Friday Random Top 10


Here it is! In the tradition of American Idle, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This week's list:

1. Stain - Nirvana
2. Hate & War - The Clash
3. Problems - Sex Pistols
4. Can't Keep It In - Cat Stevens
5. Jammin' - Bob Marley and the Wailers
6. You're a Soldier - Husker Du
7. Stetson Kennedy - Billy Bragg and Wilco
8. Credit in Heaven - Suburbs
9. Dash 7 - Wilco
10. 5-22-02 - Golden Smog

One of these songs is not like the of these songs just doesn't belong...can you tell which song is not like the other... before I finish my post.


Freealonzo - I give up -which of these songs is not like the other? I've racked my brain and am at a loss.

By the way, Lew Ford is killing me.

Jeff T.

I guess I thought all the bands/songs were cool except for Cat Stevens.

You know, I actually thought of that. But I didn't want to say anything in case you are a huge Cat Stevens fan!

Excellent list of songs, by the way. Have you heard the new Golden Smog 8-song EP? There are great covers of Bowie's "Starman" and Dinosaur Jr.'s "Tarpit."

Jeff T.

The Golden Smog is on the list and I've heard them do Starman in concert so I'm intrigued.

My soon-to-be-7th-Grader picked up the Darfur benefit album with Lennon covers this weekend. Besides Avirel Levine butchering Imagine, and a couple of other clunkers, not too bad.


unconsciously, I do Association has about 5 years, and here today, I grind the sword and differentiate us someone about the history of it, grind the sword's history, we can say is I am into gaming history.

2002 annual, because my vocation (the network affair, loss of hundreds of thousands,) the failure to return family to open Internet cafes sensibility of detriment, or somewhere to ascertain direction out of a complicated mind, I began to the online voyage, the first game namely Tianjiao, because I was nativity later a absolute heart, I put a lot of time and some money in the game, for most of namely group of PK, but also because of my ecology and union political, so it created a accumulation of the gang was prevailed Shanghai's first service and lusty to help Xianghuang Banner (PK full service by least nine of the altitude ten in our assist, thank days of amusement, that namely, Huaxia Long, can be say that he influenced me, he queried me to systematize commerce unions embarked above this road), the first citizen aid Tianjiao war, we have made the National Runner-up (because of restrictions on rules of the game, but unfortunately can not be runner-up rally, or runner-up ought is no problem). Help the country after the war, because it was home pressure have to I civil service examination, then I retreat to the pressure compel, but at that period, my heart the mind that the organization has begun to do the initiation, it can be said that deep, deep offerings in the lines, I know they base his way out. So, in my civilian service exam (civil service written exam when I was second, that the relationship with the syndic, to the, but he first came to the metropolis office, and the relationship is not especially close, with no price, would be also too long, and also the evolution of the Society not closed, uncomplicated words, everything is up to, the period when he did not strength, it is difficult to seem artistic, I was down edition of the civil service), behind Tianjiao afterward, because the new edition , Xianghuang Banner has been declining, the strength of 6 new potential wheel has convert the second country in the war, Xianghuang Banner also suffered a crushing defeat, when the age Shanghai zone of the important forces to help also weakened, in October 2003, pull strings in flames Tianjiao, Xianghuang Banner, Faerie Hill, incorporated into the predecessor of lavender sword Yuxuan grind, I was the first chief truth, my co-ordination, the flames Tianjiao the full alms of other human, violet Yuxuan fast Shanghai district to become the first colossal group, but also the gorgeous achievements of the Purple Rain, when scholastic men, generals smokes, also left many brave stories (obliterate out ruddy appoint to help, become the only 2 sets of 7 stone gang), in the game evolution, Yuxuan purple base began the development of the Forum, the first base in the medium, was also held a three-month Purple Rain man essay treatises, forums, active, and reside numerous as Purple Rain, beneath the permanent asset of articles.

When all are in development, the administrator in 5617, inspired by homeless people, I accomplished, brilliant game, and should quest better development, so that friendship and achievements to sustainable development, so I treading down gracefully in the game, the main fact of the place passed to Mr. Ouyang, and I started preparing for the games in the game in the hands of the Association on the organization, in January 2004, the base purple Yuxuan The move to 5617 officially, two weeks later, I became a 5617 super referee, in 5617 the Purple Rain Forum has been further developed, Purple Rain coverage of the game, has also been distended. Unfortunately, a lock, June 2004, the administrator of homeless people since 5617 for some cause, left the 5617, 5617 only because I had to go because of his reasons, but also because 5617 administrators struggle between right and I a able administrator and the other does not, so I was only left 5617, players began the architecture of organizations, to build an neutral network site and forums purple Yuxuan, although only a few months, but also made many achievements (including the average online visitor is 100-200 people), also experience, building a network and bbs how to do their own hard work.

entities are always accidental developments, 5617 is really the power director by the new small trouble to play, meantime the small difficulty to invite me back to 5617 has come together to complete the formerly homeless people and I discuss the work not completed, the establishment of 5617 Union. For me, I have been the ideal is to set up one entity organization (purple Yuxuan beginning, it has been emphasized authenticity, the Society's core members have to stay pragmatic description and contact information, etc.), so I was also looking for half outrageous flowers, purple water of ice Yuxuan with the original part of the backbone, was an major contribution to the role, as well as the dream of song, whistling feather butterfly, Flow, and so on. On August 2, 2004 began formal arrangements for the establishment of Federation of Trade Unions, denied that was a magnificent little tired of giving aid, which made the 5617 Federation of Trade Unions to September 1, 2004 was officially established unions first and foremost collection of a few regiment, one of the most remarkable is the purple Yuxuan, hawk League. Later, when 5617 has even the most lively women's crew reverted to the dictate of the color, Federation of Trade Unions to the initial development. Began to be formed, Union of God's name is Jiao Zhu Huang Di, but then consider that trade unions should belong to the union of all caring people, should not just belong to high-level trade unions, should not be valuable with the variety of tacky Wong, and everyone trying to come up a few days, but also a discussion of the General Assembly and opened, then eventually in October 19, 2004 decision of such a new name - the world --- decade grind grind sword sword, a hundred years the world.

in 5617 during the main march there, paradise two Tianjiao two. Heaven is our two exercising stage, but having said that the service also removed the second largest federation success. Tianjiao Second, the rise of the sword is the grind of the game, in the closed beta, creating a peerless, nature of service trade unions, to the momentum swept the world, reverted to extra than a dozen gangs in under the door, up to 3,000 people Tianjiao two members of the public. In the beta, respectively entered the East China, East China two, northwardly an, the lawful rating in the target system, were all occupied districts where the second rank to help. This stage, famous diagrams have Huaxia Long, eighth bronze period, Acacia done and, air wings, knife, adore month, Rolls-Royce, rain Xiao and so on. But with the growth grind the sword, but also suffered the elemental 5617 official administrator and the exclusion of many elderly, were 5617 and gradually weaken, and ultimately can not be based on the circumstances, the Sisi (Chee cold rain) the go-between, the all Association moved to the sky (migrate the process, as 5617 closed layout, resulting in some data loss, primarily the purple Yuxuan, to this day still makes me melancholy).

2005 year, I gave up his own business, took the very low wages the company official to Beijing to work the sky. To the sky, the sky and grind the sword closely, the development model is unprecedented, as full self-management by the players association and the business community rely on the sky of the sky Federation of Trade Unions, grind the sword the world with abundant resources and contacts to integrate a number of large and small ten online games Association, and to form directly under the corps established nine jiange! Meanwhile, the General Union continues the integration of the interior division of the Society were gradually purified for different departments to amplify a transparent, reasonable, fast, powerful guild management system, it is formally amplified to the reality of the Association, were organized in Shanghai , Jinan, Jieyang, Beijing and other parties. Grind the sword the world in the sky when the General Union into a cross-game, cross-guild alliance as a entire. Stage in the sky, dozens of games entered the Society, a member of the Society have added at least 60,000, leaving a lot of games in a lot of brilliant achievements, and epic anecdote, a gaming session of the Association of the famous big game session of the Society. But the sky stage, Society Forum and the Association of Managing heaviness for every corps to take the way of decentralization, and the game is an extensive management corps, so irregular development, the Army and the Society of the game with the cohesion is relatively needy. Now forms the backbone of the Society are basically composed of the times from the sky. Era can be said that the sky is the second batch of heroes grind era of the sword, which is very prominent people have one of the words, squall, Shura, Taishan, cold emerald, small sword, dancing month, naught, offended war, meteor, sharp knife, etc. ( too many, do not account them, so in the future I will figure out a hunk, grind the sword is an important historical figure for details). One must advert that, Jinan, Shanghai Association conference (September-October 2006, the two parties, one led by the Association for the permanent reality of brothers and sisters), Tarzan played a very key character, so to talk, in the development of history of Tarzan in mind a great service, is to pull to the real leaders of the Society.

2005 end because the scraps a year in Beijing, the body a mini embarrassment, and because the family urging marriage, so back to Jieyang and obtain marital. While still at home, work part-time sky. However, due to regional work, at the end of the day, not in Beijing in work and power surely watered down, the sky's have started to grind the sword in the sky, the development of some media restrictions, even in the summer of 2006 was limited to low, and even Forum Home did not grind the sword afresh to connect the world's Forum, December 2006, the sky because of business restructuring the corporation, I officially left the sky. The beginning of 2007, the Society was officially established their own websites and forums. Officially stationed in the reputation network.

Came from the sky in the dignity, the Society's overall strength and cohesion, or have depressed, and because in the elapse has been our association is a feeling first and Army system of widespread, and the consensus between the army and basically no adjoin. Association in order to improve cohesion and the deep friendship between the Army, and in array to make the Association from the Association to war the media type of semi-major game based Society, reform and restructuring of the Central Military Commission Corps management. Association decided to behaviour training stationed in World II, the Society re-opened as a preliminary to the game. Is positioned after the game is the Society's business, the game is grind the sword after the Society's core.

there are two sides to everything, and now the World II development and is expected to do not nearly the effect of training, we go almost 200 people who have at least 100 people who train fewer than about 30 on the back (of way, the machine configuration, which also has the problem), eventually got to the 50 + class of only 30 people hardly ever, has always insisted on fighting to the final only 20 or less. Naked in the world II that fighting game, the more exposed some of our problems, discipline, mandate, unconditional obedience, and so different with the Army workers. But the world II made me well aware, the importance of the Association game, TS magnitude of the Association, but also a basic understanding of the game I Corps operations, understand the status of the Association. I am more decided to reform and appliance the rank of Meritorious game Corps's decide. And World II yet has only just begun, we focus on the hereafter of the second beta, and that is our real time aggression in World II.

can say that 07 began the transformation of the first half of the union, is a cheap tide, is a painful period. But hope you understand that we truly want to terminal fashion, there must be such a stage, we must clearly recognize that they must find ways to unite and rally entire the forces can be condensed up to the Association. I believe, we crossed the threshold, will see after our federation, usher in a new rapid and stable development.

07 in the second half, the reform of initial success the Society, the Society immediately has been basically formed, formally defined as combat-oriented, distraction, supplemented by the formation of ten grind the sword, a hundred years the world's Association mores. TS is our main theme (nourished at 100-150 per day, with the subsequent development of the game, I believe the amount will be higher and higher). And began a centralized system of the Society's treatment (that is, not to punctuate the Army, Corps members in the Society is essentially the feud among fair a digit). Standing Committee executive logistics efficiency has improved significantly.
II in the old world to get all the experience and lessons learned after the presence of the giant, heaven and other games and have achieved quite agreeable results. While the new world II testing beats by dre, grind the sword the world had more raiment dispensed development prototype. Absorb a greater measure of fresh blood and new date of a number of new management. Does not cancel files after the test, the main server and stationed in Hunan Dongting Lake is recognized as the largest battle Association for the service. Jia and eventually defeat the Blue Temple Association, serving as the overlord of Dongting Lake in Hunan .2008 NetEase online games at the China Association selected the first contest has been chose as China's top ten associations of the heading.

08 years, the Association will buffet out the official Sword of the year, from the front battle operation hope, and all the brothers and sisters, hand in hand grind the sword 2008, to grind the sword of the century-old heritage and arrange a fixed basis.

lonely grind the sword line, a signaled across the sky under the impact. Years hard grind mountains sword, a hundred years the world scared. Let us go attach. I believe that our solidarity, we will create the marvel of the Society. Will eventually be skillful to gradually build a network of groups and standardization organizations with progressive entities. The nation's first research-oriented network Society Society message platform and the first flag of the gaming manufacture notable mercantile entities Society organization.

detox food to eat most of the skin instantly changed for the better
have a lot of diseases are due to the accumulation of excessive toxins in the body caused by, have a healthy body, it must flush the toxins from the body, the following diet detoxification Army you have it? to see who is following the most awesome! experts pointed out, remove the body of harmful substances, waste and excess nutrients, to maintain internal organs and body clean, to make the body maintain a strong function.
common detoxification, detox food:

detoxification four Jie - fungus, blood, green beans, honey.

These are the most significant and the effects detoxification cheap food. Fungus grows in shady moist environment, Chinese medicine, qi and blood circulation, cooling effect of moisture, can eliminate toxic heat in the blood. In addition, fungus, Pig Hua Chang has a strong effect due to regular consumption of most of the intestine can be out of the body toxins. Mung bean sweet and cold, there are detoxification, diuretic and refreshing thirst quencher role. Honey and raw diet cool to heat, cooked food and warm can make up in the air, taste sweet and soft possessed intestines, detoxification, pain and other functions. Indian folk to honey as

detoxification gentleman - bitter, bitter.

general, bitter foods taste a little bitter, sweet aftertaste, with a detoxification function, and heat to the heat. Wash with a refreshing bitter heat, eyesight detoxification. Scientists analyzed bitter ingredients found in the existence of a significant bitter anti-cancer biological activity of the protein, this protein can stimulate the immune system defenses, increase the activity of immune cells to eliminate the body of harmful substances. Chinese medicine, tea taste joys, slightly cold, can alleviate a variety of toxins. Tea contains a rich active substances polyphenols, with detoxification. Tea polyphenols as a natural antioxidant, scavenging oxygen free radicals; its precipitation or reduction of heavy metal ions can be used as alkaloid poisoning antidote. In addition, tea polyphenols can increase the body's antioxidant capacity, lower cholesterol, ease hypercoagulability, enhanced cell elasticity, prevent thrombosis, alleviate or delay atherosclerosis and hypertension.
detoxification messenger - kelp.

kelp contains a substance called polysaccharide sulfate, can absorb the cholesterol in blood vessels, and excreted them, so to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Kelp surface layer of slightly sweet white powder, is of great medical value of mannitol, which has a good diuretic, to treat kidney failure, drug toxicity, edema, etc.

detoxification pawns - daily vegetables.

we eat vegetables, there are some detoxification hero who, like tomatoes, creatinine slightly cold, can detoxify, thirst, cooling blood; melon light slightly cold Gan , detoxification, diuretic swelling, phlegm thirst obvious effect; loofah gamping cold, heat and cooling blood, blood detoxification effect; cucumber, bamboo shoots can heat diuretic; celery can heat water, cooling Liver heat, which helps lower blood pressure effect; carrots can be combined with the heavy metal mercury from the body; garlic can decrease the concentration of lead in the body; mushrooms to clean up the blood; sweet potato, taro, potatoes, etc. with the role of the intestinal tract clean.

can kill cancer cells in vivo food

1) eggplant: , often using the More and more evidence that the eggplant has anti-cancer function. Extracted from the eggplant test had a non-toxic substances for the treatment of gastric cancer, cervical cancer received good effect. In addition dr dre detox sale, the eggplant contains solanine, cucurbitacin, Stachydrine, choline, basil glycosides, saponins and other alkaloids eggplant color substances, including solanine, a cucurbitacin proven cancer-fighting ability, eggplant flowers, pedicle eggplant, tomato roots, tomato sauce are all medicine, there is the ancient root of the treatment of cancer with eggplant. Eggplant is also rich in nutrients, except vitamin A, C is low, the other vitamins and minerals is almost similar with the tomatoes, while the protein and calcium or even three times higher than the tomatoes.

2) bitter melon: Li called This one, it was from it. But it really
Western more proof, anti-cancer effects comes from a bitter quinine type protein, it is an activity of immune cells can activate the protein by the immune cells do will be cancer or other abnormal cells to kill. Bitter gourd seeds contain a protease inhibitor, can inhibit tumor cell secretion of protease, thereby inhibiting cancer cell invasion and metastasis.

3) Kelp: can prevent breast cancer and thyroid cancer
kelp medicine called Kelp is rich in iodine, can prevent the binding capacity, and they are excreted; kelp selectively kill or inhibit the intestinal bacteria can produce carcinogens, which contain fiber also promote excretion of bile acids and cholesterol; seaweed extract on various cancer cells direct inhibition.

4) sweet potato: gradually being forgotten childhood cancer share
winter savory roasted sweet potatoes while holding a warm hand out the days yangkeng many young people's memories of past street stalls selling roasted sweet potatoes are almost without trace, as economic conditions improved, a survey shows that China's urban residents, many people no longer eat sweet potatoes.
sweet potato: alias potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, is considered to illnesses and sickness, a great weight loss health food. In fact, sweet potatoes, also has a powerful anti-cancer function. Recently scientists discovered the sweet potato a dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) of the material, it can prevent colon cancer and breast cancer.

5) Pumpkin: known as , but also for the food. Americans should be eating pumpkin on Thanksgiving Day to express gratitude to the pumpkin. However, in our country, is now rarely planted.
pumpkin can prevent obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol and high cholesterol, cancer prevention have a good effect, pumpkin high content of vitamin A, is the ordinary people can not imagine. Also rich in vitamin C, calcium and fiber, but also inhibit the carcinogenic Trp-P with unknown ingredients.

6) wheat bran: the best anti-cancer dietary fiber
alias bran, wheat flour off the seed coat when used as feed, do not eat. With wheat bran to feed livestock, ruddy skin, hair shiny, very significant health status, wheat bran are increasingly attention has been paid, for health, many Western organizations called on people to eat whole grains, whole wheat foods. Whole grain wheat, whole grain food that is then ground into small separate the wheat bran flour, foods made with this powder.
wheat bran is the main nutrient of the It can prevent and treat colorectal cancer, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, constipation, hemorrhoids and so on. Therefore, many experts believe that wheat bran is the best anti-cancer dietary fiber.

7) radish: root vegetables in the : Dutch carrots to set
radish with cancer, Chest, expectorant, diuretic function. Radish contains a variety of enzymes, can eliminate the carcinogenic effects of nitrosamines, which can stimulate the body's essential elements immunity, enhance macrophage activity, enhance its ability to swallow to kill cancer cells. From spicy radish mustard oil, which can stimulate bowel movements and promote the exclusion of carcinogens, inhibition of radish also contains many mutagenic activity of unknown composition. Radish in the vitamin C content than apples, pears than 8 - 10 times. The result is rich in carotene carrot, but also has excellent anti-cancer effect.

8) Kiwi: fruit vitamin C content of the highest ranking
brown, shaped like potatoes, green as emerald within which, Gly and delicious, this is the southern mountain wild If, now transplanted to the country. The fruit is rich in sugars, proteins, lipids, vitamins, organic acids and minerals. Vitamin C content of the highest ranks of fruit per 100 grams of the fruit contains 200 milligrams, is nearly 100 times citrus, tomatoes 30 times, is truly , its high nutritional value.


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