Prince at the Super Bowl



O.k. admit it. When you heard Prince was playing at the Super Bowl halftime show, your shoulders kind of sagged didn’t they? You thought “here’s another lame halftime show by a performer past his prime, just another nostalgia act who’s gonna ride his hits in order to pimp his I-tunes sales figures.? You know that was your reaction. It was my reaction.

Then something wonderful happened. Prince rocked the house in the Miami rain! No surprise that he started off with Let’s go Crazy. Pretty predictable opener. But then Prince started to rip it up on guitar and all of a sudden its was damn, that’s right Prince plays a mean-ass guitar. Now here comes the medley, but it’s all covers… was that Prince channeling Hendrix covering Dylan on All Along the Watchtower? The Foo Fighters’ Best of You? Now it’s a version of Proud Mary that would do Ike and Tina proud. What’s that marching band doing there? My Lord they’re kicking ass too!!

You know what’s coming next but it still blows you away: Purple Rain, in the rain with the stage and rain bathed in purple light, the marching band in some sort of Tron outfits and Prince laying it down like it’s no one’s business with guitar work that would put Eddie Van Halen to shame all happening behind some sheet and his shadow is ten feet tall looking like he is stroking his guitar/giant phallus all while the background singers are crying “purple rain, purple rain? and if you’re a Vikings fan you mist up because all those bottled-up emotions from years of Super Bowl futility are being exorcised by a 5’4? singing imp with a funny-looking guitar. Finally the performance ends, you’re thrilled that you’ve just seen a Super Bowl halftime show that rivals U2 as the best ever and man are you now ready for some football.

Here is a another review of Prince’s performance that is way over the top. If you wondered why Prince wasn’t electrocuted on that wet stage, this article will be of interest.

What did you think of the show?


I enjoyed it also. Ever since I saw Prince play at the Rock and Roll HOF induction ceremony I have been blown away by his guitar playing ability. Look up his rendition of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on YouTube and be prepared to be impressed.

Anyway, I enjoyed his halftime performance. He is a fantastic musician.

I was watching the Super Bowl with my 3-year old god daughter and her two sisters. It was pretty cool getting to see how much they enjoyed his performance since it was probably the first time they'd ever seen or heard anything by him.

At some point, I'm going to have to put together a kid-friendly mix CD with his clean stuff.

It was great! I am trying to remember what awards night it was that he spoke and encouraged young artists to work hard on their craft.

Agreed. Prince rocked like no other. Everytime the general public attempts to bury him, he throws down a kick ass performance and wins everyone back. Great performance without the usual halftime-schtick!

When I heard the intro to Purple Rain I was overjoyed. I too am guilty of prejudging, believing this was another hype of a performance by another has been. Far from it. Prince took a once in a lifetime moment and cemented himself in superbowl history.I am 19 and this was certainly the very best performance that I have ever seen. It just seemed like the entire stadium was united as 1 and there was a mutual respect for Prince that night. Unlike anything Ive ever experienced.

I'm amazed that so many people know so little about Prince.

He's so far beyond pop music it's unbelievable. True fans (and music experts) have known this for years.

His guitar playing rivals the best who have ever played. Most musicians know this. I'm glad the general public is finally starting to get it.

I'm stupid wound up about 2010 Superbowl. We're in for a great duel. I'll choose dem Saints in a blow out.

[Halo effect]
famous Russian literary giant Pushkin Zengyin role halo effect suffered a great deal. He was fanatically in love with is called the Natan Li looks amazing, but with different channel sub-puhi Kim Ji. When Pushkin's poem written for each to read it to her time. She always said, clutching his ears: duel death, so a literary star fall prematurely. In Pushkin, a beautiful woman is bound to have great wisdom and noble character, however, is not the case, a phenomenon known as the halo effect.
so-called halo effect, that is, interpersonal communication, people who exhibit the characteristics of a particular aspect, cover the other features, resulting in interpersonal cognitive disorders. In daily life, For instance, some older people to young people's individual shortcomings, or dress, habits and dislike, they think they must have good for nothing; some young people a thing about the admiration of friends, will see him everywhere cute, so-called The halo effect is a sweeping subjective psychological speculation, the error is: First, it is easy to grasp the individual characteristics and habits of individual push and general, as Mangrenmoxiang as a point on behalf of the face; second It is not intrinsically linked to some personality or physical characteristics associated with, the assertion that such features are bound to have other characteristics; Third, it definitely said yes to all, that bad on all the negative, which is a absolute domination by the tendency of subjective bias. In short, the halo effect is the interpersonal relationships in a great psychological impact on people with cognitive impairment, we have contacts to try to avoid and overcome the side effects of the halo effect.

hedgehog hedgehogs rule: two sleepy hedgehog, as cold and owned together. Because their body can have long thorns, so they left some distance, but can not stand the cold, then get together. After a series of two hedgehog finally found a suitable distance: both get each other's warm and will not be binding.
hedgehog law mainly refers to interpersonal relationships in the
French President Charles de Gaulle is a hedgehog law will use people. He had a motto: This is also profoundly affected him and consultants, think tanks and their relations staff. In his ten years of presidential years, his Secretariat, General Office and the General Staff and other private consultants and think tanks, no one's working life can be more than two years. His newly appointed chief of staff always say: requirements. This provision is based on two reasons: First, in his view, mobility is normal, but fixed is not normal. This is a practice by the forces of impact, because the army is mobile, not fixed in one place is always the military. Second, he did not want This indicates that de Gaulle is a major decision on their own thinking and the survival of the leader, he does not allow side there is always inseparable from the people. Only to mobilize in order to maintain a certain distance, and only maintain a certain distance, in order to ensure the consultants and staff with fresh thinking and determination, and full of vitality, it can prevent the course of time the consultants and senior staff who use the name of the President and the Government malpractice.
Charles de Gaulle's approach is thought-provoking and admirable. No sense of distance, making the leadership of the secretary or an over-reliance on a few people, and make resource persons from interference in domestic affairs, and thus make the name of these people under the guise of leadership, seeking selfish interests, and finally pulled into the water leading cadres, the consequences are very dangerous. Comparing the two, or maintain a certain distance is good.

Rosenthal Rosenthal, American psychologist, who in 1968 conducted a famous experiment. Them to a primary election in the three sixth grade classes of children making a fuss of the In fact, this list is not determined according to test results, but randomly selected. It is based on Eight months later, intelligence tests and found again on the list of the general improvement in student achievement, teachers also gave them good moral conduct reviews. This experiment has achieved miraculous results, it is considered by teachers to students the subtle psychological effects, so that teachers expect students to achieve the progress of the phenomenon, known as the Pygmalion (Pygmalion was the king of Cyprus in Greek mythology, he produced the statue of a girl love for his ultimate desire to make this statue into a real person, the two fall in love with).
educational practice also shows that: if a teacher like some of the students, they will have high expectations, after a period of time, students feel the teachers care, love and encouragement; often a positive attitude towards teachers towards learning and their behavior towards the students more self-esteem, confidence, self-love, self-induce a positive passion, these students often expect teachers to obtain progress. In contrast, teachers who are ignored, discriminated against students from the teacher's discourse over time, behavior, facial expressions feel the teacher's requirements; these students often worse day by day, and finally reduced to the bad elements of society. Despite some exceptions, but the trend is that, while it also sounded the alarm for teachers.

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[Halo effect] [effect] [Hawthorne learned helplessness experiments] [] [the witness's memory Rosenthal effect] [error] false sympathy

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bucket theory theory: the composition of the board if the length of the missing barrels, then filled the bucket of water is not dependent on the longest piece of wood, and depends on the shortest piece of wood.
bucket effect is like a bucket full of water, must be the same each board flush with no damage, if only in a wooden barrel or a missing block of wood below the hole, this barrel can not be filled with water. Is that a bucket can be How much water does not depend on the longest piece of wood, but on the shortest piece of wood. Also known as short-board effect. A bucket, no matter how high, its water storage is highly dependent on where the lowest piece of wood.
also known as bucket principle or theory of a short board, short board bucket management theory, the so-called How much water does not depend on the highest piece of wood Tongbi, but rather depends on the shortest piece Tongbi. According to this core content, Second, as long as the bucket, there are a sufficient height, a bucket of water can not be full.

Matthew: even all of his, be taken away. many areas. Its name comes from the Bible,

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Hawthorne effect [a]
psychological experimenter effect. 1920s and 1930s, U.S. researchers at the Chicago Western Electric Company Hawthorne factory's working conditions, social factors and relations of production efficiency experimenter effect found in experiment, called the Hawthorne effect.
first phase of the experiment in November 1924 from the beginning of the working conditions and productivity of the relationship between the test group and control group. Results regardless of increase or control illumination in the experimental group yields are rising, and the same illumination output of the control group also increased. In addition, tests of the wages paid, the coffee break time, the length of daily and weekly number of days of work and other factors, these conditions can not see a direct impact on production efficiency. The second phase of the trial by the U.S. Mayo led Harvard University professor, focuses on social factors and the relationship between productivity and found that production efficiency is mainly caused by the experimenter in the spirit has undergone tremendous changes. Participate in the trial of the workers were placed in special laboratory researchers led by their social conditions changed, been a matter of concern, creating a feeling of participating in the trial, that he is an important part of the company, so that workers From a social point of view side are motivated to promote increased production.
This effect tells us that when students or their attention or attention by the public, the study and would greatly increase the efficiency of communication. Therefore, in our daily lives to learn to get along with others, understand what kind of behavior is accepted by students and teachers and appreciation, and we can only live and learn and continually increase their good behavior, it may be more people's attention and appreciation, but also can make our learning progress, full of confidence!

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watch law watch: watch law refers to a person with a table, you can know it is a few minutes, and when he has two not being able to determine. Two tables and can not tell a more accurate time, so they will watch the people lose confidence in accurate time.
watch law in business management gives us a very intuitive inspiration, is the same person or an organization can not use two different methods, can not set two different goals, even each individual can not be two people to simultaneously command, or will the business or personal loss.

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herding: sheep where to go, where to go behind the sheep to follow.
herding was first equity investment in a term mainly refers to the investors in the transaction process, there is the phenomenon of learning and imitation, the same in a certain period of time trading stocks.
herding theory (The Effect of Sheep Flock)
a stick placed horizontally in front of a flock of sheep, the first sheep jumped in the past, second only to , and a third will follow the jump; this time, stick to Flanagan withdrawal, followed by sheep, come here, sheep are still the same as the previous upward jump, the stick has gone though highway, which is called The Refers to the management of some companies on the market behavior is a common phenomenon. It is due to insufficient information and lack of understanding of the market difficult for investors to make a reasonable uncertainty about the future expectations, often by observing the behavior of people around the extraction of information, the continuous transmission of this information, Many people will be roughly the same information and mutually reinforcing, resulting in herd behavior.
herd behavior in the field of behavioral finance is more typical of a phenomenon, the mainstream of financial theory can not explain. Economics often use Sheep is a very scattered organization, usually with left and right is blind to hit, but once there is a sheep to move, the other will without hesitation herd sheep, completely ignoring the wolf or near the front may have better at the grass. Therefore, the
the emergence of herding in general a very competitive industry, but also the industry leader on a (leader) occupied the major attention, then the whole flock will continue to imitate the leader's every move, the leader go

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witness's memory, in our understanding of where, usually to provide some objective evidence, that is his own witness and hear something truly people who speak out. However, psychological research shows that the testimony of many witnesses are not very accurate, or that is a personal preference, with personal views and awareness.
witness testimony of their confidence and their testimony can not determine the accuracy of the results of this study is surprising. Mrs fees can be special and psychologist Howard Springs decided to make this conclusion more in-depth research. In order to investigate whether the testimony of witness something special, they will witness's memory and the memory of general knowledge were compared.
they allow to be shown a short video is about the kidnapping of a girl. Next day, to answer some of the video in the content of, and asked them to tell their own level of confidence to answer, then do a recognition memory test. Next, using the same method, the content of popular literature from the encyclopedia and general knowledge of selected issues.
and the same happened before, fees can be special and Mrs Howard Springs also found that the accuracy of the witness recalled, those confident of their answers than those who do not actually have no confidence people greater, but for general knowledge, the situation is not the case, people with high confidence in memories of people who score better than the lack of confidence.
people in the general knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses with self-knowledge. Therefore, tend to modify their test results for the confidence scale. General knowledge is a database, is shared between individuals, it has recognized the correct answer, subjects can measure themselves. For example, people will know the issue of whether in sports or even almost better than others. However, the event witnessed the impact from such self-knowledge. For example, on the whole, than others, they are unlikely to know the participants in the memory of the incident in hair color better or worse.

monkeys and table a group of monkeys live in forests, when the sun rises every day they go out foraging, when the sun back to rest, day flies flat and well-being.
a tourist through the forest, to watch a tree fall on the rocks, was a monkey Smart Meng can be
do the Monkey King's Hard work pays off,
but When a subordinate to ask the time, After some time, the monkeys were revolted, to But soon, the new monkey is also facing
This is the famous More people watch more accurate and can not tell the time, but will watch the people lose confidence in accurate time.
watch law gives us a very intuitive inspiration:
for any one thing, can not set two different goals, or they will make a loss ; for a person can not choose between two different values, or his behavior would be in chaos.
a person can not by two or more people to command, or will the people know what to do; for a business, it is not at the same time using two different methods of management, or will the business can not development.
In this respect America Online and Time Warner merger is a typical failure case. AOL is a young Internet company, corporate culture emphasizes operating flexibility, rapid decision-making, quick to seize the markets require that all of the target service. Time Warner in the development process to build long-term integrity of the road and emphasize innovative corporate culture.
two companies after the merger, corporate senior management and is not a good solution to two kinds of values ​​conflicts with the staff completely confuse the company's future development direction. Finally, Time Warner and AOL century marriage ended in failure. It also indicates that, to find out the time, an accurate time table would be sufficient.
only choice you think is right
two tables and can not tell a more accurate time, but will watch the people lose confidence in accurate time . You have to do is to choose the more reliable one, try to calibrate it and use it as your standard, follow its guidelines.
Nietzsche's famous saying: Choose what you love, love your choice However, the problems of many people is that they are
there are people on the environment or others under pressure, against his own choice did not like the road, and thus depressed for life. Even if the subject made great achievements, but also never felt the joy of success.
In real life, we often encounter a similar situation. Such as two elective courses are you interested in, but teaching time coincidence, and you do not have enough energy to learn the two courses, this time it's hard to choose. In the face of two equally good, equally enamored of your boys, you will certainly upset a long time, I do not know how to do a decision.
career, locations, treatment no clear winner of the two units, you will go from here? Every crossroads in life, we must face the
choice in the face of conflict, we recommend using The so-called
Psychological research shows that Maybe you can not tell a clear reason, but by the psychological subconscious, under normal circumstances can make the best decision to meet the needs of individual psychology. Here that the subconscious, in fact, we often say the first impression.
core concept: more choices, more standards will make people confused.
Application Tips: clear goals, without interference; know how to choose, the place is put.

crocodile crocodiles rule: its intent is to assume that a crocodile bite your feet, if you hand to try to break your foot, crocodile will bite your feet and hands. The more you struggle, it was the more bite. In the event that crocodile bite your feet, your only way is to sacrifice one foot.
example, in the stock market, crocodiles rule is: when you find yourself trading a departure from the direction of the market, must stop immediately, without any delay, shall not have any luck.

1964 年 3 月 13 日夜 3 时 20 points in the United States outside of an apartment in New York before a man named Juno younger than white women between the end of the bar on the way home from work assassination. When she cried in despair: When everything is calm, the killer returned to crime. When she yelled, the nearby residents and opened the lights, the attackers then fled. When she has nothing to do, go back to their home upstairs, the killer once again appeared before her, kill her on the stairs. In the process, even though she shouted for help, her neighbors, at least 38 to the window to watch, but no one to rescue her, no one even called the police. This caused a stir in New York society, but also attracted the attention of social psychologists and thinking. It is considered a large number of bystanders neglecting the phenomenon known as diffusion of responsibility effect.
for the diffusion of responsibility effect the formation of the reasons a lot of experimental psychologists and survey results found that: this phenomenon can not just say everyone's callous, or moral decay of the performance increased. Because on different occasions, acts of assistance that people really are different. When a person in an emergency situation, if only he can provide help, he would clearly aware of their responsibilities, assistance to the victims. If he refused to produce feelings of guilt, feelings of guilt, which requires paying a high psychological price. And if the presence of so many people, the responsibility for seeking help from the people to share, resulting in fragmentation of responsibility, the responsibility of each person to share very few spectators and even that may not even his own sense of a responsibility not to produce an How to break this situation, this is a psychologist working on an important issue.

diffusion of responsibility effect

butterfly effect butterfly effect: the 1970s, an American meteorologist named Lorenz system theory in the interpretation of air, said the Amazon rain forest a vibrating butterfly wings occasionally, maybe two weeks can cause a tornado in Texas, USA.
butterfly effect is that very small changes in initial conditions through continuous zoom, its future status will cause a very big difference. Some small things can be confusing, and some small things such as amplified by the system, then an organization, a country is important, it can not confused.
today's business, its fate also by the Consumers increasingly believe that feeling, so the brand consumer, shopping environment, the attitude of ... ... the value of these intangible factors will be their choice. So long as a little attention, we can easily see that some management practices, work well in their company philosophy will appear in this sentence:
name of the customer, the only one not satisfied, so you can be proud, said only 1% of the failure, but for the customer, he got in return was 100% satisfied.
today, allow companies to change the fate of the The emergence of competition and other news vehicles, sit and worry-free corporate monopoly growing potential of micro and open competition so that enterprises have to consider all the potential factors that affect development.
streamlining their organizations, officials laid off, the abolition of welfare housing and other measures to enable more and more people away from the traditional security, followed by destiny to decide on their own. The combination of organizational and personal freedom the result is: who can capture the useful life of the

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] [Parkinson's Law well-known British historian
North Goode Parkinson through long-term research, write a book called In his book, agency personnel explained the reasons for and consequences of inflation: an incompetent official, may be three ways, first is the application for resignation, the seat give competent people; second is to allow a competent person to assist their work; third appointment of two levels lower than they were when the assistant. This first way is absolutely Zou Bude, because that would lose many rights; second way can not go, because that would be capable of their opponents; seems that only a third way most appropriate. As a result, two mediocre assistant sharing his work, he is high above orders, they will not pose a threat to their rights. Since the inability of two assistants, they are calling the shots, then two more for his inability to find an assistant. So on, to form a bloated, overstaffed, wrangling with each other, inefficient leadership system.

[learned helplessness experiments]
earliest effects of learned helplessness and Ofer Mill Cyril Krugman found later in animal and human studies have been widely discussed. Simply put, many experiments show that trained dogs can cross the barriers or engage in other behavior to avoid the shock the experimenter added to it. However, if the dogs are not expected (do not know when to come) and can not be controlled by electric shock (such as interruption of electric shock or not does not depend on the dog's behavior), when the dog was a chance to escape electric shock, they also become was unable to escape. Moreover, the dogs also showed other defects, such as frustration and depression, reduced motivation and so on.
dog show why this situation is due early in the experiment learned a sense of helplessness. In other words, they recognize that no matter what their own can not control the termination shock. In each experiment, the shock is terminated under the control of the experimenter, and the dog will recognize their inability to change the external control, to learn a sense of helplessness.
person who had learned helplessness, has become a deep despair and sadness. Therefore, we should study and life in their eyes open a little and see the real events behind the determining factor, do not make our own despair.

broken windows theory, also known as the Some people believe that this theory is the 19th-century French economist Bastiat as the target of criticism and summed up, reflected in its well-known article The Hazlitt said that if a child broke the window, people will inevitably lead to replacement of broken window glass, which would make the installation of glass and glass production were started to promote social employment.
here, scholars to illustrate the child's behavior and the government's actions could have consequences, which completely negate the Keynesian government intervention. To such an absurdity to put the in flood, let's, earthquakes, let's at war, it seems very appropriate.


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share deviation [false]
we usually believe that our love is the same with most people. If you like to play computer games, then it is possible to overestimate the number of people like computer games. You will usually overestimate the students to vote for their favorite numbers, overestimate their own group's prestige and leadership, and so on. This overestimation of your behaviors and attitudes have the same preference number of features is called the Some factors that may affect your share of this false bias strength:
(1) When an external attribution was stronger than internal attribution;
(2) current behavior or events when a person is very important; (3) When you are very sure of their point of view, or believe that when;
(4) When your status or some kind of normal life and learning are threatened;
(5) When it comes to a positive the quality or individuality;
(6) When you and other people as when they are similar.

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20% ------------------ 80% of people who successfully unsuccessful
20% of the people use to make money -------- neck above the neck 80% of people who make money
20% positive thinking -------------- 80 % of negative thinking
20% of people are buying time ---------------- 80% of people selling time
; 20% of people looking for a good employee ---------- 80% of people find a good job
20% of people dominate others ------- ------- 80% of people dominated by people who do
20% cause 80% of people do ---------------- things
20% of people attach importance to experience -------------- 80% of people attach importance to education
20% of people think that actions have results ------ 80% of people think that knowledge is power
20% of people how do I make money ------ only 80% of the people I want to how rich I do
20% of people love to investment ---------------- 80% of people love shopping
20% ---------------- 80% of the targeted people love Xia Xiang
20% of people find answers in the question - ------- 80% of people find the answers to the questions
20% of people in long-term perspective ------------ 80% of the immediate
20% of people the opportunity -------------- 80% of people missed the opportunity
20% of people plan for the future -------------- 80% of people up in the morning just like today, why
20% of the people to act according to successful experience -------- 80% of people according to their own wishes
20% of the people to do simple things ---------- 80% of people do not want to do simple things
; 20% of people do today, tomorrow things ------ 80% of people do today, tomorrow things
20% of people how to do ---- -------- 80% of people can not do
20% to 80% of people taking notes ---------------- Forgetfulness is a good
20% of people who were affected by the success of -------- 80% of people affected by the failure
20% people in good -------------- 80% of the bad attitude
20% of people believe they will succeed ------- ------- 80% of people do not want to change the environment
20% of people will never praise, encourage -------------- 80% never abusive, criticizing
20% of people will insist -------------- 80% of people would give up

broken windows theory [] [] [twenty-eight law bucket theory] [Matthew] [] [the duty to spread the logic cage effect] [Parkinson's Law]

cage hanging bird cage in the room a beautiful place where the most prominent, a few days, the owner will make one of the following two options: throw away the cage, or buy back on a bird cage. This is the logic cage. The process is simple, imagine you are the owner of the room, as long as people entered the room and saw the cage, it will not help but ask you: keep off birds. Cage logical reason is simple: most of the time is to take the inertia of thinking. So seen in the life and work to develop logical thinking is very important.

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former president of General Electric Company, Stone note in their work very personally hedgehog theory, especially in the treatment of middle and senior managers on even more so. Treatment in the workplace and on, Stone never mean for managers of care, but in their spare time, he never asked managers to guest home, never to accept their invitation. It is this distance to maintain an appropriate management of the business to make common Zhimakaihua steadily high. And staff to maintain a certain distance, not make you high above, nor will you be confused with the identity of employees. This is one of the best managed state. Maintained by a certain distance to maintain the principle, this principle of equal treatment for all: both leaders themselves bound can also be bound by employees. Grasp this principle, also mastered the secret of successful management.

[broken windows theory]
broken windows theory: a house if the windows broke, no one to repair, soon separated, other windows will be broken somehow; a wall, If some of the graffiti has not been cleansed, and soon, the walls covered with a mess, unsightly thing; a very clean place, people embarrassed taking out the trash, but once on the ground with garbage appears, people will mm do not hesitate to throw, did not feel ashamed.

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effect [catfish]
ago, sardines low survival rate during transportation. After it was found that, if put in a sardine in a catfish, the situation is somewhat improved, the survival rate will be greatly enhanced. This is why it?
Had catfish in to a strange environment, will be to the stirring; and sardines found in more than a This problem is solved oxygen sardines, and sardines, will not die.
When an organization working to achieve a more stable state, often means lower employee motivation, An organization, if there is always a
It is manifested in two aspects, one company to continue to add new blood, those vibrant, quick-witted young force into the workforce and even management, to those who rest on its laurels, conservative and bureaucratic laziness employees competitive pressure, in order to arouse The second is to continue to introduce new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new management concepts, so as to enable enterprises to fighting the tide waves in the market, enhance survivability and adaptability.
catfish effect on the application, there are catfish in effect in the application of human resource management, leadership activities in the application, specifically including the establishment of a competitive mechanism, capable of opening, leading style changes, etc.. But I believe that catfish effect analysis and application of much more. Think different perspectives, identify problems, solve the problem is different.
First, if the catfish body on behalf of the leader.
leaders influence others to complete tasks that the individual or collective, in the dead sardine box, a symbol of a group of sardines on a highly homogeneous group, their skill level similar to , lack of innovation and initiative, overstaffing, inefficiency, the whole body is a bloated state, and the arrival of the leader catfish (or internal sardines evolved catfish), new broom sweeps clean, straighten out discipline , normative systems, the transformation process, the rational allocation of jobs and people, financial, material, and gradually the business organization has been improvement, cut down costs, simplify the bloated body, was incompetent to eat sardines, and driven away, there are ability of sardine has been a positive incentive, such a thriving scene showing the entire organization, a leader in the catfish under the leadership of the vitality of the entire organization are mobilized, so that the collective power of more powerful, dominate the market, maintain market have a solid foundation.
From this perspective, catfish leader should have the following characteristics:
1 - act decisively, resolutely: rapid detection of disease where the stagnant organization, and able to cut the Gordian knot, quickly and effectively solve the problem.
2 - their words, a strong style of work: scientific decision-making, decision making and the ability to monitor the implementation and timely assessment of the effectiveness of policies.
3 - promoting innovative, results-oriented: to promote innovation, create an atmosphere that encourages innovation, from business processes, job design, staff recruitment and configuration, design and assessment and other aspects of remuneration reflects the innovative ideas, reflecting the innovative Lee.
4 - need for achievement, forward-looking vision: a short-and long-term development plans and objectives, to anticipate the direction of organizational development and existing and future human resource gap, which can effectively identify future talent, cut out drag is not suitable for development of the organization staff.
5 - the system perspective, the courage to change: the ability to observe from within and outside the organizational changes in the structure and function of the system, not only regard ourselves as part of an organization (as opposed to a fisherman, a leader itself catfish sardines, fisherman is the leader), and should see itself as a leader in small systems, they can bring the staff open up the situation, to break the routine, to achieve good results.
for the leader under the leadership of the struggle for a common goal of employee groups, if the leader has catfish features, then the way to survive is in motion, to stimulate their energy, at least synchronized to the speed and catfish, and to ensure the same direction (business objectives), so as not to be eaten catfish catch up, or pushed by other sardines last suffocated.
Second, if the catfish on behalf of a team.
then it means that new, strange, different, including different views, different behavior, different habits, because different, will inspire wisdom, a team needs different personalities, different skills and work experience of different people to join, if you are all-employee, then the team produce imaginative, to produce high performance is slim. Focus on team building, communication and team effort today, due to attract catfish to join the team, will bring the whole team working atmosphere and lively, bringing innovation to bring win-win. However, the number of catfish should be controlled, full of catfish, the whole team will be there, the whole team foul, so some Japanese companies believe in the truth. From this perspective, the team should focus on healthy catfish molecular communication, influence the shape, the team treated the other employees in the catfish, it should work on the basis of their cooperation.
Again, if catfish content of the work on behalf of people in high spirits.
Now in many companies, organizational structure and work process re-engineering the design is still to become a major issue, unreasonable, boring, no prospects, monotonous boring job content so that people feel crowded like a bucket of sand small fish, as there is no passion, not willing to post more, think more improvements, which slowly formed a collective inertia. If the job enlargement, enrichment of the catfish effect applied to job design (Jobdesigning), and that the organization's financial contribution is obvious. How restless, passionate catfish into the backwater of the work it? This is a difficult science, it was argued from the horizontal and vertical expansion of the scope of work, work to deepen the content, so that employees who experience a wealth of work activities, work experience achievements, so that they reflect the face of challenging, exciting work when excitement and desire; someone advocated the use of rotation of the way up the caliber of employees so that they work more catfish swim joy; I maintain that the application of these measures, while also focusing on matching people with jobs personality, catfish will to do things catfish, sardines sardines on to do things, have positions in both the work content of catfish also have sardines work content, the most important thing is to discover the preferences of employees, to see those work that allows them to generate power and passion catfish, and only after the match, catfish effect can really play its role, or set up a catfish though the content of work, but can not find this kind of work the staff was very moving, fighting, then this catfish has become a dead fish.
From this perspective, the work of the catfish's work on behalf of rich content, it is exciting Zequan Li, challenging job expectations, job experience, and so the other fresh. For leaders and human resource managers, whether at work setting catfish work, at what level to set catfish work, will be an organization's strategy.
sum up, from a different point of view, the representative of the contents of catfish are different, for a practitioner, leadership may be catfish, then your best efforts to maintain the same direction and organization, Do not swim back, otherwise the risk of being eaten, always full of passion to the upstream and perhaps one day you become a catfish to catch up fighting a group of sardines; your colleagues may be catfish, it and his Competition Competition to see who churn even greater energy; you may also have lower levels of catfish, it is to motivate subordinates to grow at the same time, do not forget to give yourself enrich my knowledge, remain strong development, or you have under the risk of being eaten; your work may also have catfish, it is reasonable to arrange their own work, prioritizing work for catfish swim more joy, the best to stir up work on some level .

[butterfly effect] [frog phenomenon] [] [catfish crocodile law herding effect] [] [] hedgehog rules ; [watch Law]


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[twenty-eight law]
twenty-eight law (Pareto's law): the late 19th early 20th century Italian economist Pareto that in any group of things, the most important only a small portion, about 20%, although the majority of the remaining 80%, but it is secondary. About 80% of social wealth is concentrated in the hands of 20%, while 80% of people with only 20% of the social wealth. This statistical imbalance in the social, economic and life everywhere, this is the Pareto rule.
Pareto rule tells us, do not mean to analyze, process and look at the issues, business and management to seize the crucial few; to find out who can provide 80% of the profits, the total capacity was only 20% of key customers to enhance services to achieve a multiplier effect; business leaders to work seriously on the classification analysis, are the principal energy spent to solve the main problem, focus on major projects.

broken windows theory beats por,beats solo HD, also known as a window is broken broken window effect, if not repaired, will lead to more broken windows, and even entire building was demolished. Wilson from the American political scientist and criminologist Kerin observation summary of the

frog frog phenomenon: a frog into hot water directly into the pot, because of its adverse reactions are very sensitive environment, will quickly jump out the pot outside. If you put a frog into a pot of cold water and slowly heated, the frog will not immediately jump out the pot, the water temperature gradually increased the ultimate outcome is to be boiled frog is dead, because the water temperature so high that the frog can not stand, it has too late, or that there is no ability to jump out the pot outside.
frog phenomenon tells us that a number of mutation events, they often cause people to alert, and prone to cause people to death but it is in the feel-good circumstances, the gradual deterioration of the actual situation, there is no clear notice.
One revelation: the survival of our organization and a major threat to society, not from sudden events but by slow, gradual and imperceptible process of formation. Short-sighted people, only to see local, but not the big picture, for the sudden change, you can calmly face, quiet place for a big change, but can not detect, and ultimately will bring us even more serious harm! ~
Second revelation is: frog, as if the blues in our lives, we must look to the future, hard thinking of new problems, eager to learn new knowledge, not the There are wine, drunk today
Implications of the three is: Today's society is a knowledge explosion, the ever-changing, knowledge also need to constantly update, so we should not blindly obsessed with the status quo, complacent, lazy, so go on, will certainly be eliminated by the times, there will be danger of facing unemployment!
Insight 4: we do not simply, only the face of sudden danger, the neglect of the kind of slow and tiny little dangerous, because little of the kind of slow and small dangerous, is the most horrible!


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