Glorious Day!!


What a beautiful day!! Mid 70's, not a cloud in the sky, no humidity. Walking around campus is a treat, lots of wide-eyed presumably freshman with their parents, a soon to be striking AFSCME workers rally complete with an inflatable giant gray rat!! Workers and gardeners putting finishing touches on buildings and grounds. Even the bathrooms are hopping as someone in the stall next to me kept tapping his foot, must have been a lively song he was listening too :o)

What could make such a day even better? How about a groundbreaking ceremony for a new outdoor baseball park for the Twins, including a free concert by Martin Zellar, that's how! Hope to see lots of folks there, I'll be the guy in the Twins hat.


I made down despite Metro Transit's best attempt to undermine me by being seriously behind schedule with the 4K route. Too bad I didn't find you, but I did manage to find Shane.

Dang, I was with Shane most of the time but left after the first set of groundbreakers.


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