30 Best Loved Albums - Land Speed Record


2007 will bring the 30th anniversary of my first rock concert (Kiss, December 2, 1977 – Metropolitan Sports Center). In honor of that momentous event I have decided to use this blog to review my 30 best loved albums. They will not be in any order or progression but I will try to review them musically and why they mean so much to me. I’ll also note if they made the Definitive 200 List.

Although I have stated that I’m not going to rank or place in order my favorite 30 albums, there is somewhat of a method to my madness. The first five albums were near and dear to me, some may not necessarily be an all-time favorite, but instead are albums about which that I had a lot to say. Albums 6-10 included artists with long and critically acclaimed careers with many, many different albums from which to choose. Albums 11-15 were more related to “roots? music: folk, country, americana, etc. Now that we’re halfway through, I thought we needed to look at my favorite punk and alternative albums. In the immortal words of Neil Young: “Let’s play some Rock and Roll!?

16. Husker Du – Land Speed Record (1981)

This is the punk album to end all punk albums. The album careens from one blistering 90 second song to the next with 17 songs covering a 26-1/2 minute time span. Land Speed Record is actually a live album and it captures an early Husker Du at its furiously fast best. Although the name comes from the fact that the Huskers were digesting a serious amount of speed while the album was recorded, the title also easily describes the set list as most songs are one verse, no chorus played extremely fast punctuated only be a simple 1…2…1234 between each song.

The album cover is pure early 80’s punk: Black and white photo of flag-draped coffins stacked on top of each other either in a warehouse or large transport plane. While the songs at time are political the main point is that they are loud, fast, with no rules. The sound quality isn’t the greatest and the lyrics can be maddening at times but you’re not listening to this album for its production values. The purpose of this album is to feel the rush of an adrenaline-fueled musical assault where you don’t know whether or not the singer is going to have an aneurism or if the guitars are going to careen out of control.

One reason I love this album is it brings me back to the days of seeing the Huskers at the 7th Street Entry or First Avenue. The music was loud, the slam dancing was non-stop and many a morning after seeing them my ears would buzz from the volume, my head would throb from the beer, and the rest of my body would hurt from being slammed into by other 20-somethings for 90 minutes. Also I used this album to turn one of my friend's teenage son into punk. It was around 1995 and we were in my car waiting for his dad. We started talking about Nirvana and I asked him if he ever heard Husker Du. I put this tape on and he was mesmerized. He took the tape home with him and said that the album changed his life.

Although you don’t necessarily listen to this song for the lyrics, there are some pretty funny and/or serious lyrics here. One of my favorites is Gilligan’s Island:

Gilligan’s Island
Is where I wanna be
I wanna fuck Ginger
Underneath a big palm tree
I wanna make the professor
Make some good drugs for me
Oh Gilligan's Island
Is where I wanna be

But the lyrics can be political too, check this out from Guns at My School:

We've got guns at my school
You've got guns at your school
Guns and knives/taking lives
Fuck you!

Every time it's a different story
When they come to our territory
Is it fun or race relations?

Guns at my school
Think that's cool?
You like violence?
Think it makes sense?
(Fuck, no).

Even though I’m closing in on my mid-40’s, I still play this album when I need a rise. It’s fast, it’s fun, but most of all it’s exhilarating. And for that Land Speed Record deserves a spot on my most beloved 30 albums.

Place on the Definitive 200: Not on the list.


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Side dishes to do
1, mixed with onion
ingredients: a pound of green onion red pepper sauce three three three money money vinegar sesame oil salt five money-thirds
Method: Wash the onion skin stripped of the old , straight knife cut into slices, then change the wire or small knife cut into thick; pepper straight knife, cut wire transfer to a plate in a total, then mix with salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil on the last drop, uniform mixing is good.
characteristics: fresh and crisp, hot and sour taste.
2, mixed with cabbage
ingredients: cabbage half kilogram of sugar, soy sauce, five-fifth of a penny of money sesame oil salt half
Method: Wash the cabbage stripped outside help, straight knife cut into one inch long, half an inch width of the broken section. Twenty-three minutes into boiling water picked up, not over, drain to the water in a bowl. The soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, salt, stir evenly transferred to the good. In addition to this, also add shrimp, mouth watering, green and red chili, transferred to vinegar, sweet and sour taste made of cabbage.
Features: salty crispy, a drinking dishes
3, mixed with raw bean sprouts
: mung bean sprouts cucumber twenty-two salt five pounds of onion two money money money vinegar, ginger and two five money sesame oil money
Method: Wash the bean sprouts to pick impurities, into the boiling water pot boiled cooked (be careful not to fire boiled soft), remove and control to the water; cucumbers washed straight knife cut into slices, then cut into filaments, sprinkle with salt, add onion, ginger and mix well, finally doused with vinegar, sesame oil dish that is good. Such as adding foam soft rot Gansi, fans Serve bean sprouts mixed with three wires.
characteristics: fresh and delicious, and nutritious.
4, cucumber mixed with shrimp
ingredients: shrimp, cucumber, a green two pairs of two cabbage leaves three garlic soy sauce sesame oil a five money money money vinegar two blisters fungus two money
Method: peeling shrimp , into the boiling water pot cooked, remove and dry cold; to Wash cucumbers, straight knife cut into semi-circular pieces; green garlic, cabbage leaves picked clean, straight knife cut into sections, all on the case on the stand. Then push the cold shrimp, cut into pieces. Transfer to a plate and season again. Wobble the order is: first with cabbage leaves BEDDING, then put the shrimp into a pattern (can be optional), the upper slice of cucumber, green garlic put on, sprinkle with water, fungus, into the soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar is good.
features: bright and beautiful, fragrant liqueur.
5, beans mixed with sesame paste
ingredients: fresh beans fifty-two five money sesame twenty-two salt pepper MSG ten five money ginger oil money
Method three: the beans cramps, broken, washed in boiling water pot boiled cooked, soaked in cold water after use, remove and control to the water, on the transfer plate. Then sesame cold water into a paste, the pepper Heat oil, add salt, MSG, ginger, pour in the beans, and mix well plate.
features: green color, flavor and delicious

6, raw pork mixed with vermicelli
: pork ( thin) thirty-two mung bean vermicelli two cooking oil soy sauce, three five money money money mustard and sesame oil-fifth of vinegar, two salt-fifth of a penny sesame five money MSG ten
Method: Wash the pork first, then cut the film into a film into filaments; vermicelli soaked knife straight after the cut wire, into the boiling water pot, remove and put into cold water, drain control water, poured into a dish, stirring with chopsticks scattered. Then Wok stir, pour the oil pan, then stir-fry the pork wok, add soy sauce, a money, to be served in a flesh color on the fans. Doused with vinegar, sesame oil, mustard, salt, MSG and turned into juice, sesame Serve topped with the best.
Features: shiang refreshing, a drinking food.
7, mixed with chives
ingredients: fresh chives pepper ten pounds of salt, five money
Method: Wash the leek pick a good, straight knife cut into inch segments, mix salt, pepper, into the stamped bowl, marinate twenty-three days can be eaten.
Features: Affordable, Jordan rice is best.

8, mixed with fragrant soy
ingredients: soy sauce twelve pounds of salt, rice wine, twelve five money allspice chopped green onion two five money money
Method: insect bites and broken beans to pick clean, into the pot, add bean flour flooding to live, into the five-spice powder (also can add a money Strato incense), the Wang Simmer for a quarter of an hour or so, move to a small fire and simmer, then have to add salt, soy sauce, rice wine and other seasonings, cover the lid tightly to the Yuba swollen stew, soup into the pot when the gravy, dry cold plate. Can sprinkle some chopped green onion to eat, a few drops of sesame oil, and its taste more fragrant.
Features: delicious crispy, a drinking dishes.
9, fans
spicy ingredients: soy sauce, five fans sixty-two sugar twelve pepper oil vinegar three five money money money, pepper and a method for making a sub-MSG: first fans with open blisters, soft, cut into two -inch-long segments put tray. A bowl, add soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, monosodium glutamate and cold water five money transferred into the marinade, pour the fans, sprinkle with pepper, Drizzle chili oil, mix well and serve.
Features: This dish is Sichuan cuisine, spicy flavor, a drinking most appropriate.
10, mixed with vermicelli
ingredients: good noodles fifty-two water pounds cucumber twenty-two five money mustard sesame chili oil five three of money money money sesame oil two to reconcile eighty-two
Method: Add water noodles labeled gravy, boiled lit paste, spread on the board after Aohao, thickness should be uniform, cool or cold rolled after, cut into strips, dish, sprinkle cucumber, transferred sesame, mustard, pepper oil, and pour soup reconcile, drops sesame oil and serve.
characteristics: cool delicious, Sheng Xiajia products.

11, mixed with celery
ingredients: fresh celery, sesame oil, five pounds of salt five money special soy sauce, vinegar, three money three money
Method: celery leaf pick pick the net, slashing the hair roots, wash net. Cut into five long sections, into the boiling water pot boiled, and then sprinkle with salt and mix well, pour soy sauce when eating, special vinegar, sesame oil, pepper oil can be poured into its flavor longer. Vinegar can not be put back, otherwise the dish will turn yellow.
features: green tender and full of nutrition.
12, tomato sauce, celery
raw materials: a pound of tender celery salt two tomato twenty-two cooking oil money, a money
twelve white vinegar Method:
1. choose fresh celery, put off the leaves, roots washed net, straight knife to cut open the pedicle, into the boiling water pot, and then see the open water when the fish, drain and cut into inch-long segments, add salt, monosodium glutamate release tray.
2. put the pot on the fire, into the cooking pan, add tomato sauce, sugar, vinegar and water, amount of boiled water in the celery on top.
Features: This dish orange-red color, fresh and delicious.
13, spiced peanuts
ingredients: peanuts, a pound of salt twelve pepper nutmeg, half a penny of money money aniseed ginger three
Method: The net pick peanuts, with warm boiled water in the basin about two hours, the pot, add water about two pounds to get angry, put salt, pepper, aniseed, cardamom, ginger, add peanuts cooked soup into the basin, when the fish dish that is eaten percent.
Features: Spiced Sauvignon, should be the next Sakamoriba.
raw spinach: Spinach pound of ginger two money-eighth of Hong tofu two salt-third of sugar cooked shrimp three money money sesame oil salt meat two three money
1. will put off the old leaves of spinach, washed slashing the tip, next to the hot pot water to open water (the middle of Cook rolled over), pause for a moment, picked up the drain, then squeeze the water stroked together, chopped into a very fine, then squeeze again to put the pot of water, add salt and sugar and mix well.
2. shrimp wash away the dust and impurities, put a small bowl, add boiling water just did not ping shrimp (preferably cage steam for twenty minutes), soaked and cut into very fine. Hong tofu and cooked lean meat, also cut into very fine salt. The end with the ginger, pour in the hot shrimp spinach with Mimi, Drizzle sesame oil, mix well and serve.
Features: This dish with a variety of raw materials due to the deployment, delicious taste.
15, mixed with assorted raw
: Fans thirty-two cooked chicken, cooked pork twelve twelve twelve water in cooked ham, dried shrimps, spinach, two eggs, five of money heart soy eight three three money money vinegar mushrooms three sesame oil money money money mustard paste two MSG ten
system of law: first chopped into five-inch long section of fans, into the boiling water and cook until center is no hardness up, remove and soak with a little cold water, drain Decanter , placed around the plate; spinach heart straight knife cut into inch sections; mushrooms blades open, boiled over back; then Chao Shao over the fire pan, pour the egg open into a point spread thick shells, exposing cut into two-inch long from Dan Pi, a sub-wide wire; pork, chicken, ham knife with a straight cut into more than one point thick, two inch long wire. The color of various raw materials were neatly placed in the middle panel fans, the fans on the Hai Misa. Finally, in a bowl the soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, mustard paste, MSG transferred into the juice, poured into the food when you can.
Features: colorful, unique flavor.
16, three-wire raw celery
: tender celery-fifth of a pound of salt water, sugar, mushrooms twelve twelve-fifth of net shoot MSG meat spiced dry two one point three money ginger sesame oil half
Method :
1. cut the celery root to the leaves washed into the water pot, see open water again when picked up, drain and cut into inch-long segments, add half salt and mix well, transfer to a plate of.
2. the mushrooms, bamboo shoots, Xianggan shredded, blanched open water, picked up the pot, drain and sprinkle in the celery after, then add ginger, sugar, salt and mix well, pour sesame oil and serve.
Features: This dish color harmony, crisp and delicious.
17, green pepper and mix Gansi
ingredients: green peppers fifty-two Hong dry rot of sugar a three sesame oil money, money MSG ten a penny
salt Method: Wash the handle to the first green pepper, cut into filaments with a straight knife; Hong dry rot is also used straight knife cut into filaments together into the boiling water pot boiled fishing out, drain to transfer water into the bowl, add sesame oil, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate mixture evenly plate.
features: color flavor fragrance, a drinking most appropriate.
18, soy, cauliflower
material: cauliflower jin salt pepper oil five five money money money ginger chopped green onion a second money
Method: Wash the cauliflower to the root, broke open the petals, straight knife cut into about eight block, placed in boiling water and boil, then remove and control dry, sprinkle with salt dish, the end put the onions, ginger, soy oil heating on the pepper and serve.
characteristics: shape, delicious fresh, should Zuo Sakamoriba.
19, soy, celery
ingredients: fresh celery, ginger two pound fifty-two MSG ten five money money salt pepper oil vinegar two five money money
Method: pluck fresh celery leaves and roots washed, Straight knife cut into eight segments long (can be split in two and a half thick root), cooked fish into the boiling water pot, boil, cool with cold water control dry, then salt, monosodium glutamate, vinegar and mix well dish, put ginger, Pour heated soy oil pepper to taste.
Features: nutritious, delicious aroma.
20, three wire
spicy soy ingredients: lettuce, cucumber fifty-two pound salt pepper twenty-two five Qian Hong Qian ginger onion a three pepper oil vinegar, two five money money
Method: A strip of lettuce Wash skin, straight knife, cut wire; washed and shredded cucumber; pepper and cut into wire. Sprinkle with salt, vinegar and mix well, put onion, ginger, soy oil pepper on top.
characteristics: bright, blind taste.

21, Sammi

raw cucumber: cucumber jin fifty-two four salt pepper sugar three five money money money vinegar, five ginger and onions a second money money money pepper oil sauce two five money
Method: Wash the cucumber to the flesh, straight knife cut into thirds width, eight long segment; peppers are cut into straight wire cutter; cucumber in boiling water, boiled remove and control dry, sprinkle with dish of salt and mix well. The pepper pot heat oil, put onion, ginger, pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and other soy tuned in cucumber balls.
features: color flavor the United States, made easy.
22, soy, canola
ingredients: fresh canola jin salt pepper oil five five money money money ginger three onions a
Method: Wash the rape to the blade root, long straight knife cut into eighths wipe blade, placed in boiling water cooked, remove and control dry, mix salt dish, sprinkle with onion, ginger, soy into the pepper oil can be heated.
Features: bright green and crisp, should Junior noodles or rice.
raw cucumber oil shock: a pound of cooking oil tender cucumber catty (fuel twelve) two onions and a half chili pepper ten two money trees ginger vinegar, sugar, three two money money money salt five Method: Wash the cucumber, cut both ends on documented a profile two dredged Rangzi. One hundred stand up, cut into diagonal distance between one point of the knife of the depth of half the cucumber, do not cut through, and then cut into inch sections; pepper washed straight knife cut into filaments. Then Wok stir, pour the oil poured eight mature, green cucumber into pieces and then remove, put up one hundred years in the dish. Pan some oil, fried coke into the pepper to remove. Along with the onions, ginger, chili and various spices into, and turned into juice, pour in the cucumber on top.
features: green crisp, distinctive flavor.
24, soy bean sprouts
materials: bean sprouts jin salt pepper oil five five money money money onion a ginger coriander two three three money
vinegar Method: Wash the green bean sprouts good pick , into the boiling water, boil, remove and control dry, sprinkle with salt, vinegar, cabbage leaves and mix well dish. Last put onion, ginger, coriander, soy oil can on the pepper.
features: crisp and delicious, the production is simple.
25, soy spicy cabbage
ingredients: red pepper cabbage four pounds of sugar, two three of money money ginger soy sauce sesame oil five five money money money
eight salt Method: Wash the cabbage stripped to help outside net, straight knife cut one-third width of the film thickness, salt and mix well, after the fish pickled with salt to taste cold brew and control dry, on the basin. Then the sugar, vinegar, soy sauce-opening fell to the cabbage on the two peppers, shredded ginger, sprinkle the cabbage, and then another two with chili sesame oil to be fried yellow down in bowls of water, soy back cover ten minutes.
Features: spicy crisp and refreshing, Sakamoriba all together.
26, soy chili cucumber
Ingredients: fresh cucumber, four pounds of red chili pepper salt oil five five money money money soy sauce, a ginger onion a three sugar, two money money money vinegar three
Method: Wash the cucumber, split into two with a knife to the flesh, long straight knife cut into eight sections, sprinkle with salt, salted ten minutes dry control. Then soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt together and mix well. Spicy shredded, green onion, shredded ginger are put, pepper in hot oil heated soy silk, and with plate buttons can be on for a while.
Features: spicy sweet and sour aroma, and nutritious.
27, kelp
soy ingredients: water, kelp pound fifty-two salt pepper oil five five money money money onion vegetables three vinegar three a penny ginger three Method: kelp washed, cut into thin wire, placed in boiling water, boiled remove and control dry, sprinkle with salt, vegetable dish silk mix, and finally put onion, ginger and pour vinegar, pepper oil heating soy balls.
Features: silk long shiang, distinctive flavor.
28, Sammi
raw cabbage: cabbage, red pepper four pounds of sugar five five money money vinegar salt pepper oil five five money money money, a ginger and green onion soy sauce, two three MSG ten
money system Method: cabbage help pick rotten leaves to yellow, to wash the root, third straight knife width, eight blocks long, on the boiling water cooked fish out to dry cold control dry, pepper cut into filaments stand; Sprinkle salt, mix the cabbage, pepper pot to heat oil, put a hot wire, onion, ginger, white and sweet and sour, soy sauce, soy, MSG and other spices on top.
features: red and white, spicy and more flavor.
29, mixed with lift raw materials: the new face lift five cucumber twenty-two sesame salt three three money money money garlic mustard three mud into five special vinegar sauce three three money money money
sesame oil a system of law: first good noodles with cold water and turned into thin juice (good or bad depends on the quality of noodles may be). Noodles such as the ratio of 5:5 with water (watered), 5:6 (watered), etc., dilute juice each containing one or two, pour in a special copper (or fine steel plate), the pot on the water in turn into the same lift Bo Hou, when cooked on the cold water, change the width of the knife cut into one-third dish. Then wash straight knife shredded cucumber, sprinkle with salt and mix well, pour sesame paste, soy sauce, vinegar, mustard, garlic, sesame oil and serve.
Features: bones and refreshing, hot weather good to eat.
30, chives mixed Gansi
material: chive forty-two Hong tofu twenty-two salt MSG-fifth of one point eight sugar, sesame oil three money
Method: Wash the chives, a little under the water pot hot, rapidly turn over, and then burn about three seconds, fishing on the basket, the rejection to the force of water, then cut into inch-long segments, put dish, hot mix salt and monosodium glutamate. The other will Xianggan shredded, sprinkle on the chives, Drizzle sesame oil, mix well and serve.
Features: chive dip by the rapid boiling hot, slightly crisp texture and fragrance; Xianggan flexibility, taste refreshing
31, kelp mixed with fans
materials: water kelp thirty-two cabbage leaves three fans twenty-two vinegar water MSG, soy sauce, five three money money money ten salt three chopped green onion ginger a second money money money garlic sesame oil a three pound mud
Method: kelp washed sand, straight knife cut into filaments, through the fish out into the water boil ; water, cut into five-inch section of fans pushed, washed cabbage leaves straight knife filaments. The three kinds of food material and transfer into the basin, then the soy sauce, vinegar, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger, green onion, garlic, sesame oil transferred in turn, stir, and serve to transfer to a plate.
Features: silk long shiang, color gratifying.
32. black pepper mixed with chicken
Material: 1 chicken breast, moderate, small cucumber 1 / 2 carrots, 1 / 4 Sauces : 3 tablespoons vinegar, 3 tablespoons sugar, thick black pepper 1 tsp
1. sauce good pre-deployment, standby (like sugar and vinegar ratio to follow the deployment) 2 cooked chicken breast stripping wire
3. shredded boiled in boiling water, the picked up
4. oblique cut into small half-moon cucumber in half, add a pinch of salt and scratched, about 3 minutes after the crowding, etc. water, spare 5 carrots twist filaments
6. Finally, add the sauce mix all ingredients, you can (better flavor after refrigeration)
33. vinegared kelp
Ingredients: kelp, red pepper, Onion
Sauces: .3 tablespoons vinegar, sugar, 3 tablespoons sesame oil 1 tsp fish sauce 1 tsp (no it does not matter) sesame (charge broken) 1 tsp sauce to follow the weight increase in the amount of kelp!
1. the kelp washed and cut into small pieces, and placed in the pot and cook until Microsoft, picked up the spare 2 red pepper strips, light blue strips, pre-tuned by adding sauce, mixing evenly, you can (marinated Refrigerate after about half a day, the taste will be more delicious)
34. Taiwan kimchi 35. fresh salad garlic sea fungus
Material: cabbage 1 / 2, Salt to taste
Sauces: Sugar 1 / 2 cup vinegar 1 / 2 cup 4 to 5 garlic, chili 1, water 3 cups, disposable cups
1. Shredded cabbage washed with small
2. add the amount of cabbage to grab his hand after soft, and then go over to go cold salty water (water to drain yo)
3. marinade in with clever after the fire, add pepper flakes, smash the garlic and sugar and vinegar, allow natural cooling (the first night I was doing)
4. Finally, mix together cabbage and pickles, cans or boxes with bottles into the refrigerator for about one day tasty, you can
; 36 Korean salad Campanulaceae
Material: Campanulaceae
seasoning sauce: vinegar, 3 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons sesame oil 1 tsp fish sauce 1 tsp (no it does not matter) sesame seeds (broken charge)
sauce 1 tsp of the weight to follow Campanulaceae increased!
1. Campanulaceae peeled peeling the wire after the wash, and go into the pot to cook bitter, picked up the spare 2 to join a pre-tune a good sauce, mixing evenly, you can (marinated Refrigerate after about half a day, the taste will be more delicious)
37. coriander mixed with cabbage Ingredients: cabbage, parsley, pepper
seasoning sauces: vinegar 1 tsp Salt to taste, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 teaspoon fish sauce (no it does not matter) to follow the weight of sauce to increase the amount of cabbage!
1. coriander washed and cut into 1 cm pieces, pepper cut diagonal pieces, spare
2. Shredded cabbage washed with small pieces, blanched in boiling water can be picked up 3. Finally, a good sauce by adding a pre-transfer, mixing evenly, can
38. lemon curd sauce vs cucumber wire
Material: cucumber, red radish, dried silk, parsley
lemon sauce Ingredients: Lemon (extruded juice) 1 sugar spoon, thick black pepper 1 tsp olive oil 1 tablespoon
1. cucumber, carrots washed twist filaments, chopped parsley
2. dried tofu, blanched in boiling water wire can be picked up
3. Finally, add lemon sauce mix all ingredients, you can ( after cold storage for better flavor)
39. vinegared octopus kelp buds
Material: small octopus, kelp buds, red pepper, scallion stalk.
seasoning sauce: vinegar, 3 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons sesame oil 1 tsp fish sauce 1 tsp (no it does not matter) sesame (charge broken) 1 tsp soy sauce to increase the weight to follow the situation! approach:
1. small octopus treated cut into small pieces and put into hot boiling water to change color, can be picked up
2. kelp buds look a little washed in boiling hot water into the soft just beats, you can picked up
3. red pepper strips, Onion shredded
4. join a pre-tune a good sauce, mixing evenly, you can (marinated Refrigerate after about half a day, the taste will be more delicious)
40. spicy mix cucumber lean
Material: pork (or Bacon), cucumber, pepper.
seasoning sauce: 3 tablespoons vinegar, 3 tablespoons sugar, 1 tsp sesame oil, thick black pepper 1 tsp sesame seeds (charge broken) 1 tsp
1. piece of meat put into the boiling water and cook until cooked, cool the meat after the cut so thin, spare
2. oblique cut into small half-moon cucumber in half, add a pinch of salt and scratched, some other
3 minutes after the squeeze water were 3 chili cut diagonal pieces
4. Finally, add the sauce mix all ingredients, you can (better flavor after refrigeration)

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· possession of liver disease
yellow whites of the eyes to reveal the face of the health of your map: · possession of liver disease
yellow whites of the eyes the color of the whites: If whites of the eyes yellow, it may have liver disease hidden; anemia usually pale eyelids; have allergy problems, the whites will darken the color, luster faded, black and white does not clear.
black eye: the black eye with some unusual symptoms, and sometimes signs of the disease cirrhosis, nephritis, renal failure, respiratory failure, and blood disease or endocrine disorders are dark circles. rest caused by bad dark circles, reduce late at night will eliminate.

eyelid color:
yellow red heart and lung disorders
eyes the color of eyelids: eyelids which appeared as pink indicates good health, red indicates blood, digestive and reproductive organ dysfunction,Cheap new era, appear white indicates anemia or blood circulation disorders, there may be yellow, red kidney, liver, spleen, pancreas, heart dysfunction.
protruding eyes: eyes raised to is an indication of thyroid problems.

· Hyperactivity
nose is dry and dry nose: nasal ventilation and to play a normal olfactory function, must rely on lung reconcile, breathing Chang Lee. nostril dryness, breathing With heat, Hyperactivity is often caused.
stuffy nose: generally due to the lung caused by a cold Japanese medical research shows that nasal congestion is also related with gastrointestinal dysfunction, do not patronize the smooth nose, gastrointestinal tract and maintenance just as important .

· rupture of the stomach tired
mouth lip color: lip and lower eyelids, are thin, fully reflecting the color. lip shallow, may be insufficient red blood cells is recommended to change the recipes, eat tofu and animal offal, thereby reducing the symptoms of anemia. If the lips are too red, you are likely to be Eat more fresh fruit, drink plenty of water, can help you resolve the excess body heat, so that lip color back to normal.
mouth break: When the stomach in a state of fatigue, will lead to heat, causing swelling and rupture of the mouth is recommended to eat more when chewing a few, fully absorb and digest food. stomach gastrointestinal function is weak, unable to fully absorb the water, causing water retention, saliva diluted, only flow to mouth, if you feel pain, bowel, stomach-ming, it is best to see Gastroenterology.

· red kidney bad
ear ear redness: the ear represents the traditional Chinese medicine theory, the status of the kidney, red or purple ear shows poor kidney circulation. less drinking, less ** fine food, more exercise to promote circulation.
earlobe wrinkles: When arteries hardening, the ears get less blood, due to br>
· tongue tremor physical difference
tongue tremor: mirror, tongue, if the tongue quivering, is likely to be mental stress, physical signs of recession. medical survey found that 70% of people are not conscious to the tongue tremor is recommended to adjust the rest, otherwise easily lead to neurasthenia.
purple tongue: When the blood contains large amounts of waste, will be slightly purple tongue, if accompanied by shoulder stiffness and back pain, indicating the body indicates that your resistance is declining; tongue yellowing is a cold signal, keep warm, drink plenty of warm water can prevent a cold invasion.

· face with the root cause of abnormal red cheeks
: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine , Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Research Center of Chinese constitution and reproductive money will be deputy director of the South, said the health of red is distributed from the inside of the cheek up the two groups inexplicable accompanied by feelings of irritability, heart hands two Zuxin heat from the Western perspective, the blush is also possible that the performance of low grade fever, a comfortable hot bath to wash, and then the United States and the United States sleep, can ease.
face: pale cheeks are symptoms of anemia. FVC poor body 'blood run slow , will be long-term accumulation of body waste, making the skin dull, black face, eating fresh fruits and vegetables eat less meat to help the waste discharge.


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