That Wonderful Time of Year



Baseball season has arrived and brings with it all our hopes and dreams for rebirth and renewal. Not only is our favorite team tied for first, but memories of warm sunny days, grilling hamburgers, and the sweet, sticky smell of suntan lotion and bug spray once again enter our senses. With the umpire’s first “Play Ball!? we put away our mittens and scarves, the sleds are replaced by bikes, and sickly pale skin peeks out from beyond shirt sleeves and cutoffs.

I think the Twins are going to do pretty well this year. Their bats are going to be nearly unstoppable and if Gardy and Terry Ryan are willing to ditch the Carlos Silva experiment by mid-May, the pitching rotation should be a solid surprise. For that reason, Twins repeat as Central Division Champs. The order:

Twins (95-67)
Tigers (91-71)
Sox (89-73)
Indians (88-74)
Royals (75-87)

What's your prediction, how's your favorite team going to do?


I'm more optimistic about the pitching than you and agree the Twins have a good shot at repeating. My order for the division is:

1. Twins (94-68)
2. Tigers (90-72)
3. Indians (85-77)
4. White Sox (82-80)
5. Royals (77-85)

Here is what I'm going with:

Detroit: 98-64
Minnesota: 91-71(Wild Card)
Cleveland: 88-74
Chicago: 86-76
Kansas City: 74-88

You are correct that this is a joyus time of year. I can't wait until these games are played outdoors!


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