Blast From the Past - No Dome Stadiums!!


It's no secret that I'm a huge supporter of the new Twins Ballpark and the new Gophers football stadium. In fact I participate/lurk on blogs dedicated to the subject including this this one and this one. However, recent evidence has been unearthed demonstrating that I'm not a newcomer to this outdoor stadium issue, no not me. Below is a letter I sent to the MN Daily that was published in October 1988!!

So Greet Machine, take that! while you were zoned out listening to Led Zeppelin on your parents hifi I was fighting the good fight. Click on the image below to see a larger, more readable version.

MnDaily Letter.jpg

So there! In my 20's I was suggesting open revolt over the Gophers moving to the Dome! The thing is, although no one ever protested the dome, one can make a pretty good argument that Gopher fans followed my first line of attack. It only took 19 years but we're finally there.

Hope to see you at the Twins new ballpark groundbreaking on Thursday, I'll be the one protesting! :o)


That's awesome!

I've only got 10 years of agitating about stadiums/ballparks under my belt and I was not smart enough to keep copies of my handful of LTEs to the Daily when I was a student...

What's funny is that I vaguely remembered writing this letter. It showed up in some information the U's Alumni Association was putting together regarding the new football stadium. Someone I know over asked if the letter writer was me.

Ha! Zoned out listening to Led Zeppelin ... I'd be mad if it wasn't true. But tell me, Freealonzo, how successful were you in stopping the Gophers from moving to the Dome? If I recall correctly, the Greet Machine is 1 for 1. So take that!

Good point Shane, but remember this is 1988, we barely had PC's then not to mention fancy websites and blogs. Writing a letter to the editor was about all you could do short of organizing some sort of protest.

In order to keep your lofty winning percentage I would suggest Greet Machine stay away from advocating for a new Vikings stadium, that may be another 19 years.

Since the Gophers are finally coming back to campus, I think Free deserves at least half a point for that...


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