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First, if you're not getting your Twins fix from the blog Stick and Ball Guy, you need to get there. Good analysis of Twins, plus other fun stuff. If that's not enough to check it out, how about a feature on yours truly? Click here for the link.

If you are reading this after July 24th, you may have to click on the "know a citizen" link to see my feature.

Also look for my upcoming review of Bernard Malamud's book The Natural on SBG sometime in early August.


that SBG profile was pretty good!

I may have to get back to reading that more since Greet Machine is not so active and I swear I can feel my IQ dropping by the minute when I read the commentary on the Strib blogs for the Twins...

Find a nice book: 古罗马塞涅卡 the

above short life. Most vulgar things to do, engaged day, his life and did no belong to his own period, so their real life merely a short few years. Even the entertainment is not necessarily true of their own time, he said chess and pellet games, said: those who joy affairs into a engaged human who is not free. Even act research does not necessarily real life, such for some of phoned

So what kind of life is long for? He said entire folk, only those who spend their time leisurely in philosophy who is silence monster beats, and only they are truly alive. Because they are not satisfied lifetime, I think he said the philosophy is by no method vocational, but to do philosophy of thinking. From this trivial, meteoric reality,

on peace of idea. One hand, he thought of the calm life of philosophizing, on the one hand and the temptation by the pretension of life. He was designated the regent and the quasi-imperial department. High positions not relieve his interior contradictions. In the ideological skirmish, he ambitioned a elderly life. Retired only to retreat from the secular struggle, not been fully nativity alone life. He said:
full two thousand years, this person said even are considering favor a familiar friend mumble in the ear meditation. This feeling is so superb. His age is not the Internet, he or participate in social life, alternatively exit, the 2 must choose one. And how fortunate we are - we tin prefer either retire, and straight their own calculating to participate in social life, you tin analyze, annotate, when needed their voices listened and counsel to assist their society, it is beneficial to social progress do.

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added : Tong Seto leaves a happy birthday wish .


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