Friday Random Top 10


Here it is! In the tradition of American Idle, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This week's list:

1. Hillbilly Drummer Girl – Young Fresh Fellows
2. Lonesome Tears – Beck
3. Settled Down Like Rain – The Jayhawks
4. Because the Night – Patti Smith
5. Pieholden Suite – Wilco
6. Why – The Accents
7. Spirit – Mieka Pauley
8. I’ll Wait & Pray – John Coltrane
9. Love Comes and Goes – Stillwater
10. Home Front – Billy Bragg

What's your top 10?


always felt that photography is a subjective creation too, and with the photographer's work is proportional to the growth of the aesthetic of my paranoia. Fortunately, eroded by time, it will not spread the conscious self-righteous. Given to others to keep a decent distance, but also give yourself the capability of the advance and retreat space.

this world of light and shadow, the million individuals in the eyes of ten thousand kinds of the world, seeking common ground. Particularly stubborn in the aesthetic, I can only care to capture, the more find more realize that they are expressed in the eyes of their very different picture, feel more and more, photography is the moment of the collision, the moment concentrate, and then seek Hand of God's generous gift.

lower then their lower, they find in sorrow too pale artificial precipitation, for a long period of time I indulge in this nothingness, and even a kind of masochistic pleasure style. At that time, the past is unknown monster horse Just Beats, lurking deep sometimes give you a fatal blow. Been the case came to be, then spend time with him has become the antidote, a little bit of erosion, it is the slightest smaller.

calm down, life becomes natural stretch. Found, in the absence of open heart before the eyes, which is how desolate the world.

silence is an attitude of helplessness, with regret, but I like this state. Already do not like to tell now getting started from the outside, the compression itself. Knew my role has been divided into pebbles, restless soul has been laid to rest with the youth at the same time, suddenly, the feeling so slowly savings, may become a force within the firm, indomitable.

was silent crush on, suddenly indecisive like suddenly sad, because the illusion summon the courage to step into it, it's that touch a wall.

obscure, how many molecules there are many uncertainties. Radiation had been the property I had suffered too much no solution puzzle, but more cold or solvability experience. Obviously is the distance from fingertip to touch each other, they feel cold. Or back to it from the parallel tracks of others, no longer yearning for those distant gap, 24-year-old with sparkling water chestnut I made a farewell.

This symbol is always the human

I began to like the soft cloudy; also eager longing for the dark morning air is no longer in bed volume; more accustomed to a cup of weak tea in the afternoon, after the first bitter taste of Gan; often went to the utmost to meet the attendant a sense of weightlessness, that moment, as if Huihun and fall. A desperate matter. Like to lose there.

life to a certain stage, a sudden loss of speech ability, and have mercy on me gave me life and peace, and the simple state of mind it brings.

God's busy, the average gift to me the probability is not high ... ...

even simpler friendship family, but also two double-edged sword, for whom I am happy whom lonely.

around the world in the discovery of the United States before, it is tragic to find their own We have spent the first half, all for

We always pursuit of individuality, but also requires understanding, which in itself self-contradictory? In that world, only his most pathetic when the most wronged, reflect on, is not take yourself too seriously it?

had to flee home to go to an appointment feel very tragic, of course, silly love in return is hurt ... ...

this side, you love the high light, I love the shadow alone.

describe my fascination with the details in low light, even if rough and dull picture, but also persistent and indulge in this feeling. Light is one of the few things I will not weary, ever-changing forecast can never be absolute.

Lieyang often under the shadow, over and over again making a gadget, its color changes and lighting of overlap, this mystery is simply unspeakable.

will not Nianhua smile of the day?

pay in exchange for a lot of tragedy, but these efforts are not futile and tragic, from the first meeting of the tempered until they have flexibility, natural gas and can be fair to see the early morning or drop off the morning.

now, can finally have the dream as a necessary step, after the joy of happiness now, not that from them step by step here? Each step, the inner part of it collapsed at the black hole, one day before is no longer level, but the smooth, warm sun breeze, there are beautiful roadside scenery.

as I like Mavis running.

we are no longer naive, there will always be that day looks beautiful in this world, to have been so sure.

the meaning of life, should that stop and search non-stop to appreciate the things you feel wonderful.

my hobbies have as many trees as the forest, but also changing like the wind. I desperately chasing love all things praise, but never did enjoy themselves too. In the mirror the girl always looks too tall head too timid heart never enjoy being wrapped in the treatment of self-confidence, she took that silly stage-specific loss, Su Zhao time head down the shoulder of the road, desperately want to his hide, Love's that cold desolately away.

these songs, please put on headphones, turn up the volume, a person listening to the whole world is your ...

these songs, please put on headphones, turn up the volume, a person listening, the world is yours! ! ! ! !
these songs are warm, there is no metallic taste, suitable for a sunny afternoon, very relaxed. . .
[Anaesthesia] Maximilian Hecker strongly recommend
] [Summer Days In Bloom Maximilian Hecker pushing!
[end of May] Keren Ann
[gotta have you] The Weepies tone is very special, I did the background music with it.
[i remember] Amber Kuo I like to listen to the song before going to sleep
[Let's start from here] Joanna Wang
] [Never Grow Old The Cranberries
Tommai mai rub sak tee [] Lydia (Thai ) listen to the voice of the Thai girl.
[Disguise] Lene marlin
[When You Say Nothing At All Ronan Keating] There are also school friends had recommended it.
[valder fields] Tamas Wells is very soft.
] [don't know why Norah Joness very lazy very comfortable. . For the romantic atmosphere of the bar. .
[seven years] Norah Jones that her voice was as the sun hit the body comfortable.
[the story] Norah Jones a little jazz. Movie My Blueberry Nights.

(b) is High the drums, the rhythm is High, the sound is very High. . (Dance. DJ. Hip-hop. Metal ...)

] [Good Foot Justin Timberlake & Timbaland is not the first time they collaborated, never!
[always come back to your love] Samantha mumba started listening a long time ago.
[Ba Yonga Wamba] Banaroo unique features, you can listen to a few times and sang along with.
[Bottle Pop The Pussycat Dolls] I like
[Takin 'All Over The World] The Pussycat Dolls
] [Whatcha Think About That The Pussycat Dolls
] [When I Grow Up The Pussycat Dolls
] [Buckle Up n Chuggeluck Heaven hear the QQ on the music, recommended, be sure to turn up the volume.
] [Chain Hang Low Jibbs little light. . .
[Disturbia] Rihanna dadada ~ ~ ~
] [En Dag Tilbage Nik & Jay Denmark
] [Say It Right Nelly Furtado Her voice was fine, nice. .
] [The Magic Key One-T + cool-T
[I Hate Myself For Loving You Joan Jett song] is too High a ~
[I Miss You [just] Basshunter

dance] [Lonely] I would not have introduced this
[upside down] a lot of people used this song to dance
[Oops Jaime Pas Langlais]
[[Peerless] Darin Zanyar
Remember The Name] Fort minor
[numb] Linkin Park is really like this band
[in stereo] Fort minor I like the kind of heavy percussion
[] Fort minor where'd you go by the Girls begin to take us into the dark fortress
What I've Done [Linkin Park] I believe this song for like people who are not familiar with Lincoln Park, right
[Believe me] Fort minor recommended blood! ! ! ! ! !
] [My December Linkin Park and style of the past are not the same oh ~ my blog background music.
] [Till I Collapse song heard sometimes a bad mood. . So exciting.
[saturday night] Darin electronic music sound good, and very dynamic
] [Me Against The Music Britney Spears to see X-man of the people know this song.
[do something] Britney Spears
] [beautiful liar Beyonce and Shakira
[my first ride] Aaron Carter
[fighter] Christina Aguilera NBA playoff theme song
[I Hate Myself For Loving You Joan Jett] her voice is too high a
[come into my world Kylie Minogue
]] [beautiful ones Suede Anyway, I heard this song I felt very happy. . Haha. .
get it out me [Janet Jackson] have a feeling Britney Spears Toxic. Rap is like Stefanie cushions whisper grumble
] [cry me a river Justin timberlake like the beginning of that period of rain.
[] Justin timberlake sexyback This is Justin's style.
[what dreams are made of] Hilary Duff she called 赫拉瑞达芙 sound very sophisticated.
[beat of my heart] Hilary Duff
[come clean] Hilary Duff This is the first nice
[wake up] Hilary Duff DJ ~
relatively brisk pace of these songs, most of the listening mood will be very Ay ~ ~ ~ ~ try it ~
[the saltwater room] Owl City Some people say that this song has the feeling of summer, is quite refreshing, pushing!
] [do you know Enrique Iglesias (The Ping Pong Son) This song has the sound of table tennis, bar!
] [touch my body Mariah Carey Mary Carey, as a woman of God. .
] [I'm Yours Jason Mraz; I was you, you. .
[Solo] Kate Havnevik must listen to, and the pace is not fast.
[my lucky day] Lene marlin 'Everything will be ok' ... ... because the phrase I love this song.
】 【Unforgivable Sinner Lene marlin Liao large bath is a prelude to the song. O (∩ _ ∩) o ...
] [Sitting Down Here Lene marlin
[whatever it takes] Lene marlin
[7 days] Craig David this is about my monkey Pan. . . .
[Beautiful Girls] Sean kingston female version of this song but there is still like this version. .
[Force of Nature] Lenka
[Whatcha Think About That] [The 1900s
Lose You] Linda Sundblad
[mary jane shoes] Fergie Fergie relaxed and lively tone. The final part will give you a surprise oh ~ haha ​​~
[don't believe in love] Dido Dido's song is very special, very special rhythm.
[] Dido here with me to show her the song more unique voice and personality style of music.
] Dido life for rent [the song sounds good, I believe many people have heard of. . Dido.
] [so yesterday Hilary Duff was this time last year listening to this song coach bags outlet, but also to find out. Oh ~
good listen to all the girls] [Aaron Carter Aaron before the name was wrong, that someone reminded, thank you ~
[Sealed With A Kiss Brian Hylan] country music [someone's watching over
me] Hilary Duff This is her in the movie Inspirational oh ~
] [It's Amazing Jem
[I'm Gonna Getcha Good Shania Twain
] [Love Is Color-Blind Sarah Connor] did not recommend that someone said before her - her songs are slow, not in this class.
] [Here With Me Michelle Branch song's style is pretty good, but General Rock ~ ~ ~
[Never be the same again Melanie C
] [Nothing In The World] [Atomic Kitten
],[br> [Who's Gonna Love You] The Pussycat Dolls
[] Daniel Powter free loop stands drama and variety of titles, when is this oh ~

I often sleep, so I will listen to them before going to bed - not a lot of pure music - like the more common ~ Richard Bandari and I do not do too much describes ~
[Canon] nice piano that would not have introduced the
Song] [Spirited Away Japanese animation blockbuster 'Spirited Girls' theme song
Hisaishi [Hatsukoi] [Heaven On Earth

[piano] ],[> [With an orchid] Yanni
language] [Pipa pipa woodlands this very classic oh ~
summer] [Kikujiro Joe Hisaishi
[Fengzhengyufeng] (piano version)
[River Flows in You Run] Lee Min
[If I could see you again] Lee Min
leap on the way [Run] Lee Min

[kiss the rain]] [Castle in the Sky (piano violin music box version of the acoustic guitar version edition)
[down by the sally gardens] Enya and many people sang. . There are pure music ~
[The Dawn] World of Warcraft Undead prelude before the song is not suitable to sleep listening to. . .
He sa Pirate [Pirates of the Caribbean] is not suitable for bedtime listening. But can not help but listen, think of Johnny Depp and his mustache ~

This is the style we all like to slow roll R & B ~ Jazz ~ Hip Hop ~ Rap ~ ~ ~
[Lubov] RossTallanma (Russia's slow roll); this song a lot of people I have introduced to the [Buttons] Pussycat Dolls
Pan monkeys to my song, listen to the prelude was hooked.
] [4 Minutes Madonna & Timbaland Justin three were my favorite, especially Justin.
Justin ah ha ha ha [Magic]. . A man named Li Zhu, ha ~ ~ ~ ~
attention Don't cha] [Pussycat Dolls this is their first song. Can be said that the first song ~
] [Out Of This Club Pussycat Dolls This was previously listening to the students of the P4 ~ stolen ~
[We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going rhythm] Pussycat Dolls very nervous ~(*^__^*) ... ...
Pussycat Dolls [Beep] I love these six women. Some of the more recommended ~
[Hot Stuff] Pussycat Dolls in general, but their sound is really sexy ~
[] Pussycat Dolls Sway - Everyone has heard of this long bar ~ ~
[Wait a Minute Pussycat Dolls & Timbaland] I'm lucky that always scouring the praise of fans - a first ~
Hung Up [Madonna] I am sure you heard. . . . .
】 【Promiscuous Nelly Furtado & Timbaland are my two favorite singers. .
] [say it right Nelly Furtado
] [Sway Michael Buble and above that recommended for the first jump is not the same oh ~ Rumba ~
[Negative Things] Audius recommended blood
] [Hollandback Girl Gwen feels a bit like ~
Stefani Wind It Up [Gwen Stefani] how is it so familiar? The . .
] [In The Morning Gwen Stefani in her voice is not so heavy, but this song is not bad.
[Mad, Sexy, Cool] Babyface kneel recommended
] [Run The Show Kat DeLuna & Busta Rhym Girls is High ~ ~
[Unstoppable] Kat DeLuna Hey I like the song ~~~~~ ~
[Whine Up] Kat DeLuna & Elephant Man ah ha ha ha. . . . . No way out ~ ~
] [Feel What I Feel Kat DeLuna best song to listen to. . Especially the prelude ~ ~ ~
[] Jordin Sparks Tattoo prelude to listen to this song on a kind of relaxed and happy feeling. Discard all. .
] [Cheater's Dilemma Kay B a very refreshing R & B ~
] [I Remember Keyshia Cole
] [Shy Boy Jordin Sparks may be the best song this season - but not heavy a great soundtrack !
] [Red Blooded Woman Kylie Minogue
before [yesterday] Leona Lewis many friends recommend this one - in fact I did not put her down Oh ~
[whatever it takes [Better] Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis
in Time] [Darren Hayes I Miss You] before the time for everyone to come back again if a mistake ~ ~ Oh ~
feel good [Creepin 'Up On You Darren Hayes] After much deliberation decided to It is written in this season ~
[insatiable] Darren Hayes recommended him before the song ~
] [U make me wanna - Blue Elva also sang on the radio many years ago the first time I hear ~
[Time After Time] Jessica Mauboy in that this is not Conan. . . . .
[Dilemma Ft Kelly Rowland Nelly some good Rap] Oh ~ ~ ~
] [Back at One Brian McKnight song a long time - but it is worth listening to, has been listening. . . .
] [Take A Bow Rihanna will make you happy song ~
[SOS] Rihanna
[Suerte] Shakira Spanish ~ good ~ ~ ~ ~
still in English [Dragostea Din Tei ] know ~
] [Love In This Club Usher
[All Fall Down] Anastacia her song you turn up the volume to listen to it Shuang Shuang ~ ~ ~
[Defeated] Anastacia slower than the previous one Some ~
] [I Can Feel You Anastacia the first electronic heavier taste ~
[Naughty] Anastacia song the most High ... ...
[] Anastacia Same Song jazz flavor ~ ~ ~ ] [Stay With Me Danity Kane
[Love in December] Club 8
[Beautiful Soul Jesse McCartney
] [Liar Liar] Girlicious - I really like this combination [Like to hear it ~
Me] Girlicious - praise song is very lively!
[My Boo] Girlicious song tone sounds good. Characteristic ~ ~ ~
] [Stupid Shit Girlicious
[They Don't Care About Us Michael Jackson] Maybe we should not forget this man. . . .
] [Used To Love Her Jay Sean
[un'emergenza d'amore] Laura pausini Italian very, very nice. .


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