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Well having survived the May threequels, I have continued to take in a bunch of Summer movies. Except for one standout, the movies have been so-so this summer.

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer I actually liked the original Fantastic 4, I thought it was a fun thrill ride and good way to kick-off these characters. Rise of the Silver Surfer was a tad disappointing. Reid and Sue Storm have virtually no chemistry and no way would they be getting married. There were a couple of nice moments in this movie but nothing to write home about. The Silver Surfer was cool but I would check this out only if you're bringing a pre-teen boy (who's gonna love it).

Ocean's 13 A light breezy movie more in character with O11 and not O12 (thank God!) Danny and the Boys are up to their old tricks and it's just as fun to see the witty banner than how they pull off the caper. Enjoyable but slight. Unless you have nothing else to do, can easily be classified as a renter.

Knocked Up Hands down the best movie I've seen this Summer. There are parts that are gut busting funny, Katherine Heigl is very easy on the eyes, and Seth Rogan and his stoner buddies are outragous. Although rated R for language, lots of sexual banter, drug use (and slight nudity), it would be a great movie to bring teens to because it doesn't sugar coat the impact pregnancy has on a woman's body, relationships, etc. The comedy doesn't undercut the message that having children is a great life changing event and has many responsibilities associated with it. Besides being really funny, the movie has keen insight on man-woman telationships and the joys/frustrations of raising a family. A great date movie with your new girlfriend or wife of 17 years.

Movies looking forward to:

Harry Potter


I just got a DVD of another Katherine Heigl movie called "Side Effects" - it's a low budget activist-type comedy where she plays a pharmaceuticals rep who develops a conscience or something. How cool is that?

Sounds interesting... Does she light up the screen likes she does in Knocked Up?

Haven't seen Knocked Up yet, so I can't say for sure about that. I'm planning to watch Side Effects at some point this weekend.

OK, Side Effects was good, though at $190K, even lower-budget than I suspected. So while I doubt Katherine lights up the screen as well as in Knocked Up, she still gave a fine performance.

i ilke Knocked Up :))

i like Knocked Up :)) Seth Rogan funny people is very enjoy film i like it :)

This page wasnt working earlier i tried accesing it but it timed out 4-5 times now i can access it. Whats going on?

We were actually kind of let down after people talked it up too much, I still thought it was a pretty good watch. My sister loved it though. To each their own.


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