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Wow, a glorius June morning in Minneapolis! I rode my bike into work listening to Fugazi. I am ready for the day!

Here it is! In the tradition of American Idle, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This week's list:

1. Are You A Hypnotist - The Flaming Lips
2. They'll Never Take Her Love Away From Me - Hank Williams
3. Two States - Pavement
4. Believe - The Chemical Brothers
5. The Great Dust Storm Disaster - Woody Guthrie
6. Soma - The Stokes
7. Any Time At All - The Beatles
8. Fatal Wound - Uncle Tupelo
9. Fight for Your Right (To Party!) - The Beasty Boys
10. Chemical Warfare - The Dead Kennedys

Now that's a top10 list! What's yours?

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(2) the rice, broth, tofu pot of water on the cook. -


[usage] 2 times, honey, warm clothes. -

31. lotus porridge -

02 tofu soup -

[usage] 2 times a day for 3 days. -

features: Porridge with meaty taste seasoning oil, peerless children eat this porridge replenishing the body to prevent the occurrence -

Chrysanthemum porridge -

[practice] the millet porridge of water to be cooked, add Suanzaoren end, stir well and boil. -

(2) pieces of bread and milk to simmer, cook paste, sprinkled with cheese powder. -

(2) the rice, broth and chopped carrots, spinach into the pot and cook. -

[materials] Gorgon, barley rice, white beans, lotus, yam, red dates, longan, lily of 6 grams, 150 grams of rice. -

26. Suanzaoren porridge -

(3) percentage of 1:10 m and the water will be fine, add wakame and red clam cook. -

porridge Ingredients: lean meat, 1 (pig tendon meat is best), preserved egg, 2 (Lead-free egg, a healthier, 2 lime flavor is not so colossal), ginger an, water in ample quantities, oil, salt and sugar. -

Ophiopogon bamboo porridge -

system of law (1) elevate the fish drop-clean, Dunshu and mashed. -

ingredients: beef - 40 grams, rice - 1 / 4 bowl, spinach - 1, broth - 1 / 2 cup potatoes, carrots, onion - 1 / 5 -

23. lotus seeds and longan porridge -

[materials] Semen end of 15 grams, 100 grams of rice. -

effect: the treatment of summer Fengreganmao, headache, red eyes, itching, urticaria, sore throat embolism is very good. -

(4) porridge was boiling water to fully under Material: put a lot of water in a large soup pot, boil, merely put the materials. First under the meat, ginger, do not launch off small pieces to the boiling water, when heated, meantime the outside portion of the hard-cooked, sealed inside the gravy, so the meat is not cooked the porridge dreadful, and then await for the water afresh Nowadays boiling rice and a marinated chopped egg, and this first one under the preserved egg porridge and rice cook chopped, preserved eggs will melt into the taste of porridge; -

system of law (1) to the cabbage and carrots into filaments Dunlan. -

system of law (1) tofu cut into small pieces. -

[materials] -

[role] Spleen moistening, Anshen. Hong heeding food is not satisfied, anxious sleep last night, dry stool. -

Effects: Nourishing Yin fluid, lungs and stomach, qi and blood, can remedy consumptive cough, bloody sputum, Yin thirsty. -

practice: 150 grams of rice congee, and the additional with fresh peppermint peppermint 100 grams alternatively 20 grams dry fry doctrinal soup, add the amount of sugar and pour it into the congee, mix after the cool clothes. -

system of law (1) sweet potatoes peeled, Dunlan, and mashed. -

(3) stir-fry until the rice in some ways by adding carrots and water, boiled the mixture gently, then soy sauce. -

(4) thick while placed in the egg yolk, and stir well. -


04 vegetables and fish porridge -

[commentary] Semen end in acid and sweet taste sprouts into porridge, fashionable. Semen can be used raw with fried, fried for too constantly can mar the active elements. Desirable Suanzaoren Wei Chao moment into powder, the family used a rolling pin grinding. -

ingredients: rice - 1 / 4 bowl, peas - 5, milk - 1 / 4 cup salt - several -

(3) after the boil and stir into the batter chopped open, seasoning with salt. -


[character] to advocate the heart, nerves, sweating. For neurasthenia, heart palpitations, insomnia, nightmares, dark eye. -


practice: honeysuckle herbs can be in the stores. Boiling water first, any is gravy, add white rice 30 grams, 300 milliliters of water, cook the thin porridge. -

27. Zaoren millet porridge -

taro porridge -

characteristics: taste delicious, eat it can nourish the internal organs, qi and blood. -

(3) the rice, vegetables and minced meat into the pot boil, and salt seasoning. -

[commentary] supermarket selling rice pudding, hot and catching better, healthy eating can be eligible and healthy. -

35. milk porridge -

(3) after amplification cooked sauce seasoning. -

ingredients: rice - 1 / 3 glass walnuts - 5, ruddy dates - 1, salt - several -

[commentary] Bozi Gan Ping, uneasiness of idea, Yin Liver, spleen and intestines Shu, loveliness black cilia and so on. Bozi 14% fatty oil, a small amount of mercurial oil, saponins and other substances, for the common tonic narcotic drugs. -

portly carbohydrate which contains a lot of pectin in children with convergence and diarrhea after eating adsorption can disallow intestinal peristalsis -

14 tomato soup -

to cook a pot of fragrant savory soft meat salty preserved egg congee, tips are as follows: -

effect: heat, except for the annoying, Sheng Jin, antiemetic effect for the treatment of heat stroke, thirst, nausea and vomiting. -

vegetable beef soup -


(2) Riga pot of milk on the cooked fish, then season with salt. -

2: chicken into different pot, add ginger and water, boil after a small fire cooked, remove and let cool, the shredded chicken, then diced green onion, salt, pepper , adult oil seasoning mix. -

(2) increase in the amount of rice in pot with boiling water. -

(3) cooling the material after a good stew marinated with yogurt -

system of law (1) potatoes, peeled, Dunlan, mashed and filtered. -

practice: -


Production: Wash the carrots, remove the roots steamed rice into the steamer and steam on the rotten remove let cool smashed into the mud -

practice: the Radix, licorice root, bamboo leaves with water torment, juice, add rice, congee with red dates. -


(1) premier pumpkin steamed soft, miscellaneous with steamed pumpkin nectar with mashed pumpkin; -

material: Taro - 1 / 2, broth - 1 tablespoon soy sauce - some -

(3) cook until thick, when adding the right amount of salt. -

[role] spleen and stomach, kidney qi, nourishing the nerves. For insomnia and fatigue physically languid puffy, diarrhea, thirst, cough with little phlegm. -


system of law (1) nutcracker to open the flesh removed, soaked in water, stripped of its thin-skinned and mashed. -

[role] up Heart, benefit qi and blood. For blood loss anemia. -

ingredients: sweet potatoes - 1 / 6, egg - 1, milk - 2 tablespoons -

(2) spinach, carrots, onions, and mashed potatoes Dunshu. -

ingredients: chicken bosom meat - 10 grams, rice - 1 / 4 bowl, kelp broth - 1 / 2 cup spinach - 10 grams of soy sauce, sugar - if -

(2) the red dates and water soaked mashed. -


11 potato porridge -

system of decree (1) chestnuts boiled, peeled, mashed. -

05 cheese soup -

, salt - several -

Ingredients: chicken 200 g -

(3) porridge cooked with boiling water to cook the meabove all fishy, ​​or pickled into bacon: porridge with lean meat or meat marinated in salt, not too aesthetic piece of meat which is a pig, in short, to maintain Do not cut a single piece of meat (I usually use about 1-2 cm thick palm-sized piece of pork, if conditions allow, with a pig tendon meat taste better). If you use lean meat porridge, then the first with boiling water to lean slightly -

Production: First put the pork tenderloin, cut into small pieces and then pan fried with sesame oil and add rice porridge congee -

practice: fresh reed rhizome 150 g, Jhuru 15 grams, 60 grams of rice, ginger 2, the reed rhizome washed, tear into segments, and Jhuru Tong Jian, to the remnant add rice, ginger congee, 2 second take. -

system of law (1) Dunshu chopped carrots and spinach. -

ancient people had their sexual sweet as medical Xianping pork rich in protein and contains more carbon and water -


effect: This porridge Fengreganmao for summer, red eyes dim, treatment toxicity and high blood pressure sores are more appropriate. -

the overripe boil then add salt and pepper to taste Serve -

(3) the rice, seaweed soup and meat, cook vegetables into the pot. -

[practice] before adding water to rice to be cooked porridge, cook for a moment to connect the end of Semen. -


to inhibit the diarrhea occasioned by indigestion is very appropriate -


[train] first Bozi remove the rind, shell, impurities, mash, and rice porridge, porridge would be when blended with honey, can Shaozhu boil. -

(3) the broth and taro on the small pot, stirring at intervals to look at. -

3: to transfer a good taste of the chicken into the soup pot, simmer Shaozhu while, sprinkled with coriander and serve. Shall, along to personal preferences and habits, not to add coriander. -

[role] laxative, uneasiness of mind. For heart palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness, constipation, chronic constipation or senile. -

system of law (1) Wash the apples and carrots and use a good eraser wiping dishes. -

Ginkgo should

I consider pumpkin porridge has a very sweet flavor, and for the sake of the body, I do not have sugar. And the fridge after the ice had more to drink! -

16 wakame red clam porridge -

rice - 1 / 4 bowl -

(2) vegetables, add broth boils, then add rice and cook. -

(3) seaweed broth to cook rice with a morsel, then add chicken and cook spinach. -

(2) stir fry with butter to flour see, add broth, cooked vegetables, and light stir. -

system of law (1) to the tendons of the chicken breast meat, cut into small pieces, marinated with soy sauce and sugar look. -

(2) the required fuel will be adding an appropriate amount of water, the fire to boil 3 minutes, stirring often until the taint by adding pumpkin to boil again, open a small fire to cook for 15-20 minutes to slightly; -

(3) adding the right amount of sugar or let cool, add honey; -

dry -

system of law (1) the brim of the staple food, bread torn to pieces after the cut. -

ingredients: rice - 1 / 6 bowls of water - 1 / 2 cup cheese - 5 grams -

If a child likes to eat candy but also a little sugar -

[materials] 100 grams of millet, Semen end of 15 grams, honey 40 grams. -

(4) salt to taste. -

30. honeysuckle porridge -

lotus longan porridge -

08 apple porridge -

(1) pick-meter: rice porridge with rice is best to use the Northeast, is just circular ZhenZhuMi, cook the porridge especially soft; -

38. reed rhizome porridge -

system of law (1) red clam and wakame with water blisters open net after the twisted and chopped. -

effect: Qi Yin, spleen appetizer, the elderly, physically weak, hot days, loss of appetite, loose stools thin dr dre pro, fever, thirst, and so can eat. -

practice: -


(2) Mega will be soaked with the right amount of water poured into the grinding mill. -

chestnuts can be lusty gastrointestinal function, aids digest. Infant diarrhea eating chestnuts, better. -

07 walnut porridge -

(3) sweet potato muck Simmer milk, stirring at intervals. -

materials: Prepare carrots (carrots) amount -

12 cheese bread, porridge -

20 miso soup -


approach: yellow chrysanthemum 20 grams, a little water to cook into chrysanthemum water to chrysanthemums, this water and 160 grams of rice congee. -

[materials] Bozi 15 grams, 100 grams of rice, honey. -

24. rice jelly -

[usage] 2 times a day, hot food. -

(6) porridge texture processing: the heat and simmer for a half-hour later, the second also chopped preserved eggs, while the cooked meat in the porridge in the fish out, move lightly with chopsticks, torn trace-like, with the second back into the porridge with preserved egg, cook the final half hour, then rotate off the heat. Preserved eggs off the heat in the second half an hour ahead adding the porridge, half an hour can be nor a second lime preserved eggs cooked flavor, while soft, flat alteration, spur of the moment when they eat to have preserved eggs, and meat because it is water boiling nowadays, but also to retain a decisive flavor, fragmented back after the porridge, primarily delicious. -

benefits strength, make up the 5 interior apparatuses, anti-aging, elderly, infirm favored. Eat regular fitness. The family ought eat. -

41 种 learned the practice of porridge to warm a adored one's stomach it -

(3) the walnuts, dates, rice add water on a small pot. -

(4), add soy sauce and cook until thick. -

17 eggs, sweet potato porridge -

ingredients: pumpkin 250g, rice 50g, sugar and a small amount -

green beans 30g, rice 100g -

ingredients: fish, white meat - 1 / 6, milk - 1 tablespoon salt - several -


39. chicken congee -

(3) the egg yolks mashed potatoes on the dirt. -

system of law (1) tomatoes drenched in boiling water, then clear the peel apt the meat, chopped. -

36. mint soup -

practice: first lotus root slices, and cook the rice porridge, porridge cooked, and then transferred to a little sugar, you can eat. -

meat tenderloin is behind aboard the pig pork -

(2) seaweed broth to seethe, join chestnuts and cook. -

system of law (1) tick the net the fish bones, fish and mashed Dunshu. -

(2) wok, add the appropriate amount of boiled rice. -

[practice] the first to take the 8 drug boiling 40 minutes, then add rice to boiled into porridge. -


1. Green beans, rice washing clean. -

anemia -

vegetable beef soup -

29. ginkgo porridge -

32. tremella porridge -



(2) the potatoes with milk Simmer and stir gently, after a thick salt. -

materials: white fungus 60 grams, 100 grams of rice. -

cheese porridge -

(2) after Dunlan sacrificed taro and percolate. -

10 taro porridge -

effect: can be used to control heat stroke, and a kind of heat canker sores, sore larynx, Fengreganmao and so on. -



40. 皮蛋瘦肉粥 -

(3) along adding cooked tomatoes, seasoned with salt. -

ingredients: chestnuts - 5, kelp broth - 1 / 2 cup -

system of law (1) cheese chopped. -

18 chestnut porridge -

[commentary] longan nourishing, not long use; seeds can not class up soak, you can Jiufu. Reading desk, labor sorrowful spleen, injured memory, Notani not fragrant, could eat lotus porridge. -

03 egg congee -

ingredients: rolled oats - 3 tablespoons milk - 1 / 4 cup apple - 1 / 6, carrots - 1 / 3 -

raw materials: potatoes - 1 / 3 milk - 2 tablespoons of cooked egg yolk - 1 / 4, Salt - Some -

system of law (1) to arrange meat and ground beef. -

containing protein 13.6g, Fat 0.65g, Carbohydrate 95.7g, Calcium 39mg, Phosphorus 25.9mg, Iron 2.7mg, Vitamin A0.20 worldwide elements of vitamin B10.2mg, vitamin B21.5mg, niacin 0.6mg , Nengchan hot 453kcal. -

21 carrot soup -

(4) cooked with salt to savor. -

2. The mung bean, rice pot, add water about 500g, cook until rice viscous juice when broken away from the fire can be eaten. Take 1-2 times annual. -

[materials] lotus 20 grams of longan meat 10 grams, 50 grams of rice. -

ingredients: egg - 1 / 2 carrot - 1 / 5, spinach - 1, rice - 1 / 4 bowl, broth - 1 / 2 cup, salt - several -

material: staple bread - 1, milk - 2 / 3 cup cheese powder - 1 / 2 spoon -

this boiled porridge without salt, good taste, and under fire, effortless to digest. If the porridge a little sticky at the end, please do not push lightly with a spoon pot of sticky skin, or another there will be paste porridge taste, we usually put a light in the base of the pot with a small spoon porridge cook, the water boiling process, a small spoon have been driven, to prevent sticking at the end of cooking porridge. -

effect: a little imply of sweet, hot weather with heat, qi and stomach and other effects, if the heat was thirsty, shortness of respiration, fatigue, not eating, give it a try. -

[criticism] Semen can Anshen, millet tin Spleen Yang Xin. Semen Wei Chao by the moment the kettle into powder and used a coiling pin grinding family. -

practice: white fungus bubbling wash with water. After scouring the web rice, into the pot and add water to a boil, then add the white fungus, boil congee, transferred some of the sugar Serve. -

compounds of calcium and phosphorus iron and other nutrients to prevent malnutrition -

oil - a number -

material: dates, rice, with its own flavor makeup can be resolved. -

[practice] to take lotus seeds, longan meat, rice with congee. -

(4), when placed in soy sauce and cook until thick. -

system of law (1) carrots, onions, spinach, cut into pieces. -

system of law (1) taro skin peeled cut into small pieces, then wash with salted look. -

mung bean is a quite good hot climate food, to heat summer heat, detoxify and exclude anguish, diuretic dehumidification, matched with rice, congee, but too spleen Qi, maintaining fluid, is indeed the solution for the summer summer to share, and for the production is not also chilly, cool the tolerate the spleen is not stagnation, is the post-heatstroke, peppery weather to share. -

(2) Dunshu and chopped spinach. -

system of law (1) Soak rice, washed well, beef, carrots, onions chopped. -

[practice] -

raw materials: pork tenderloin 100 grams salt 100 grams of rice powder, a little sesame oil Chuanjiao -

pork one, wash, tap dry, sprinkle 2-3 teaspoons of salt, spread evenly on the meat, the fridge in the lower booth (fresh is not frozen into the ice lattice) marinate 12 hours or longer before they can tasteful; -


(5) the first fire, after a small fire, the stove should be sufficient: the water boiling, and under the material, the first high heat for 20 minutes, then transfer heat and simmer for 1 ½ hours, enough heat, tasty soft porridge and easy to digest; -

34. Ophiopogon bamboo porridge -

Bozi porridge -

1: washing clean the rice into pot, add water 2000 grams, boil low heat Chengyu -

15 chicken porridge -

sugar and other light sweet rice class mate, such as ginkgo rice pudding, green bean porridge ginkgo, ginkgo Adenophora lotus porridge, jellybean, rock sugar, white sugar is fitting. -

honeysuckle porridge -

ingredients: beef - 20 grams, rice - 1 / 3 cup carrots, onions - some, sesame fuel, soy sauce - some -

Effectiveness: raising the spleen, heart and lung Run, make up the five internal organs, the function of government wasting, for low blood pressure, cough, lung deficiency, there is a certain acquisition. -


(2) the rice and seaweed broth into the pot is boiling. -

practice: -

material: Xianou 200 grams, 100 grams of rice, a little sugar. -

13 carrot yogurt soup -

materials: 30 grams of honeysuckle, pearly rice 30 grams. -

(3) into the milk and after the peas, and cook the mixture gently. -

(2) with sesame oil and fry the beef in the pan, re-soaked the rice frying. -

ingredients: red clam - 2, dried wakame - 20 grams, rice - 1 / 4 cup -

tomato soup -

(2) the radish, carrots with a good eraser wiping dishes. -

09 fish, milk porridge -

cookie can also be used to make cakes instead of bread and porridge. -

approach: easy, plain porridge cook until 7 in the ripe, red dates into the cook. -

boil for cooking, and then washed; whether you like salty pork porridge with salt, then salt pork to marinate for a day in advance, as follows: -


ingredients: tomatoes - 1 / 8, rice - 1 / 4 bowl, kelp broth - 1 / 2 cup, salt - several -

[function] -

ingredients: fish, white meat - 30 grams, carrots - 1 / 5, kelp broth - 1 / 2 cup carrot - 20 grams of soy sauce - a number, m -

ginkgo benevolence (peeled blanched in boiling water to within the seed wrap) 6-10 tablets, a small sum of crystal sugar, rice, 2 2, the amount of water at the same time into the pot, simmer and cook altitude. Minced into a paste with rice can be. -

Features: scent palatability carrot sweet nature, the power of the spleen to help digestion and contains carotene B vitamins -

material: Ophiopogon 30 grams, 10 grams of licorice, bamboo leaves 15 grams, 100 grams of rice, red dates 6 to the essence. -

spices: diced green onion, 5 grams, 5 grams of salt, cooked oil, pepper, ginger 5 grams coriander. -

egg sweet potato porridge -

(2) to pre-salted rice porridge: about half a bowl of rice after bathing clean, use 2 tablespoons of oil, a half teaspoon of salt and a tiny water (2 teaspoons) and merge well, marinate because at least half an hour , repose ensured, though with a lot of oil, yet oil will evaporate in the process of porridge, rice cotton so rotten, so it was not greasy; -

system of law (1) peas cooked with water, mashed and filtered. -

ingredients: carrot --1/10 of flour - 1 tsp, cabbage - 10 grams of yogurt - 1 tablespoon broth - 3 tablespoons yellow -

25. Bozi porridge -

33. jujube porridge -

28. mung bean porridge -


ingredients: rice - 1 small bowl, miso - 1 / 2 tsp, carrots, onions, spinach - some -

19 vegetable porridge -

[usage] sub ton transfer sugar expense, ate a few days. -

[Nutrition] -

41. pumpkin porridge -

37. chrysanthemum porridge -

ingredients: rice - 1 / 6 bowl, broth - 1 / 2 cup tofu 1 / 10, salt - several -

open and then rub well into the 2 tablespoons of apple until boiled. -

(4) after the salt seasoning cooked. -

practice: bean paste amount, 50 grams of rice, onward with porridge. -

(2) would be a agreeable oatmeal and rub 1 tablespoon carrot into the pot, gush the breast and 1 / 4 cup of water simmer. (3) cook -

(2) after the eggs cooked mashed egg yolk. -

effect: there lungs stomach, eliminate puffiness, under the total, urine effect, can be refreshing in summer dine, dampness, and for the handling of summer detriment of appetite, weary body fatigue Zhu Zheng. -

22 fillet porridge -

06 pea soup -

(3) into the cheese and cook until thick, when the, when the cheese started to melt off the fire. -

[usage] a.m. and evening, warm clothing. -


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