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Prince at the Super Bowl


O.k. admit it. When you heard Prince was playing at the Super Bowl halftime show, your shoulders kind of sagged didn’t they? You thought “here’s another lame halftime show by a performer past his prime, just another nostalgia act who’s gonna ride his hits in order to pimp his I-tunes sales figures.? You know that was your reaction. It was my reaction.

Then something wonderful happened. Prince rocked the house in the Miami rain! No surprise that he started off with Let’s go Crazy. Pretty predictable opener. But then Prince started to rip it up on guitar and all of a sudden its was damn, that’s right Prince plays a mean-ass guitar. Now here comes the medley, but it’s all covers… was that Prince channeling Hendrix covering Dylan on All Along the Watchtower? The Foo Fighters’ Best of You? Now it’s a version of Proud Mary that would do Ike and Tina proud. What’s that marching band doing there? My Lord they’re kicking ass too!!

You know what’s coming next but it still blows you away: Purple Rain, in the rain with the stage and rain bathed in purple light, the marching band in some sort of Tron outfits and Prince laying it down like it’s no one’s business with guitar work that would put Eddie Van Halen to shame all happening behind some sheet and his shadow is ten feet tall looking like he is stroking his guitar/giant phallus all while the background singers are crying “purple rain, purple rain? and if you’re a Vikings fan you mist up because all those bottled-up emotions from years of Super Bowl futility are being exorcised by a 5’4? singing imp with a funny-looking guitar. Finally the performance ends, you’re thrilled that you’ve just seen a Super Bowl halftime show that rivals U2 as the best ever and man are you now ready for some football.

Here is a another review of Prince’s performance that is way over the top. If you wondered why Prince wasn’t electrocuted on that wet stage, this article will be of interest.

What did you think of the show?


I enjoyed it also. Ever since I saw Prince play at the Rock and Roll HOF induction ceremony I have been blown away by his guitar playing ability. Look up his rendition of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on YouTube and be prepared to be impressed.

Anyway, I enjoyed his halftime performance. He is a fantastic musician.

I was watching the Super Bowl with my 3-year old god daughter and her two sisters. It was pretty cool getting to see how much they enjoyed his performance since it was probably the first time they'd ever seen or heard anything by him.

At some point, I'm going to have to put together a kid-friendly mix CD with his clean stuff.

It was great! I am trying to remember what awards night it was that he spoke and encouraged young artists to work hard on their craft.

Agreed. Prince rocked like no other. Everytime the general public attempts to bury him, he throws down a kick ass performance and wins everyone back. Great performance without the usual halftime-schtick!

When I heard the intro to Purple Rain I was overjoyed. I too am guilty of prejudging, believing this was another hype of a performance by another has been. Far from it. Prince took a once in a lifetime moment and cemented himself in superbowl history.I am 19 and this was certainly the very best performance that I have ever seen. It just seemed like the entire stadium was united as 1 and there was a mutual respect for Prince that night. Unlike anything Ive ever experienced.

I'm amazed that so many people know so little about Prince.

He's so far beyond pop music it's unbelievable. True fans (and music experts) have known this for years.

His guitar playing rivals the best who have ever played. Most musicians know this. I'm glad the general public is finally starting to get it.

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