater, -


To dress pants sold well, high-heeled shoes in the store with the flat with treasures like the winter to prepare three kinds of boots. -

will not be comfortable to wear -

I do not wear brand-name of. Wrong, not the brand name of certain requirements. -


30% good pick skirt (dress excluded). -

I focus on two

good sales of models, sell for more, this is definitely a market for goods, after the satisfaction of consumers to buy high, the chances of regular customers do. but new goods with new goods risk .-

good, right or salesperson magic. -

I think -


not wear their own, to have business sense. their own money, a lot of good things to wear .-

I will win multiple, never thought to use to join. initial fee unlimited .-

recognized my guests, my guests here are the grade. (I buy things here, is a glorious 。)-

's right. Wash before wearing. Pay attention to the beautiful new clothes are usually washed before wearing. Do you like red or green? -

business actually does not take much money. -

2. Do not just pick their favorite, to pick the most people to accept .-

selling clothes, to love their own goods. Do not hold anything against a long time to sell. I also regret the time getting goods. I will learn its lesson, -

I started getting goods

selling cheap goods, to be warm, -

three how to deal with the supplier? -

my sellers. Like this. 2000 about the clothes, do not offer. Take a computer call her, remember, looked at her eyes. -

to focus on factor-based version. Any version of a good type, age span, and is simple pants, is the best selling. Personality is something the guests, -

Otherwise, even if the purchase has become. You will not be here often to places she would like. -

you do not care provider's own decoration, he embodies the simple but pragmatic. a lot of suppliers do not know the service terminal, for their own decoration underlines the strength .-

I handled this way. -

pants can not have too much of each

full of good stuff. not your goods well, I would like to find a convenient .-

selling cheap goods and sell your goods is not the same. -

1. do not look good, as long as pay any .-

ago, I did a factory, getting goods to sell, when, who will receive my initial fee, I have to spend a good sense him strength, to do you receive?! money is not power! -

goods better? ha ha, you sold Well .-

Here is her paradise. She also Hupenghuanyou and sellers to help you. She would like more people are aware, general designer of the I, are her fans. -

she felt not worth your goods. -

I also do wholesale. I do not pull people to join. I'm not money, pulling 100 people to join, if 100 are not sellers, -

look for papers: one-third of goods sold seven -

your image is the image of the store, the performance of your grade is the grade of goods. Guests willing to make friends with you, of course, you have to humble enough, talk to you friends, she will feel that they have quality. -

definitely not a mere bargaining 100.200. (guests will think: I am a successful person. 100.200 is not a problem 。)-

Yes ah, you are the experts. The good wash drying, easy care. Do not need dry cleaning. -

get cooked a big customer. Others do not see the new version, I could get, and then cooked, and began to be returned for refund. -

want to know what kind of pants, skirts, shoes best selling it? -

not pull a 100 that burden. I also sympathize with those who shop, what should people take a lot, how people sell. -

willing to do business together, we must trust -

guests attention to the item of clothing, the body brand, I would sincerely admire her taste, her clothes in the process, I will ask him what -

Some would say I keep busy two years, two years, every minute of delay you earn hundreds of thousands. -

result is often: a sweater, a bracelet, a pair of pants. (She also tells us what should be equipped with pants of order declaring her right, -

time, a warm smile you will make a lot of downright woman obediently become your regular customers. -

. Is true. You can not keep 6 months to 10 months, do not do. But a year later is not tired. Will take the more prosperous the more, -

bargaining points, one after another in exchange for, say, buying more than two, or put on accessories, or commitment to bring friends to. -

women only men loyal, brand loyal man fishes. What I want to try a good brand, after all, tried thousands of miles to the consumer level yet. -

25 道 recipes - delicious person will turn

1, braised bream
2, Mapo tofu practice
3, homemade potato pie
4, to teach you to do Pork
5, warm winter melon balls boil
6, pot belly sheep in winter tonic
7, pickled beef
8, sweet and sour octopus
9, Jingwei full Braised Prawns
10, fried eggplant box
11, Spicy fish
12, super simple and easy waffles
13, candied banana
14, Winter nourishing fried lamb
15, pine nuts corn
16, spicy shrimp
17, old jars chicken legs
18, Pickle loach
19, farm fish
20, spiced broth
21, from pickled salted
22, glutinous rice, bacon roll
23, soft loose Coconut balls
24, ribs taste the mouth fragrant
25, salt and pepper pork ribs braised bream

(full record plans)

1. bought a eight double the bream Fish (feeling too small, this is a child will catch fish if released, but unfortunately the market has rarely seen the kind of home 2 - 4 pounds more than the big bream, but in fact if the Yangtze River that triangular bream on the best, and good things are estimated to childhood almost extinct) necessary ginger, onions, garlic.

2. Note to clean fish the abdominal cavity, now have different degrees of water pollution, so the fish's abdominal cavity in both black film!

3. mow both sides of the fish spent knife - - This easy tasty

4. because the fish is small, so no need to do crosswise, oblique sheet 3 knife on it - note the diagonal cut of meat, not the straight cut!

5. in the fish evenly on both sides cast some salt, and even the abdominal cavity can also get a little, to do a little pre-tasty! I do not like some of the flour stick approach, I feel so damaged the skin's texture!

6. Modulation good fish on the tray, accompanied by ginger, garlic shoot flat , dried chili, and then added some green onions! several colors look good!

7. pull pot, take the blue smoke burn oil, the next stir ingredients into the incense, the fire can not be too much, mainly Stir flavor.

8. so when the yellow onion and garlic can remove inactive ingredients, red Special attention can not be deep-fried black pepper, and it does not look good

10. the rest of the oil used for fried fish it! oil 6 points on it

11. yellowish on both sides can also be fried a little old point!! be careful when turning the fish, broke the fall through the

12. then you can put a small bowl of water (home no soup) started cooking - a restaurant well done oil and more oil all people and even cooked, family practice on their own strategy! open water after adding the most important wine + sauce, is a fishy flavor staining steps!

13. into the previous burning ingredients together, add a little salt in the soup, to Oh, the amount of consideration, because soy sauce is salty, the back must add sauce, including the fish itself and into the off taste it! kept the sauce over the fish, to ensure uniform heat!

14. Add a tablespoon bean paste, this is my very favorite things ~ ~ home base is made of red pepper paste!

15. burn a little while, the fish cooked a long period of time are likely to undermine the shape!

16. Now the fish dish, and sprinkle with green onion leaves - you think so to do the work do?

17. pot and some soup too! essence ah! add a little sugar and vinegar, monosodium glutamate, a good tune a bowl of water, starch, pot, the fire to boil, stir quickly, a little sticky when the pot!

18. the last process - doused with soup! How much juice to hold their own, less is too dry, not much flavor!

19. done! looks good!

po tofu approach (graphic)

1. Preparation: tofu, diced (medium hardness), beef mince, bean paste, salt, wine, crushed red pepper, garlic, ginger, pepper, water, starch, soy sauce, a little sugar.

2. the pot and add a little vegetable oil, the fire heating, oil heat, then added to the bean paste, salt, red pepper, garlic, ginger, pepper, beef, can also be marinated beef with the seasoning after adding together. Saute.

3. Add the tofu cut into small pieces. Gaixiao fire, to boil.

4. until cooked tofu, change the fire, add the water, starch, sugar, wine, MSG, soy sauce a good tune. To be attached even after the sauce, turn off the heat, serve.

5. Remove from heat, sprinkle with pepper noodles, fragrant, full of spicy Sichuan tofu and serve it!

homemade potato cake (illustration)

1. Wash potatoes, steaming pot on the tray (privately that, with a pressure cooker heat is also good, and very easy to do! but recommended not used a pressure cooker GGMM not adventure ah!)

2. Beat the eggs, add milk, add a small amount of salt, soft white sugar, monosodium glutamate (chicken more Well!)

3. steamed potatoes, peeled, crumble

4. eggs, milk, juice into a good tune, plus the amount of flour, stir desperately ah!

5. will increase over flour (amorphous) after the potato cake into the pan fried into shape, remember to do low heat, otherwise it will affect the potato cake color.

6. lovely delicious and delicate potato cake pan it!

teach you to do Pork (full map)

1, clean wok, pan, lower two tablespoons of oil, put three or four tablespoons of sugar, a small fire.

read , Duan Yu from the Song Helou Street on the smell of soy sauce, caramel aroma of roasted pork, brown sugar, it has been thought that caramel is, read this article considered resuscitation .

preparation: a pork, cut into one centimeter square of the strip.

2, stirring constantly with Chao Shao, the sugar dissolves, becomes reddish-brown sugar, which is also called fried candy colors.

3, to cut into the pork, fried uniform, go to sleep are coated with sugar, meat color

4, add soy sauce, cooking wine, ginger, sugar, salt, boil and then transferred a small fire two or three minutes later. Juice and other volatile or less, increase the fire sauce

5, this is the way to do a warm-up
winter melon balls boil (Photos)

Material: pig meat (with a fat with lean), melon, starch, soy sauce, rice wine, spring onion, garlic, ginger, salt, chicken little.

pig meat plus starch, soy sauce, salt, rice wine and mix well.

add a little oil in the pot, pan, garlic, ginger until fragrant.

add water, boil, and then a pig meat, shape into a small round ball, the next into the pot. Balls like this.

balls in the pot like forget shot. The heat and simmer 10 minutes, the next cut melon pieces.

to cook when the melon a bit soft, add chicken and salt, completely soft melon can turn off the heat, the pan. Sprinkle some chopped onions, the taste is really good! We look at it!

pot belly sheep in winter tonic (graphic)

market today to see a very fresh sheep belly, I bought a couple of pounds, ready to be sheep, pot belly.

ingredients with a water chestnut, carrot, ginger.

first to boil hot, fry the lamb back into the dry, remove the water.

new pot, put ginger, curd and saute.

joining the already roasted lamb, constant fan speculation, adding a little wine, soy sauce, candy, salt, an appropriate amount of boiled for 15 minutes.

then add water chestnut and carrot stew.

stew of lamb and a half hours to do pull pot belly, a little taste smell of urine are not

Pickle beef (illustration)

Pickle's hot and sour appetizer is my first choice, color and bright red, looking at all people appetizing.

seasoning beef cut thick wire sizing, pickled shredded celery and shredded beef

pan temperature under the within the oil out

saute Pickle silk, silk put celery stir fry

under beef and stir well can.

beef, low fat, crude fiber, celery, red pepper can also help burn fat, this is a diet food.

sweet and sour octopus (graphic)

Material: chilled octopus two

ingredients : ginger, garlic, hot pepper, pepper, onion, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce and other

1, wash cut pieces, mix a little cornstarch or flour, wok surface and deep fry golden

2, picked up, air dry

3, peppercorns until fragrant, pour ingredients (onions first, not down), add a little sugar into the soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine

4, fried octopus into the block, turning even the slightest tasty stew two minutes.

5, add a little chicken flavored with soy sauce powder, juice, put green onion, ready to pot

Well, smell the smell of it!

Jingwei full Braised Prawns (graphic)

Braised Prawns are an authentic Beijing cuisine, small time as material resources coupled with the masses of working poor Also in the well-off people on the main street of this delicious and only at the Spring Festival will be on the table to me greedy self.

good life now, and eat them is already commonplace thing, but still can not help but think of childhood father often do Braised Prawns ......
Ingredients: Shrimp (not the bigger the better, moderate to so tasty)

Ingredients: onion, ginger, sugar, cooking wine, salt, vinegar, broth, monosodium glutamate

1, first shrimp net to be feet, sandbags gland wash. I bought the shrimp is not very big and looked pretty clean, too lazy to get him on the sandbags gland, huh, huh.

2, washed with a small amount of salted shrimp look, and water control.

onion, ginger.

or ingredients, and ultimately, the different: wine, vinegar.

3, Chao Shao into the hot oil till almost 5 (hand on top of oil, a slight feeling of heat), add shrimp fry until both sides stiff.

4, Jianhao shrimp down back out.

5, if the time Chao Shao in some oil, then put the oil pan, put onion, ginger and stir-fry flavor; If there is no oil, the need to re-fuel .

6, and then a little further into the Jianhao shrimp fry color red,

7, came alive again in wine, vinegar, broth, salt, sugar , MSG, stir-fry with Weihuo boil about 3 minutes, the spoon out of the fire code after the sauce together, pour over sauce on the shrimp, the dish can be.

fried eggplant box (Figure)


one meat

need accessories: onions, ginger , garlic, salt, MSG, cooking wine, soy sauce, and meat and mix well.


flour into a paste with water, add a small amount of salt.


eggplant slices, each set of two, while not cutting through, to maintain adhesion, a bit like a clam shell.

preparation process:

the meat of the eggplant stuffed into the middle of two groups, two eggplant just caught.

cooking steps:

one, tucked into the meat of the tomato ban mussels prepared flour paste to put inside, wrapped in a layer of the batter.

Second, the frying pan into the hot oil.

Third, constantly turning it over fried, until both sides of the yellow.

pan it!

Spicy fish (graphic)

mild,dr dre studio headphones, mostly fragrant. Old is also not much to eat steamed mean, to buy fish, remove the meat, fish bones for the rest of the fish head soup, one fish two to eat, good.

a live fish, cuts clean, take both sides of the meat, cut butterfly slices with seasonings and marinate 30 minutes.

hot fried cooked.

more than a little pot and saute the garlic oil.

then dried chili peppers and ginger until fragrant, add a little water, soy sauce, sugar to boil.

fillet wrapped up the broth, pour vinegar, hook thin gravy, sprinkled with onion, turning spoon pan.

spicy, crispy, slightly sweet and sour fish fillets will do the work!

super simple and easy omelet

do eat mouth from the beginning, it does not take half an hour, fast and simple ~~~~~~

ingredients: flour, 150g, 2 eggs, salt amount, the amount of water (about 300ml), oil 20g, take appropriate

the eggs, salt , oil, water, beat together until salt dissolves, slowly add the flour mix, flour a lump on the pressure with a teaspoon, plus spend the final mix to no dough. Wake up a few minutes.

open the fire, with a flat-bottomed non-stick pan, pour a little oil from the middle down to the batter, the batter down to irregular to spread around, that batter is too thick, and add water in the batter.

dilute fallen after the batter a very uniform to spread around, shaking pan batter quickly flow.

see the batter and shake the pan surface changes color when the batter has not moved, you can turn over fried, and (best way to turn it over, the one not hot, two to practice Shoujin)

turn it over, you can cover the pot, you can not cover. Well ... ... eat! Add cup of black coffee!

caramelized bananas (graphic)

material ultra-simple: bananas 4, flour 50g, starch 75 grams, 1 egg, water, sugar 250 grams, oil

bananas cut, the powder, eggs, plus the amount of water and mix well. Pot plus a lot of oil, fried bananas. The surface of the banana smell of deep-fried to crunchy like. I once put a few pieces, and finally all the bananas back to a skillet, as far as possible so that all surfaces are hard.

pot add a little oil, add sugar, stir constantly small fire, you will see the sugar from the dolphin to gradually dissipate, and then quickly from white to beige to dark yellow and then light brown. This time we can pour the banana, banana fry to sleep all wrapped in the ancient sugar.

caramelized bananas, caramel, crunchy outside, soft inside waxy waxy, very good. Fly in the ointment, banana flour, a little outside of the package softened to do after the formula to adjust the batter.

winter tonic fried lamb (graphic)

last night to buy a leg of lamb, what is the white goat, stewed together with skin.

raw material: a leg of lamb, chopped up into pieces, best known as the butcher cut a little chunk. Two potato, a radish, carrots, two, light blue, placing a sauce, pepper amount.

preferably whole grain white pepper stew, I did not buy, only a pan, add pepper.

leg of lamb into the soup over water fishing praise, add the right amount of water, add pepper to taste (can be afraid to eat pepper wrap with gauze), pepper can be good to go In addition to the smell of mutton, the fire heating.

lamb stew with one side, while other materials will be handled. Onions cut into sections, cut ginger into chunks Crush, potatoes, peeled carrot chunks.

ginger best shot is broken, this can burn out ginger, ginger juice will absorb the spicy soup that fend off the cold and good taste.

all materials are added to the soup praise in the fire to boil, to bubble, turn small fires burn slowly, at least 1 hour or more.

after the pan with salt and white pepper can be discretionary, but also coriander!

now able to drink! !

pine corn (illustration)

success for

necessary ingredients:
a bowl of sweet corn, pine nuts in a small bowl, pepper (small) one carrot (small) one, onion one.

seasonings: salt, half teaspoon.


1, the pepper, carrot, onion cut all the small size of corn kernels.

2, first through pine nut oil. This step to be more careful! ! Because Song Rente easy to paste! ! ! !

pot filling, heat until the oil temperature with 30%, put pine nuts into the pot, to keep a small fire, eyes wide open, while stirring and as soon as look at white pine nuts a little bit color, it is necessary to quickly remove and drain. Thus, the use of residual heat, pine nuts can Zhashu become crispy up.

I is good before the bombing of the pine nuts, so there is no process map, and this step is too tight can not attend to take pictures.

3, the other from the pot, add the base oil, while the next green onion and carrots and stir-fry, stir the chili flavor, add small, toss, you can add sweet corn kernels stir fry, and to cooked, add a half teaspoon of salt, dish pan.

fried corn!

4, will be ready, pine nuts, pour into dish, mix well, you can open eat)

intimate Tip:

1, peppers, carrots color here mainly as an effect, so basically you can pick a smaller one.

2, although this dish did not add a little sugar, but sweet corn kernels and pine nuts reasons, basically sweet flavor. But the plus half the normal cooking with salt or even 1 / 3, you can make this dish taste more fresh.

3, the reason why the pine nut mix in the final disk, you can better maintain its taste spicy crispy shrimp (Photos)

number of sea shrimp, back to open side.

main ingredient chili, pepper some ginger, garlic slices, onion and shredded pickled pepper a few bulbs also sliced ​​ginger.

pot and pour the oil, remember to little more than usual amount of meat dishes as fried oil and more oil to double it big fire hot, pour the shrimp.

fry for a while, add dried chili and pepper, stir fry, heat oil to taste the spicy and hemp are

a spicy taste and hemp, add ginger and garlic pieces, pickled, hot ginger (do not put the onions first)

Stir ginger and garlic flavor, add soy sauce, white sugar right amount, a little wine is about pot, add onion, stir add salt.

a clean wok.

old jar chicken legs (Figure)

remember a few years ago my mother came to Shenzhen, I go home for dinner, a look was served a white sauce of chicken legs did not put Han, and my heart straight to himself, like the white water is boiled chicken legs, dipped it spices, spices can be found, an excuse not any bowl, clip a bite, ah, how so tasty, my mother said with a smile, the old jars of pickles with blisters, ah! No wonder this delicious it, I love, and my mother see me so like, you often do, in the fridge, I love watching TV while eating, really happy days ah ... ... ...

practice: Wash chicken legs, open water, the pot is not more than ten minutes, using chopsticks can penetrate on it, picked over cold water, put in the crisper, scoop water into the old jars of pickles, swamp chicken legs, by the way fishing a few pickled pepper, celery pieces together and then cut-point bubble, in the fridge after two hours you can eat.

Note: Do not cook chicken legs, a long time, gum out, it froze into the skin.

oyster burned two winter (Figure)

ingredients: mushrooms 50 g (dry), bamboo shoots 150 grams.

accessories: 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, onion amount, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, salt, sugar, MSG, water, starch, sesame oil.


1. dried mushrooms washed, soaked hair, change the knife into 3 pieces each, soak mushrooms in water retention.

2. bamboo shoots, cut hob, boiled, remove and control of water.

3. the oil pan, add mushrooms and bamboo shoots, onion, burst bit, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate and soak mushrooms in a little water, a small fire to braise for 5 minutes.

4. After the fragrant soup, water, starch hook thin gravy, Drizzle sesame oil, stir well.


mushrooms is characterized by a plain, fresh, fragrant, but some people do not like the aroma of mushrooms, but it is this Hong to bamboo shoots aftertaste. Note that with savory and sweet, we do to try it .....

pickled loach (graphic)

starring play!

Loach (water to keep the first two days of abdominal, water drops of oil). Pickle, wild salamanders, fermented glutinous rice, ginger and garlic.


1, pickled ginger and garlic finely chopped Sansho,

2, under the material a pot put the oil saute
3, stir-fried loach next moment

4, pour a little hot water salamanders, cooking wine

5, put the fermented glutinous rice

burning forty-five minutes after the seasoning, not a long burning, loach easily broken, I'll burn for a little more.

loach fresh, pickled sour, typical Sichuan dishes, is also said to beauty (what is now the United States to be with beauty?)

then introduce a child or the elderly to practice, tofu soy milk loach

oil after the heat a little oil until fragrant ginger and garlic under the loach fry, mixed with milk, boil, add tofu cooked. Physical fitness for children and frail elderly people.

farm fish (graphic)

condiments are as follows:

onion, ginger, garlic, parsley, Pixian, mustard, pepper, pickled, pickled ginger if you can make it more perfect, and Oh, broiled fish, especially farm-style, in the absence of more than pickled and hot to taste of the ginger.


first fried fish, a lot of people are afraid of this part, because it is easy to be thrown into the hot oil, so the fish stick pan, fry skin broken out, in fact, as long as the preparation well, these will not occur, wash the fish after a good first look at water vapor to dry, then use kitchen towel to drain water fish

another pan fried fish must be washed, dried before firing the pot, let cool a little flame, wipe the pan with the ginger and let the pot with a layer of ginger, then pour the oil fire, oil warm, the fire reduced, not too large, this time down to the fish, slowly fried on it.

other fish fried to golden brown on both sides, you can serve.

they going to pot another oil, the pepper, hot ginger, pickled, mustard, Pixian stir the pot, then under the soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine, sugar and adjust seasoning, add water after the fish stew, the next onion, garlic.

other juice fast closing time under dry parsley, pot!

a success! It looks good!

spicy broth (Figure)

Chongqing, the pig intestine called broth, greasy sound, there are a lot of practice, such as roast, stew , dry stir, etc., which I think the number of and spicy pepper taste delicious, but also remove the smell of the large intestine, to eat up with Ma and spicy, very tasty, eat a bowl every time ~ ~ ~

talk about practice By the way I approach the large intestine to wash, wash it very clean!


1, pig intestines 500g

2, dried chilli 100g (adjust according to personal taste)

3, pepper 20g (based on personal taste appropriate adjustments)

4, ginger, garlic little

5, wine, salt, soy sauce, sugar, chicken amount


1, will buy back the pig intestine wash;

By the way, the large intestine to wash method: the buy back some of the large intestine into the flour into the pot to the (slightly more than put a little) and salt, a bottle of beer, rub back and forth, until the large intestine on the dirt washed into the sink, with running water rinse the large intestine, large intestine on the flour until the clean up. Then drain the pot, into the wash of the large intestine, then add cooking wine, ginger (purpose is to remove the smell on the large intestine) bring to a boil (the water is meant to fly), remove the large intestine;
2, re-turn on the water pot, add ginger wine, and then put the large intestine, such as pot, cook the large intestine cool and cut into small pieces of soft back (Figure 1);

3, dried pepper from the middle two cut cut, add pepper spare (Figure 2);

4, the pot of oil until the oil temperature into the colon six hot, put some salt, turn the fire slowly stir the water to the large intestine of some of dry dry and then drained the oil containing a spare (Figure 3,4);

5, the ginger and garlic pieces into the pan stir fry just a fragrant, pour the ready pepper and pepper, stir fry until peppers turn the fire a little color into the previously filled out after the colon continue to stir fry for a little while, add cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, chicken stir fry for a while and then continued to pepper into the dark Guan, H.-S. the red after transfer to a plate (Figure 5,6)!

from pickled salted egg (Photos)

First, choose coarse salt (fine salt will do, if not coarse salt well)

boiling salt water, depending on your weight of the egg determines the amount of water, until the salt is saturated so far (no salt dissolved in water) that line.

after the release of eggs to be cool salt water (duck also, personal favorite) If you eat Fei eye (that is, out of the salted egg yolk salted black, protein is white) can be a hot salt water to lay eggs, then dip pickled fifteen days, do not have to flip the egg.

This is a half after the salty pickled eggs, take the food, the salt water can still go on to pickled eggs came alive again.

we look at it, a lot of egg yolk oil Oh, my yellow egg yolk, egg yolk if you want the hearts of salt in boiling water with a red tea leaves when boiled with salt, egg yolk will red, and like to eat salted egg's try!

rice bacon roll (Photos)

open blisters rice, more than an hour after the release of steam steam inside the pot for 15-20 minutes

cut bacon onions, and lettuce, lettuce must maintain the integrity of

the lettuce a little hot, hot soft

fried bacon, add the steamed glutinous rice, soy sauce chicken with raw salt (a little) cooking wine, stir, add onions out pan fried


take half a slice of cooked lettuce leaves, a good amount of fried rice

wrapped like

steamed about 3,4 minutes

loose soft coconut balls (graphic )


butter 100 grams sugar 130 grams (I only use 90 grams, enough flavor), milk 40 grams , egg yolk 80 grams, milk 20 grams, coconut 270 grams.


1, butter, powdered sugar together and stir until mixed;

2, graded by adding egg yolk mix;

3, graded by adding milk mix;

4, add coconut, milk powder and mix well (my pot is relatively small, so I was graded to join).

the marinated coconut creamy small pellets group (the entire production process on a number of this step is the most accurate, and good people yo sticky oil is good, can only put up with, Coconut relatively loose group, using disposable gloves or plastic bags is not good to do), the row of small pellets in the baking dish into the preheated oven. 120 degrees up and down the fire (I feel a little low, home oven temperature may be below standard, so I used a 140-degree) grilled to golden brown like the small pellets, and I used it for 35 minutes!

delicious yo, taste soft, full flavor! Genuine material from the household, than in the past can be strong eat more of Righteousness! The difference is obvious.

made such a case, less than I imagined, but also eat on the days!

mouth ribs taste lingers in your mouth (Photos)

cola ribs

materials: pork 600 grams, 2 cans of Coke , ginger, onion, star anise, soy sauce, salt.


1. Wash and cut the ribs inch form, and then fly water retention;

2. with peanut oil saute ginger (3), then add pork stir-fried;

3. then cook ribs into the cooker, add a small amount of star anise and soy sauce, salt, cola;

4. with the fire burning to the sauce like, came to power when you put a small amount of onion.

plum garlic steamed pork ribs

materials: rows of 600 grams of pork, ginger, green onion, garlic, cornstarch, Plum 5, pepper, sugar, rice wine.


1. Wash the ribs cut into small pieces and drain water retention;

2. add the right amount of salt, rice wine, pepper and marinate for 15 minutes, Plum bad with the clutch, to cut a little bit, add sugar, garlic, mix, sugar melted, into the ribs, add dry starch then mix well;

3. to tile plate ribs on the water boil, put the steaming rack, and steam for 8 to 10 minutes until cooked;

4. and serve sprinkled point when the green onion, 1 tablespoon hot oil can be poured.

salt and pepper ribs

Material: Rib 750 grams, onions, ginger, red pepper at the end, the end of green pepper, 2 eggs, black pepper, MSG , Hua Diao wine, salt and pepper.


1. the pig-shaped ribs cut into small pieces (5 cm) washed, and ribs with a cloth to dry the moisture retention;

2. and then for curing, salt, black pepper, MSG, Hua Diao wine, ginger marinated for 15 minutes;

3. oil in the firing process, the main ingredient of an egg batter modulation, mixing it with a small spoon uniform;

4. the marinated ribs evenly coated with the egg into the boiling oil in the paste, fry until golden shortening picked up on the plate;

5. Jia Ruqie good red pepper at the end, light blue end of green pepper at the end and after an appropriate amount of salt and pepper saute slightly and evenly sprinkle the ribs, then even if this dish well.

● steamed pork ribs, when the steamer is not available if the home instead of a bowl, mixed with water directly into the pot, half flooded to the bowl can be high. Otherwise, when the pot when steaming to add a little water, so water Shaogan. Remember to add the boiling water, or hot and cold, bowls easy to explode.

● ribs with salt and pepper the outside with a layer of custard, so the pot, the pot of sauce will thicken immediately, this time to keep the stir-stick pan to prevent. Juice must be received dry, when the bottom of the pot are basically oil, between the ribs to separate the ribs will pull a wire of sugar, the juice collected almost the same. Confiscated juice will seriously affect the finished product dry gloss and texture.

&,dr dre beats


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