What's Wrong With This Picture?



1. The "Scotty" Baseball Cap
2. The Presidential Seal Socks
3. The Presidential Seal Socks w/Crocs
4. This Man is President of the United States of America
5. All of the Above


I gotta go with 5

it also looks like he's got a skirt on, or at least skirtish, kilty shorts.

so many things wrong with this picture...

I didn't even notice the skirt, thanks. Also that 3rd leg is a little weird. It almost looks like GW is stepping on that 3rd leg's foot.

I'm just tempted to send this photo to anyone I know who wears Crocs so they'll hopefully be ashamed enough to stop.

1. is not man's handsome face, and in the years of accumulated wisdom and calm.
2. I want to give you a word, good woman is no good end, unless you find a good husband.
3. I think the marriage bond is not the toughest kids, not money, but to grow spiritually. Sometimes love is a duty, not only that this person was very ill, or that he went bankrupt you still with him. There is another, when he was mentally very confused, very painful, and even angry at your body, you still know he loves you. I experienced a lot of confusion, but my husband Wu particular sense of obligation on the part of the kind, no matter how you like, I'll go with you together. This force is quite strong. When you walk through that period of time, turn around and you will be particularly grateful to that person.
4. I am often asked about the secret of success, in fact, there are only three: first, self-confidence and his letters; second encounter unfair things are right frame of mind; third, first, to create for others, establish a good interpersonal atmosphere. Even if a scientist to present results, a person can not be fully arranged, more and more important in today's individual labor, cooperation is particularly valuable. Of course, the key to the success of each person is different, if you are a timid people, the key to success is courage, if you are an adventurous person, the key to success may be widely Nabo words, I always think, to face the past We must ask why, and face the future, we should ask why not?
5. hard, life is too comfortable; comfortable, too hard days.
6. What makes us continue to move on after a disappointment? Is called
7. sometimes the fate of the banter is that you have been hesitant, until finally determined, the time has come to a curtain call.
8. you can not succeed, but you can not grow. Some people may hinder your success, but no one will stop you grow.
9 .. the reality is not always perfect, so hope is like a gamble. Lost very painful, so would rather not pursue it?
11. a young man, when you start to get too easy, do you think that is the result of my efforts, only turning back when you are more mature later, you find that many people are actually holding you.
12. is such a noisy time, your mood depends on your voice heard today from the direction. The face of mass information age, sometimes you will not help to find all the sounds right about face, you have no choice but to drown, so that you can not figure out exactly how their feelings.
13. the need for love outside of marriage is another link, not the most robust of a child, not money, but about the spirit of common development, it is a partnership. When the most helpless and weak, in the most depressed and lonely when there he (she) hold up your chin, pull your spine straight, strong command you, and accompany you around to bear fate. At that time, in addition to the feelings of love between you, as well as utter devotion of loyalty, abandoned to the understanding, and kindness Mingxinkegu.

14. full of wise words, so I treasure very much.
15. These children have lost their mother, but can not lose the maternal love, long life in post-disaster reconstruction, education, psychological counseling and other aspects, to help them grow up healthily. I particularly hope that this action was the participation of more female friends, lost her mother to the children sent motherly love.
16. I remember in 1990 I graduated from college, when we are playing with a manual typewriter paper. Later,fitted caps, a graduate student gave me a 286 computer. On one occasion, but also play paper, hit three or four o'clock am, the crash, and the content did not save, I started to cry, this article the next day to pay, and do not want in front of something written up. Was felt to the same end, but still have to wipe away tears re-written. This experience is very valuable for me. I always think I do now thanks to my willpower, I would not admit defeat, at this point, I feel I am successful.
17. Life is very certain, as I take a hot air balloon experience. Hot air balloon operator can do is to adjust the height of the balloon to catch different wind direction, and the specific routes and placement of the balloon, the mercy of the. This is exactly the charm of a hot air balloon: the possibility of controlled, but also retains the uncertainty, so the flight than any precise set are more stimulating. In fact, the pleasure of life, too, all in between this set and the variable, you never know what success is most important to enjoy the process.
18. whether it is


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