Good Weekend for Goldy!



This weekend, the inevitable happened as the Minnesota Gophers wrestled its way to the NCAA Wrestling Championship. After a rough second day, the Gophers came back strong on Saturday punctuated by Heavyweight Cole Conrad's pin in the last match to secure his second straight individual title. Coach J. Robinson said "I think the true character of a team is when you get yourself in a hole and you have to dig yourself out, they responded when they had to and that's what champions do. This was a team win. All nine guys contributed to this and that's the beauty of this victory." Even in an individual sport like wrestling, it was a lot of fun to see the Gophers work as a team and have their team goal fulfilled.

In Hockey, the Gophers won WCHA final 5 in a fantastic game against North Dakota. The Gophers outplayed the Fighting Sioux whenever it was 5-on-5 and won on an incredible goal by Blake Wheeler (See Below). Now it's off to the NCAA's where the Gophers are by far in the toughest Regional and very well may have to beat North Dakota again to get to the frozen four. My prediction is that they tough it out and will be well positioned to win it's 6th National Championship. Go Gophers!

Contrast Goldy's weekend to that of Bucky who couldn't get past the 2nd round in roundball and who's men's hockey team couldn't even make the NCAA's to defend their fluke championship of last year.


Might want to mark down today as a bad day for Goldy - I just heard they're hiring Tubby Smith. WTF!?!

You don't like the Tubby hiring? It's been generally lauded all around. Even Barireo is positive.

Now that I've had more time to think about it, I'm coming around.

At first, I let myself be influenced too much by what was being said about him by the nutcases at Kentucky.

Boy, what would it mean if the Goophs lost in the first round to a double digit seed again in hockey?

That would be mighty embarassing. :)

It WOULD be embarassing if it had happened. So the only thing embarassing in college hockey right now is that Bucky wasn't even in the tournament to defend its crown.

Again, too much turnover in personnel for Bucky. You keep coming with that weak "fluke" argument but no supporting statements. Oh well, what should I expect from a Gooph fan anyways? ;)

Proof of a fluke: Throughout the early 2000's Badger Hockey was pretty mediocre. 2004-05 there was improvement, but nothing special. Then all of a sudden 2005-06 they win the Championship, mainly because the had a damn good goalie. 2006-07, back to mediocre. One championship admist nearly a decade of crappy hockey make a fluke in my book.

Nope, just a good team that lived up to the hype and ability. They were supposed to win and they did.

Speaking of hype... nice showing there Goldy. Couldn't even make it out of the 2nd round.

Two straight years of flopping on their face in the tourney = OVERRATED!


Is this the place in the argument where I mention Wisconites having sex with dead deers?

That doe was asking for it! Did you see how she was dressed? LOL!


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