Friday Random Top 10

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Here it is! In the tradition of American Idle, every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This week's list:

1. Still Worth Noting - Guided by Voices
2. Dancin' on the Bar - Fred Eaglesmith
3. Well, you Needn't - Thelonious Monk
4. Good Morning Boyfriend - Tulip Sweet and Trail of Tears
5. Hey Good Lookin' - Ray Charles
6. Picking up the Signal - Son Volt
7. Hey Jude - The Beatles
8. Systems Crash - Guided by Voices
9. My Hero - Foo Fighters
10. Buy Your Truck - Fred Eaglesmith

What's your top 10?

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  1. Television, Marquee Moon
  2. Money Mark, Push The Button
  3. Led Zeppelin, When the Levee Breaks
  4. Guided By Voices, The Ids are Alright
  5. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Yellow Brick Road
  6. Bob Dylan, Down Along The Cove
  7. BS 2000, Save This For Davis
  8. The Feelies, Crazy Rhythms
  9. Bob Dylan, It's Alright [Genuine Basement Tapes]
  10. Built To Spill, I Would Hurt a Fly
...3 out of 10 are title tracks!


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