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It's here!! The day we've been waiting for a long, long time. The Twins finally were able to unveil the designs of their new ballpark. Here are some first impressions:

Great: Finally outdoor baseball iwth no roof. 3rd base line will have nice view of the skyline. Car, LRT, Commuter rail, bike, pedestrian all terminate at the site. Real grass! Concourses that are open to the playing field on all three levels. 6th Street terminates right at the right field outfield, nice place for a public plaza (pictured above).

Good: Modern ballpark, not a quirky "retro" bandbox. Twins' Hall of Famers numbers will signify the gates. Left field bleachers look like they will be awesome seats. Heated field. The field dimensions are a little smaller than the Metrodome but still within the range of fairness.

Bad. 7th and 5th Streets look like they will be pretty bleak for pedestrians. Minnesota limestone has been overdone lately. Too much glass for my taste. Not a whole lot of foul territory in outfield. Most home runs will land in the bullpen, not in the hands of the fans.

Special shout out goes to Rick over at Twins Ballpark 2010 for suggesting that the old flag pole from the Met (currently residing at a Richfield VFW) be included as part of the design. Looks like the Twins are going to take him up on his suggestion. Way to go Rick!!

Wanna see my reaction to the designs on channel 4? Click here. The video is on the right hand side of the page. I'm toward the end of the piece, again, talking about that 6th Street plaza.

I for one will be counting the days when I can spend a glorious summer day outdoors watching a game. Go Twins!!

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