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2007 will bring the 30th anniversary of my first rock concert (Kiss, December 2, 1977 – Metropolitan Sports Center). In honor of that momentous event I have decided to use this blog to review my 30 best loved albums. They will not be in any order or progression but I will try to review them musically and why they mean so much to me. I’ll also note if they made the Definitive 200 List. Here's number 15 on the list:

15. The Jayhawks - Rainy Day Music (2003)

Every so often the buzz or hype around an album is that the band is "getting back to its roots," releasing an album of songs like they used to in the good old days. That was definitely the buzz around U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind and seems like every new REM album has the same discussion surrounding it. It's basically a recognition by the record company that a band's recent albums sucked, were too experimental, or explored other musical genres but now the said band had seen the light and recorded new songs that certainly you will like. After the sonic explorations of Sound of Lies and the slickly commercial sound of Smile, The 2003 album Rainy Day Music promised an old school Jayhawks album, like Hollywood Town Hall.

From the Bryds-like jangly opening, the listener realizes that yes, this is the Jayhawks how I used to like them and the album enters into a comfortable, folk-rock vibe. The first half of the album is classic Jayhawks, songs about relationships with a down home country feel. Gary Louris' songwriting is top notch as is the guitar work and the classic Jayhawk harmonies. The album title says it all - this is music for a rainy day, a little slower, introspective lyrics, subdued guitars. The album loses a little steam at the end as some of the other Jayhawks try their hand at songwriting but they don't match the level of Louris. The album ends on a high note with the achingly beautiful Tampa to Tulsa and then a short acoustic version of the album's first song Stumbling Through the Dark.

As someone who has liked all the Jayhawks albums, especially the unfairly maligned Sound of Lies, Rainy Day Music was a nice coda to an apparent end of the Jayhawks. The country folk atmosphere is just perfect for background music when you need or want to kill time and this album is always played whenever I have a long road trip. As much as a "lifetime achievement award" as a recognition of it's own brilliance, Rainy Day Music has a well-earned place on my 30 best loved albums.

What's your favorite Jayhawks album?

Place on the Definitive 200: Not on the list.


Nice pick! I have always felt that this is a great album and very underrated. It also proved Tim O'Reagan is an excellent song writer. If you like Rainy Day Music, you'd like O'Reagan's solo album.

By the way, I'm glad STM has not found your site so he can rip on all of your album picks. I'm sure he hates music.

I just wanted to say that based on this review I have been listening to this album for a while. I absolutely love it. It is almost perfect. As you say, it loses a little steam towards the end, but even then I find every song to be worth listening to.

What other Jayhawks album would you suggest after this one? Do you also like Golden Smog then?

That's great Shane! Smile should definitely be on the list. I like Sound of Lies but it is a little different sound, some don't like it. Hollywood Town Hall is a classic, country-fueled album. I'd start with Smile.

Jeff T. -- What are your Jayhawk recommendations for our friend Shane?

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1, look at the eyes: to see the whites of the eyes actually see the colors, the saying goes Eyes wide open at all times, indicating that adequate blood; the other hand, large bags under the eyes, dry eyes, eyelids heavy, represents the lack of blood.
2, look at the skin: a trace of pink-white skin, shiny, flexible, no wrinkles, no spot behalf of blood. On the contrary, rough skin, not shiny, dark, yellow, white, blue, red, long spot represents poor health, lack of blood.
3, look at the hair: black hair, thick, supple behalf of blood, hair dry, hair, hair, yellow, white, split ends are the lack of blood.
4, see, the ears: Now, people's physical fitness is getting worse. Do not believe you go to take a closer look, it's small ears, looks more and more rigid, and shape appears to have some distortion. That children and young people are rarely able to see the rounded, fat, full of large ears. These very large ears, where more common in the elderly, indicating that the previous person's physical fitness was significantly stronger than modern man.
children to see ears to see patterns, see the adults in addition to the main form on the situation the day after tomorrow, mainly to see color, without spots, with or without pain. If you were pale pink, shiny, no spots, no wrinkles, plump the behalf of blood. The dark and dull on behalf of blood had fallen. If the ears atrophy, dry, spotted, wrinkled and more, it represents the beginning of human renal failure, you should pay attention.
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6, look at the finger pulp: Whether child or adult, if the finger pulp flat, weak or thin fingers, represents lack of blood, while full of finger pulp, meat and more flexible, then the gas enough blood.
7, see the blue veins: If you see the blue veins on the adult's index finger, indicating that a child is not good digestive function, and this status has been extended to the adult. Physical weakness of these people, two blood loss. If you see the blue veins on the little finger, indicating that kidney deficiency.
If the bottom of the palm near the wrist where the lines more stripes, deep, on behalf of poor childhood nutrition, physical weakness, lack of blood. Adulthood, these women susceptible to gynecological diseases, men susceptible to prostate enlargement, gout embolism.
8, see the nail on the half-moon: Under normal circumstances, have a half-moon should be in addition to the little finger. Thumb, half-moon should account for 1/4-1/5 of the nail area, the other index finger, middle finger, ring finger should not exceed 1 / 5.
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What is the fastest method of blood?
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relatively speaking, meat, eggs, fish, these high-quality animal protein, can significantly improve the quality of the blood, more people are likely to resistance to strong, energetic.

cold food is not not eat?
not all cold food into the stomach will have a negative impact on the body, as long as the human body, matched the season to eat, can play in and, balancing effect, you can eat. Such as summer, the body sweating, and moderate eating watermelon Big Chill, it In addition to hot flashes, but also add to the body due to sweat more and lose the water, sugar, when the watermelon will be able to play in terms of body coordination role in the blood, and cold weather to eat watermelon, they easily lead to blood loss.
cold, hot food with the food, such as crabs eat Big Chill, be sure to warm nature accompanied by ginger, and crab with ginger to go in the cold, so the body will not have any injuries, crab meat is also beneficial to digestion and absorption.

black food is kidney foods?
we often see such propaganda - - black food kidney, blood, such as black sesame, black beans, black rice, black fungus, kelp, seaweed, silky and so on. Is not always the case, is the warm up, cold is diarrhea. Black rice, silky and warm, blood, kidney effect is obvious; black sesame seeds, nature, kidney, liver, intestines, hair care; black beans, flat, kidney, blood circulation, detoxification; and black fungus cool, kelp, seaweed and cold, summer can always eat, try not to eat in winter. Fill or not fill any food, be sure to look at the properties of the food, nature, food and warm all year round on the body has a tonic effect of cold, cold food, in addition to the summer, other seasons so as not to food, non-eat, they should do with the warm ginger, chili, pepper, pepper with together, so that both the food intake of specific nutrients, but also will not hurt the kidneys, Shang Wei.

cute family blood side
in the daily diet, there are a lot of blood side, interested friends, you can do it by the method described below can also be a change of pattern, more likely to eat your family.
red dates, longan, peanuts, red beans, brown sugar, ginkgo, medlar are people who eat the blood, kidney food, will they match each other, has become a very good blood therapeutic side.
dates is the most commonly used blood food, raw and hot drink is the best.
dates can also be soaked in water to drink after Chaohei iron pan, you can treat cold stomach, stomach pain, then add dried longan, is the blood and qi of tea, especially for teachers, salespersons and other high frequency of use of voice people. If coupled with 4-6 tablets of wolfberry fruit, but also the treatment of constipation, but the stool of people do not add a medlar. Drunk red dates, longan, wolfberry tea female friend, fair-skinned, good cosmetic results. Do not put more medlar, a few grains can, red dates and longan also on the line 6-8 tablets every morning after work to their own cup, not only up blood, but also eyesight, especially for long-term stay in the computer pre-workaholics.
but not fried in the wok in the hard, Chaohei red dates tea drinking is of no use, because the skin coated with the dates, nutrients can not get out, but after frying the dates, the water of a bubble , have cracked skin, which nutrients will slowly oozed.
red dates, peanuts, dried longan, together brown sugar, add water slowly in a pot stew, stew was rotten rotten, often eating, blood works well.
red dates, red beans, put together in rice porridge, red bean more easily burned bad, you can boiled red beans, red beans boiled, then add the rice, red dates with the burning, but also a blood meal.

“Where are we?”

“Room of Requirement, of course!” said Neville. “Surpassed itself, hasn’t it? The Carrows were chasing me, and I knew I had just one chance for a hideout: I managed to get through the door and this is what I found! Well, it wasn’t exactly like this when I arrived, it was a load smaller, there was only one hammock and just Gryffindor hangings. But it’s expanded as more and more of the D.A. have arrived.”

“And the Carrows can’t get in?” asked Harry, looking around for the door.

“No,” said Seamus Finnigan, whom Harry had not recognized until he spoke: Seamus’s face was bruised and puffy. “It’s a proper hideout, as long as one of us stays in here, they can’t get at us, the door won’t open. It’s all down to Neville. He really gets this room. You’ve got to ask for exactly what you need – like, ‘I don’t want any Carrow supporters to be able to get in’ – and it’ll do it for you! You’ve just got to make sure you close the loopholes. Neville’s the man!”

“It’s quite straightforward, really,” said Neville modestly. “I’d been in here about a day and a half, and getting really hungry, and wishing I could get something to eat, and that’s when the passage to Hog’s Head opened up. I went through it and met Aberforth. He’s been providing us with food, because for some reason, that’s the one thing the room doesn’t really do.”

“Yeah, well, food’s one of the five exceptions to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration,” said Ron to general astonishment.

“So we’ve been hiding out here for nearly two weeks,” said Seamus, “and it just makes more hammocks every time we need room, and it even sprouted a pretty good bathroom once girls started turning up – ”

“ – and thought they’d quite like to wash, yes,” supplied Lavender Brown, whom Harry had not noticed until that point. Now that he looked around properly, he recognized many familiar faces. Both Patil twins were there, as were Terry Boot, Ernie Macmillan, Anthony Goldstein Beats Pro, and Michael Corner.

“Tell us what you’ve been up to, though,” said Ernie. “There’ve been so many rumors, we’ve been trying to keep up with you on Potterwatch.” He pointed at the wireless. “You didn’t break into Gringotts?”

“They did!” said Neville. “And the dragon’s true too!”

There was a smattering of applause and a few whoops; Ron took a bow.

“What were you after?” asked Seamus eagerly.

Before any of them could parry the question with one of their own, Harry felt a terrible, scorching pain in the lightning scar. As he turned his back hastily on the curious and delighted faces, the Room of Requirement vanished, and he was standing inside a ruined stone shack, and the rotting floorboards were ripped apart at his feet, a disinterred golden box lay open and empty beside the hole, and Voldemort’s scream of fury vibrated inside his head.

With an enormous effort he pulled out of Voldemort’s mind again, back to where he stood, swaying cheap beats by dre, in the Room of Requirement, sweat pouring from his face and Ron holding him up.

“Are you all right, Harry?” Neville was saying. “What to sit down? I expect you’re tired, aren’t –?”

Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great read you have here on this blog. I will be coming back to your site for more soon.


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